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Beauty of Russian Women: Mail-Order Bride Photo Collection
Beauty of Russian Women: Mail-Order Bride Photo Collection
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Beauty of Russian Women: Mail-Order Bride Photo Collection

Latest update: 2019-02-14
Secret of Russian Beauty

Have you ever wondered about why Russian women are so-so-so beautiful? If yes, you will perhaps say they have got it “from their mammas” and that they know what fashion is. It is true, but let’s dive deeper and see what is going on there.

Russian mail-order brides are as attractive as any other Russian women. The reasons are diverse. Firstly, yes, it is their rich gene pool. In the blood of Russian ladies courses the blood of various Slavic ethnic groups, Finnish people, Tatars, Caucasians, Mongolians, and so on. The multiplicity contributes to the outstanding natural beauty of Russian females.

Secondly, it is culture and mentality. In Russia, people believe it is women’s pride to have a man, while the latter often neglect what they get. That is why Russian women always try to look good (even if they are going to buy a loaf of bread in the nearest shop), wear makeup, fancy dresses, and high heels.

Lots of Russian women believe it is their responsibility to attract men and remain such even after years of relationships. This is also the reason Russian women compete – and because they compete they try to look more appealing to the opposite sex.

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Here are photos of the most attractive Russian mail-order brides.

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Lauren Welch
Lauren Welch
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