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‌Brazilian Wife VS Colombian Wife: Who To Choose?
‌Brazilian Wife VS Colombian Wife: Who To Choose?
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‌Brazilian Wife VS Colombian Wife: Who To Choose?

Latest update: 2021-07-29
Brazilian VS Colombian Woman

Colombian women vs Brazilian women: who's better? That's what a lot of foreign men don't know when looking for a foreign girlfriend or wife. At first, girls may seem very similar in appearance, habits, culture, etc. But is it really like that? Are there any gross differences between these Latin ladies? Find out below.

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Colombian vs Brazilian women and their beauty

Let's first compare the girls' appearance. By the way, can you tell the difference between the ladies of these 2 nations?


They're curvy. Some of them in a more district way, but the majority of both Brazilian and Colombian women are quite juicy and cuddly, especially in comparison with European or Asian girls. Kind of like Sofia Vergara, a Colombian actress.

They're dark. Caramel, dark, tanned skin. Hazel eyes. Nutbrown or black hair. A great number of women from these countries would fit this description. Alessandra Ambrosio, a Brazilian model is a good example.

Brazilian Woman

These are the similarities that especially distinguish these 2 nations from girls from Eurasia. But what's interesting is that Colombians and Brazilians are different in their similarities. How's that?


;Brazil is more diverse. Do you know Brazil has the largest Japanese, European, and African-American populations outside these countries? It means Brazilians come in all shapes and colors. It's especially well seen in Rio, where all girls look different. Colombia is diverse as well, but not as much as Brazil.

Brazil has more people with a darker complexion. It doesn't mean all Colombians are fair-skinned, but in general, you'll find more people with darker skin in Brazil rather than in Colombia. If you walk around any Brazilian city, you see a great number of women with a lot of melanin in their skin.

Colombian women have more slim curves.Whereas Brazilian women's body type is kind of bigger. Have you ever seen hip hop models or twerk dancers? Their backside is certainly something you'll notice first.

Anyway, both Brazilian and Colombian girls are worldly renowned for their beauty. It's just a matter of personal preferences.

Colombian vs Brazilian women and their character

What about the girls' nature? What are they like in real life? In interaction with other people, and foreign men in particular?


Both are extremely friendly. All men notice that no matter where they go to, Brazil or Colombia, everywhere they're welcomed. Women are always helpful, generous, and kind. Girls are open to meeting foreign men and enthusiastically communicate with them when there's a chance.

Both are very fun. Dancing, signing, gathering in big groups for parties and dinners. All of it is peculiar to Brazilian and Colombian people. They're not fans of staying at home on Friday nights. On the opposite, they love fun, people, and communication. Optimism is also something that characterizes them all.


Brazilian women are less dramatic. Whereas Colombian women are a bit more emotional and expressive. They're more used to exaggerating things and sometimes may make a mountain out of a molehill. They're also more passionate and are totally okay with showing feelings, even in public.

Colombian girls are more feminine. You could notice it yourself by movies, travel shows, etc. It's even expressed through the way they dress and look. Usually, they choose more girlish outfits with dresses and heels. They wear more make-up. And generally, they tend to be more sensitive, tender, and sweet.

Brazilian women vs Colombian: more traits to compare


What are the other things Colombian and Brazilian girls have in common?

  • Excellent cooking skills. First, both nations are food-lovers. They enjoy every bite of their meal. Often they have dinners that last for hours. They don't hurry when eating. But it also seems like Latina women can cook like chefs of a 5-star restaurant. It's in their ancestral blood and genetics.
  • Punctuality. When you hear a Brazilian or Colombian girl saying “I'm on my way”, just don't believe it. Even if she's, she won't show up too soon. At least not as soon as you expect. It's totally okay to be late in Latin America. People don't even call to let others know about it. Being 15-30 minutes late is fine. Get used to it, no matter what girl you'll choose.

Colombian Lady


Let's have a look at something that makes Brazilian and Colombian women stand out from each other.

  • Language. It might seem apparent, but let's recall what languages they speak, just in case. It's Portuguese in Brazil and Spanish in Colombia. Not to mention a number of local dialects. Anyway, if you know any of these languages, that's a bonus as you could communicate with girls in their mother tongue. If you don't, it's okay. Women who date foreigners usually speak good English.
  • Dating. If to talk about it in general, Colombian women choose boyfriends and husbands more carefully and wisely. Why? As a rule, they have more strict parents who expect their daughters to marry a nice man. It's often even not allowed to stay with a boy alone in a room if they're not in a serious relationship. Brazilian women are more independent when it comes to dating.

So, Colombian vs Brazilian girls? Guys, ultimately, you can't go wrong. Both are highly attractive, smart, and fun. There are differences in their appearance and character, but, in fact, you can never predict what kind of girl you're going to meet. Every single woman is unique, with her own upbringing, habits, preferences, dreams, etc. Anyway, now you know what they have in common and what makes them different. Who will you choose?

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