Dating Younger Women – Can It Work?

Latest update: 2019-02-14
Dating Younger Women – Can It Work?

Maybe you are bored with it, but yes, love has no boundaries. All in all, we are in the 21st century, so any relationship (as long as there’s no abuse or violence) should be considered normal.

So if you have ever wondered whether dating younger women is fine or not – here’s the answer: yes, it is. Moreover, a study has found that dating a younger woman can make you live longer.

But well, you may ask, will it actually work out or not? Yes, once again. And here are a few suggestions that will help you make it work out.

1. Treat her like a date, not like a one-night stand girl

Hey, you! You are in a relationship with her, so treat her like a partner who is equal to you. Because she is young, doesn’t mean that your dating won’t last for a long time and for the same reason it doesn’t mean she is with you only because of your money or status.

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2. Don’t make it all just about sex

Sex is a good thing, don’t take us wrong. However, remember that you are in a whole relationship, so make sure you put something more into that. For instance, you can support your girlfriend, have fun with her, plan your future together, and so on.

There are so many things out there that couples can do, so go for them. Overall, you aren’t dating a nymphomaniac.

(And, by the way, if you let your relationship with a young woman rotate around sex, she won’t feel self-sufficient, so don’t just do it).


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3. Don’t try to look younger

It is evident that when dating a younger woman you might feel like keeping up with her (sure enough, you will have to), but please, don’t overdo it. It is a red light if you try to look younger by dressing up as a 20-year old stud.

If you think that you aren’t hot enough, firstly, ask your girlfriend: would she date you if you weren’t yourself?

4. You aren’t her daddy – let her live her own life

Don’t even think of controlling her actions, telling her what to do and trying to bar her from some of her previous habits. She’s not your child, for one’s sake, she’s your girlfriend. Would you try doing all those things if she was your peer?

Moreover, the millennial woman that you are dating still has a lot of things ahead to experience, so let her make her own mistakes. Otherwise, she won’t learn from them.


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5. Brace for criticism

It is weird for people to see non-standard relationships. But wait, who said what’s standard and what’s not? It’s only two of you who are going to decide what to do.

Out of envy or anything else, some people will try to disrupt your relationship by spreading rumors. But what you need to do is to trust your partner first and no other people.

That’s it. Hopefully, these tips will help you to find harmony when dating a younger woman.

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