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Why Do Asian Women Like White Guys
Why Do Asian Women Like White Guys
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Why Do Asian Women Like White Guys

Latest update: 2020-07-20
Asian Women Like White Guys

The number of marriages between Asian ladies and white men is incredibly big. For many different reasons, girls prefer husbands from America and Europe. As a matter of fact, it’s a two-way street. There’s a phenomenon of Asian fetish when Caucasian men go mad over Asian girls. On the other hand, there’s “White Fever” when Asian women adore Caucasian men. Learn more about the last term, its meaning, and reasons in the article below.

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White fever

The highest number of interracial marriages in the United States take place between the Caucasian males and Asian, or Asian-American women. The tendency has escalated into a real fever. More and more women from Asian countries dream of finding and marrying white men from overseas. There’re many various justifications for that.

Asian woman

There’s even a short but interesting comics posted in the Japanzine magazine. The main character, a guy from Canada, who’s regarded as a loser and flunkey in his country, goes to Japan and becomes incredibly popular among local women. Girls are attracted to him and want to date. The story is fictional but contains a grain of truth. Or even more than that.

It’s worth mentioning that interracial marriages between Asian females and Caucasians males continue to rise. But it hasn’t always been like this. For example, in the USA, such marriages were officially allowed only in 1967. The Supreme Court declared that the right to marry or not to marry a person of another ethnic group concerns an individual only, and cannot be interfered with by the country. The day the decision was made, 12th of June, is now commemorated every year. It's called Loving Day.

So why do Asian women marry white men? Find the answers further.

Top 6 reasons why Asian women love white men

Aasian girls like white guys

Higher social status

Have you ever heard of the term “hierogamy”? The word is used by sociologists and describes a universal female desire for marrying a man who has a higher socioeconomic status than hers. To put it in a nutshell, all ethnic groups tend to want to marry into higher social status. That’s what Asian women do when looking for a husband abroad. They crave to raise their societal position.

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Caucasian men are simply more good-looking

Asian women see them as more masculine. White men are usually higher and more well-built, especially if they work out. In fact, even facial features matter to women. Western men have broader noses, heavier eyebrows, and more prominent and larger chins. It attracts girls a lot. All in all, it’s just a matter of taste. Asian girls find white men extremely handsome.

Caucasian men are confident

Eastern ladies believe that Western men can take risks and come out on top. They aren’t afraid of challenges and obstacles. They take what’s theirs. Hollywood films have done their job here. It’s truly difficult not to fall in love with the image of strong, smart, handsome, self-assured, and fearless men.

Asian men are more conservative

Marrying a white man is fundamentally different from settling down with an Asian one. The first ones are holding strict traditional values and are much more selective when it comes to a wife’s search. Asian men are also not that good at expressing their feelings and affection. Additionally, they don’t talk a lot, plunge into work, and often forget about family celebrations or vacations.

White men are more independent

Another reason why Asian women marry white men is relative bonds. When you marry a European or American man, you don’t marry his family. In contrast, Asian guys are too attached to their parents, siblings, and other family members. Girls are tired of the constant attention of all in-laws. They want to live in a separate house and feel free.


Don’t get it wrong, but Asian women really believe that they’ll have more adorable kids if they marry a white guy. Well, indeed, have you ever seen half-Asian babies? They look so cute and charming, no one can resist touching their sweet cheeks. It can be explained by the term “optimized outbreeding”. The thing is Caucasian males and Asian females are adequately various for a hereditary level.

All in all, feelings and affection between these two ethnic groups are absolutely mutual. Asian women adore white men. Caucasian guys, on their part, go mad over Eastern girls. Nothing can stop them from dating and marrying each other. They feel absolutely happy together.

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