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Top 3 Asian Women Stereotypes
Top 3 Asian Women Stereotypes
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Top 3 Asian Women Stereotypes

Latest update: 2021-03-09
Asian Women Stereotypes

Asian beauties have always caught the attention of men from different corners of the world. They’re tender and miniature, but their main attraction is the exclusive Eastern appearance. Usually, they have straight black hair and almond-shaped eyes that are always turned back from men. As a result, the last ones are charmed by shy and feminine Oriental brides feeling like tigers that want to catch a terrified doe.

However, being so well aware of their appearance many men still believe almost every girl living in Asia corresponds with the stereotypes invented by Western people. They’re created on the basis of movies, books, articles. And a quality characterizing its main hero is applied to most of the females living in Asian countries. It’s a great mistake that has distorted an attitude to Asian girls. Explore the truth about all the myths connected with Eastern beauties.

Asian women stereotypes

What are the stereotypes in general

Being a generalized belief applied to a certain category of people the term ‘stereotype’ was first applied to people in the middle of the 19 century. Later it became a psychology term used by American journalist Walter Lippmann.

The main reason why stereotypes appear is dividing people into several categories and generalizing them. Usually, they’re supported by people who have no idea how one or another category looks in reality, so they remember some general features and apply them to everyone who can be referred to this category.

Is that good to follow social patterns?

Most of the stereotypes have a negative shade or characterize a group of people from a negative side. It’s impossible to agree that stereotypes are a positive thing because they unite different people by one common feature, but not all of them possess it. As a result, others begin to admit this group mistakenly and may even change their attitude to them.

Common Asian women stereotypes

Most of the stereotypes about the Asian population have appeared in the US and countries of western Europe. They’re developed on the basis of media, movies, literature and are often associated with negative features first of all, though there are exceptions too. Nowadays, they are known as model-minority and intelligent personalities. But what about Asian girls? What stereotypes have been invented about them?

Asian women are obedient, aren’t they?

Though it may sound unbelievable for men raised in the Eastern countries, most Asian women are really submissive. They’re raised in patriarchal families and would obey their fathers and husbands. They honor their families and respect traditions, so can make up great wives. One more important feature of girls living in Asian countries is their patience. They’re raised strong and patient, so they never hurry to divorce with a man even if not everything is perfect in a relationship.

At the same time, this stereotype can be applied not to all Asian girls. Many Chinese ladies try to copy the western way of life and get more emancipated, so they can be hardly called obedient.

Asian girls are hypersexual, aren’t they?

This stereotype has appeared due to the release of a musical called Miss Saigon. Asian girls are represented there as silent and eager to have sexual relationships. Moreover, it’s enough to remember China Dolls and news about flourishing pornography on many Asian isles to believe that local girls are keen on sex.

However, it’s only a stereotype and you can hardly find an Asian girl raised in a good family that would dare even to speak on this topic. Most of the young ladies are silent and shy. They’ll open their emotions and sexuality only to one man — their dear husband.

Asian women are skinny, aren’t they?

Every second western man believes all Asian women are slim and skinny. Moreover, all of them are very short. Though this Asian woman stereotype can be called the truth, it’s still has a lot of exceptions. Asian ladies are really shorter than European ones, but only in some countries. If to compare the Southern population of China with the Northern one, you may spot that there are a lot of tall girls too.

When it comes to slim figures, it’s true but only partially. You should remember the nutrition of Asian women who prefer plant food, cereals, and fish. It doesn’t have many calories so obesity isn’t that common in these countries. However, you can easily meet overweight girls in the streets too. Love for junk and fast food spreads all around the globe with unbelievable speed, so Asian countries aren’t an exception.

Asian girls myths

How to choose what Asian girls stereotypes to believe

Stereotypes have existed as long as humanity, but most of them cover only a narrow aspect rather than characterize the whole country. Therefore, they may be considered but not trusted fully. It’s much more reasonable to trust a woman you like or friends who haven’t left you in a difficult situation than to focus on stereotypes.

Your heart knows better

It goes without saying there’s no smoke without fire, so most of the Asian girls’ stereotypes have some grounds to base on. At the same time, the world is moving forward and people try to keep up with the changes in all countries. Asian women are still more family-oriented, caring, tender and it attracts men from all continents like a magnet. Therefore, there’s no point to rely on stereotypes because every Asian girl is individual and you should learn her better to see her inner soul.

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