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The Sexiest Asian Instagram Models
The Sexiest Asian Instagram Models
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The Sexiest Asian Instagram Models

Latest update: 2021-05-18
Asian Instagram Models

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on Instagram, you’re in luck. These 15 hottest Asian girls on Instagram are here to spice up your homepage with some fantastic pics and an even better feed. You’ll never be wanting to look up another hot Insta page ever again!

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Starting off the list with the young and cute Cammi Tse. She has a total of 183,000 followers on Instagram and is sure to be gaining more every day. She posts photos of her daily life, along with occasional modeling pics and beach pics. If you’re looking for sexy Asian models, this is a perfect place to start off.



Jenny Chu is quite the sexy Asian Instagram girl. With over 81,600 followers at her helm, she posts daily photos of her adventures while traveling. That’s not all, she also regularly advocates for important things like breast cancer awareness. An Asian model with both the looks and the heart is something that’s nice to see.



Next on this list of Asian beauties on Instagram is Angelina, or Angie Ang as she calls herself. She’s a gorgeous model from Thailand with 477,200 followers and she has plenty of smoking photos on her account. A delightful entry on every feed.



Ava is an Asian female model. Boasting an impressive 309,000 followers, she posts an intoxicating mix of both personal pics and modeling photos, while being equally cute in both types. You won’t regret following Ava even one bit.



Janis is an Asian beauty on Instagram with incredible 549,400 followers. Not only does she post sexy bikini and modeling pics, but she also owns her own makeup brand and company. Janis also posts frequent stories about dealing with anxiety. A hot Asian model sharing something so personal about herself, while completely owning the social media space is amazing to watch.



Natasha Yi has a mind-boggling 1.8 million followers. But after seeing her profile, it’s no surprise why she boasts such a high number. She’s one of the hottest Asian Instagram models, and she’s an actress as well to boot. She posts a wide variety of hot images, including bikini pics, model pics, etc. Definitely one of the stars of Asian Instagram models and someone who everyone should keep an eye out for.


Hapatime is the Instagram handle of Jessica Ricks, someone who could definitely be called an Asian beauty on Instagram. Her feed is decidedly Western, and she goes with the theme of being a modern Asian girl in a Western girl. Not surprisingly, it works great, giving her a “girl-next-door” vibe that’s cute to see.



If you’re into bikini pics, then Rosiely’s Instagram account is definitely the one for you. She has 718k followers and obviously posts a lot of bikini pics. She also posts other photos, but her main focus seems to be those, so it’s definitely a niche (albeit a popular one!) account.


❤️Meet Sexy Asian Women Now❤️


babiijenz, or Jennie Nguyen formally, is a hot Asian Instagram girl. She posts a lot of daily photos, but with a lot of flair and style, and that’s why she has 318,100 followers. Jennie also actively posts a lot of Stories and makes TikToks on her TikTok account of the same name. Give her a follow if you want a consistent cutie in your feed.



Jenny Sakura is quite the looker. She has the looks to be an Asian model, but her feed is mainly comprised of her TikToks. If you’re looking for someone who’s both hot and funny to follow, this is it. She has 79,100 followers for a reason.



Kaire S. is one of the most “down-to-earth” Asian Instagram girls on the platform. She even specifically states that she’s not an influencer on her bio. Her pics vary a lot, from her daily experiences to beautiful outdoor scenery and even more beautiful pics of herself. Definitely give her a follow for some honest content. She may not be the “biggest” in the list with only 25,200 followers, but follower count doesn’t dictate quality, as you’ll see.



Viv Li is an adventurer at heart, and her 253,000 followers can certainly attest to that. She’s certainly an Asian Instagram model as well, but being someone who travels around the world, gives her a unique charm. If you’re looking for a variety in your content location-wise, this is a good idea.



Dannieriel has a jaw-dropping 1.1 million followers, and it’s easy to see why. She has a wide variety of content on her profile. From beach and bikini pics to just plain modeling ones, she’s easily one of the hottest Asian Instagram models.



Vicki Li is well-known even outside of “Asian Instagram model” circles, even as just a generally hot Instagrammer. She has 1.4 million followers, and her account mainly comprises modeling and daily pics. She also has other accounts to post more daily content and a food account. Someone so interesting is someone surely worth following.



And finally last but not least, Ashley Vee. Again with an impressive 1.3 million followers, she also has a variety of different types of pics. There are images with her cute dog, her children, and of course, the usual bikini and modeling pics. She’s certainly someone who’s sure to spice up your feed.


To conclude

Every one of these hottest Asian Instagram models is unique with their own flair for modeling and their own personal style, and surely you can’t go wrong with any of them. Some of the girls focus purely on one thing like bikini pics, while others tend to go for a variety of photos, and there’s even one model who’s very down-to-earth for a more honest feel. Whatever it is, all these accounts will make your Instagram feed that much better, and your day that much better whenever you see them. So make sure to follow them!

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