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‌Difference Between Puerto Rican And Dominican Women
‌Difference Between Puerto Rican And Dominican Women
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‌Difference Between Puerto Rican And Dominican Women

Latest update: 2021-05-14
Puerto Rican And Dominican Women

It seems like Puerto Rican and Dominican ethnicity is similar. They look alike, have many common traditions, their cultures are interconnected. But is it always like this? What are the differences between these Latin women? Who should foreign men consider for relationships? Let's dig right in.

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Puerto Rican girls vs Dominican: general differences

Let's start with something that distinguishes women of these 2 nations fundamentally.

  • Belonging. An important thing to understand is that Puerto Rico is a part of the USA. It means locals share the same laws and privileges as the people of continental America. Puerto Rican girls are Americanized in many ways, whereas Dominicans have a separate culture and history.
  • Language. The official language in the Dominican Republic is Spanish. It's also official in Puerto Rico. However, the latter has its second language — English. This is highly connected to the fact that America occupied the island during the Spanish-American War. Thus, you'll probably have no trouble communicating with Puerto Rican girls. However, as a rule, many Dominican women who date foreigners know English too.
  • Resources. Let's make it clear — the Dominican Republic is a Third World country. It's much poorer. Puerto Rico is more developed and girls there have more resources and opportunities for better education, job, public health service, homes, etc. This, of course, has a huge influence on a set of mind, family values, career choice, life-work balance, and many more.

Puerto Rican girls

Dominican vs Puerto Rican: differences in appearance

In fact, even the locals often can't tell the difference. Dominican and Puerto Rican women look a lot alike. If you take girls randomly from both islands and put them together in one line, you might need some time and guesswork to work out which of them comes from which place.

However, there are still some slight differences people notice.

  • Skin. Both nations are dark-skinned, of course. But if you have a better look, you'll notice Dominicans have more, as they say, richer or deeper melanin. Brown and darker. Whereas Puerto Ricans have more golden melanin. Thus, Puerto Ricans have a more light shade of complexion.
  • Hair. This is also a slight difference, but it seems like Dominican women have more black-textured hair. It's also called 4cs. This kind of hair is kinky, extremely wiry, has tight coils, and is very fragile. It's more of a coarse hair. While Puerto Rican girls are owners of a more silky type of hair.
  • Backside. You can meet all types of bodies on both islands. You can see skinny and more plump girls. Women that are fit or unfit. The only peculiarity that's worth mentioning is that Dominicans are known for their curvy backside. It's bigger and you can't but notice it. Puerto Ricans are kind of more nicely figured.

Puerto Rican vs Dominican girls: differences in character

Do the girls behave in different ways?

  • Submissive vs independent. As Puerto Rican women are more Americanized, they behave a lot like girls from the US. They're taught not to rely on men so much. They learn how to be mature and responsible, earn money, have personal space, etc. Dominican women depend on their boyfriends and husbands a lot. A man is a provider in this country. It's like he's the one who sets the tone.
  • Expressive vs cool. This is just a slight difference the majority will almost never notice. But Dominican women tend to be a bit louder and more emotional. It doesn't imply that Puerto Rican girls are reserved and impassive. No, they're very similar to the women from the Dominican Republic. But they're just a little more laid-back. No wonder, their country is ranked as the happiest in the world.

Puerto Rican vs Dominican girls: similarities

What do women have in common?

  • Culture. Puerto Rican and Dominican women live in very similar societies. They share traditions, languages, lifestyles, etc. They both love to hang out and musical communities with beach and mountain cultures. Likewise, they love dancing. The difference is that Puerto Ricans like salsa and reggaeton, but Dominicans play more merengue and bachata.
  • Food. Their diet is heavy on rice and beans, plantain, and pork. As the counties share similar geographical positions and climates, they grow the same products. That's why their eating habits are much alike too. Their meals can last for hours. Locals prefer to have dinners with families and friends discussing everything in the world.
  • Activities. The activities in both countries revolve around the sand and the sea mostly. Women love surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing, or kayaking. In addition to these water activities, hiking or cycling are also practiced a lot by Puerto Rican and Dominican girls. Furthermore, they're known for being great baseball players.
  • Temper. Even though the Dominican women tend to be more chaotic and expressive, women from both islands share very similar characters. They talk loudly and use lots of gestures. They like laughing and telling jokes. Not only that, but they have strong family values, etc. When Puerto Ricans are among Dominicans (or vice versa), they feel like their own people who understand each other well.
Dominican girls

Dominican women vs Puerto Rican women? Who would you choose now? The thing is that the differences are blurring over the years and generations. Their cultures, history, values are very much alike. Moreover, there has been much migration from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico, and it has influenced the women's mentality, making them even more similar. Do the distinctions matter to you personally? Check these ladies yourself!

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