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Why Do Men Like Asian Women?
Why Do Men Like Asian Women?
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Why Do Men Like Asian Women?

Latest update: 2020-07-20
Why Men Prefer Asian Women

There are plenty of reasons why men like Asian women so much. They regard them as perfect partners who can fulfill all their needs in daily life and in bed. Actually, the phenomenon is so widely-spread that now it has acquired a separate term “Asian fetish.” Learn more about it in the article below.

Asian fetish

Even if you’ve never heard of it, you probably notice that some men go mad over Asian ladies. They date only them and have no interest in Caucasian women. Why is it so? The thing is that throughout the whole world history, Western men have viewed Eastern females as "geisha-like". Who are these women? They are, in fact, cultural icons. Men associate them with submissive silent ladies, who, however, are tremendously good at seducing men. This image persists today and tons of guys like Asian girls, fantasize about them, and wonder how to get one.

attractive Asian woman

Another reason for this never-ending fetish is mass media, film industry, and literature. As a matter of fact, they portray Eastern women in a bit different way. Even the opposite. Chinese-American Hollywood movie star Anna May Wong many years ago was the first referred to as a Dragon Lady. It’s a term applied towards mysterious, strong, deceitful, and domineering Asian females.

A modern example of a Dragon Lady is an American actress Lucy Liu who looks like a perfect image of Eastern woman. Her appearance is magnificent. She played Ling Woo, a cold and ferocious Chinese American lawyer who spoke Mandarin and was knowledgeable in the art of sexual pleasure unknown to the American world. However, the majority of men still regard Asian women as exotic and obedient, even despite movies or books.

White men have adored Eastern ladies for many centuries. The fetish is historically developed. But what do men appreciate in Asian girls at current times? Let’s find out more about why Americans and other Caucasian men like Asian women.

Main reasons why men love Asian women

Asian lady

Reason 1. Body

Compared to most white women, Asian girls are much more petite. It’s a real turn-on for European and American guys. As men say themselves “their bodies are so soft and perky, and tanned”. Subconsciously or instinctively, men prefer to marry little weak girls. They want to feel as strong and big protectors.

Reason 2. Beauty and brains

Men like Asian women so much because they’re convinced they combine the best qualities. On the one hand, the ladies are gorgeous and attractive, sexy and seductive, affectionate and passionate. On the other hand, they’re intelligent, witty, creative, and wise. So they make perfect life partners satisfying all men’s needs.

Reason 3. Good mothers

Men admit that Eastern women can be ideal role models for their kids. The ladies are patient, respectful, and forgiving. They excel at setting rules and boundaries. At the same time, they’re loving and caring. So children are never neglected but raised in an atmosphere of constant support, tenderness, and friendship.

Reason 4. Sexually submissive

A colossal number of men conclude that Asian wives don’t mind putting a partner's contentment, enjoyment, and satisfaction above their own. In a word, they think Asian women have submissive sex. However, nowadays many people regard the statement as a stereotype, explaining that not all women are like that. But, as they say, where there’s smoke, must be fire.

Reason 5. Femininity

How can a man release his best masculine qualities? In the first place, over a dainty and soft wife. That’s why white guys like Asian girls. Here are 8 best feminine qualities that Eastern women have:

  • Empathy
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Vulnerability
  • Intuition
  • Patience
  • Sensuality
  • Positive energy
  • Style and charm

The bottom line

There’s a huge deal of reasons why white men are attracted to Asian women. And there’s not less happy international marriages between a Caucasian man and an Asian girl. The partners fill up and complete each other. Men are self-assured, courageous, goal-oriented, certain, and protective. Women are sensitive, humble, compassionate, sympathetic, and graceful. Isn’t that a perfect match?

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