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Dating Asian Women: Your Helpful Guide
Dating Asian Women: Your Helpful Guide
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Dating Asian Women: Your Helpful Guide

Latest update: 2020-08-19
How to date an asian woman

How to date Asian girls? Is it different from dating other girls? Haven’t you been asking yourself these questions? Yes, indeed, Asian dating culture has its own peculiarities you’d better consider. Otherwise, you might get screwed. Go on reading to find top tips, recommendations, and secrets.

Western women vs. Oriental women dating: Top 4 differences

Who pays?

Westerners are more modern when it comes to the “who pays” situation. They’re okay with splitting the bill. Asians, on the contrary, are more traditional. Girls expect men not only to pay for dinners and movies. They see it as a norm to be given gifts frequently. So, say, if you’re on a date with an Asian girl, and she sees a nice bag and likes it, she wouldn’t mind at all to get it as a present. Women from the West, in this case, would feel obliged if a man gave them something.

Dating Asian Woman

Dating timeline

Want to date an Asian girl? Then be ready for a speedy relationship. It means that the period between dating and marriage is really fast, whereas in Western countries it’s much slower. This is generalizing, of course. There are shotgun weddings all around the world, including America. But, as a rule, it would take about a year or two to tie the knot in an Asian country. In comparison, in the United States, it would be three or five years.

Pre-marriage requirements

Another difference in Oriental women dating is that the Asian girls give full consideration to what a man has before he starts a family. It’s better to own a house, a car, and have some savings. Women and their families want to feel secure before taking vows with guys. By comparison, young couples in the West are totally okay with renting because it’s a lot more financially feasible for them. In Asia, it’s necessary to have your own amenities.

Meeting parents

Meeting parents in the West is really casual. It can even happen on a first date. It's a much bigger deal for Asians. In fact, it’s kind of a sign you’re going to get married. So, here’s a top tip. Remember, gift-giving is exceptionally important when you meet your bride’s parents. It’s a huge part of Asian culture. Make sure your present looks nice and personal, not something last-minute bought.

Secrets of dating Asian women

Before you start your relationships with a woman from Asia, be prepared for some cultural peculiarities, daily habits, or traditions you don’t have in your country. If you know the secrets below, you’re doomed to succeed.

  • Take your shoes off in her house. And never think of getting in a bed in your shoes. And keep your socks clean!
  • Learn to use chopsticks. Otherwise, she might get irritated. She considers it to be the best utensil.
  • Eat everything that her parents made for you.
  • Never wrinkle your nose at the food she made either.
  • People often confuse how to pronounce and spell her name. She’ll expect you to do it correctly.
  • Get used to her corny sense of humor.
  • Be ready, the food will be spicy. In fact, it’ll never be spicy enough for her.
  • The last secret of dating Asian women — love her to the moon and back and she’ll make you the happiest man ever.

Tips for dating an Asian woman

The tips above are small details that influence the dating tremendously. The recommendations below are more complex and comprehensive but not less effective. So stick to them if you want to win your Asian beauty’s heart over.

Forget about the stereotypes

What do you think about Asian girls? Many men believe they’re submissive and pleasing, cook perfectly well, and are incredibly good at upbringing children. All of these can be true. But not in every case. Give your bride some freedom to be who she really is. And she can be different. In fact, an Asian girl might behave just the same as an American or European woman. So the best tip is to look attentively at her and start treating her as an individual with certain habits and a cultural background.

Asian dating culture

Remember your manners

Asian women appreciate these old-school good manners. And what are they? Many small things that establish how thoroughbred you are. In a word, a gentleman’s habits. For example, hold the door. Not only for her but for those who especially need it, like someone struggling with packages or a baby stroller. Or demonstrate your conversational etiquette saying “thank you” or “please” when required. Listen without interrupting. Avoid using bad language and mind your table manners.

Don’t do all the talking

Let it be a dialogue, not a long boring speech about your accomplishments. When she asks something, give a genuine and sincere answer and let her share her experience. Think about some questions beforehand to make sure she’ll be engaged in a conversation. Asian women can be shy, especially on first dates. Show that you can listen and that you’re interested in what she has to say.

Compliment her

Asian girls are cute and pretty, but to look so attractive they spend much time developing a good sense of style and taste. Your Asian bride surely makes some time to come on a date looking fabulous for you. So compliment her. And let it be not something trivial like “You have a beautiful dress.” Come up with something more personal, highlighting her individuality and effort. Always look for the best in others and it will bring out the best in you!

Don’t try to impress her with some Asian culture facts

It’s one of the most important tips for dating an Asian woman. The only worth attempt to take her fancy is to start guessing her ethnicity. Why should you avoid it? Well, you just may be wrong and it’ll look strange and awkward. She won’t know what to say. Well, it’s okay to talk about her culture, but not at the start of your relationships. Give it some time and you’ll see what topics she feels comfortable with.

There are many other secrets of dating Asian women but the mentioned above are the most crucial. If you remember these few general rules of being a gentleman, your Oriental bride will be pleased and impressed. Isn’t that what you want?

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