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Facts to Know About Venezuelan Mail-Order Brides
Facts to Know About Venezuelan Mail-Order Brides
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Facts to Know About Venezuelan Mail-Order Brides

Latest update: 2019-04-24
Venezuela Brides Facts

Venezuelans are some of the most passionate and expressive people you will encounter in your life. These latin women are very warm and will often do various things to indicate their excitement, agreement with you, and empathy.

As with most Latin countries, Venezuelan brides do not really have an interest in dating the local men and are more keen on meeting a foreigner. Perhaps this is due to them wishing to return home at one point or another when things become more stable in the country, hence they are less likely to initiate something serious with someone local.

1. They are quite jealous

Venezuela brides can get quite possessive. It is not uncommon for them to start checking your phone, calling you unfaithful and watching your every move for no reason.

2. Your heart will be stolen

You will be exposed to levels of warmth, emotional and physical sweetness that you have not experienced before.

3. Contraception is not that popular

This results in high amounts of STD's and unplanned pregnancies for many women. It is not uncommon to see young moms at the age of 18. Always take the necessary precautions.

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4. They live with their parents

Due to some on the nominal Catholic views, co-habiting is viewed by many as a seen in pre-marital couples, which is why it is common for Venezuela brides to be living with their parents quite deep into their adulthood, should they stay unmarried.

5. Surgical enhancements are popular

Silicone enhancements are quite popular among the Venezuelan brides. However obvious it may seem that work has been done, they will continue to deny the fact, so just accept it as it is.

Venezuelan brides facts

6. You will be paying

As a guy, you will be expected to pay on the dates. Do not bother arguing on this topic with Venezuelan women. Drinks and meals are all on you. If they string a friend along, you may even be expected to pay for them. Marrying a Venezuelan woman will cost you money, for sure. 

7. Braces are in fashion

Braces are actually seen as desirable and fashionable in Venezuela, even among adults. That's why you may see a lot of girls with shiny smiles on Venezuelan dating sites.

8. There is a lot of competition

Many women compete for foreign men, so you can expect a lot of attention on multiple fronts.

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9. High poverty

Due to the economic situation in the country, most of the women you will encounter are from the poorer families.

10. Genuine desire

Venezuelan mail order brides genuinely want to meet a foreigner and start a new life with them, for various reasons, mainly the poor living conditions and plain local men.

11. High success rate

Mail-order marriages actually have a higher success rate than traditional ones, since extensive correspondence ensures you two are meant to be and are compatible.

12. Language gap

English is not common in Venezuela, so unless you know Spanish or Portuguese, there may be some trouble communicating.

13. They look up to you

They know that the man is the leader in the family, and will show this by following and listening to you.

Venezuelan women tips

14. Beauty queens

Venezuela brides seem to end up as finalists at every major beauty pageant out there, a sign of their unparalleled beauty.

15. Negative relations with other countries

With so many Venezuelan people migrating to neighboring counties for a better life, they are not that welcome there anymore.

16. National pride

Venezuela consistently holds the position as one of the world’s most patriotic countries, and in 2006, they even held the first place. Venezuelan brides like to sport clothes with the country's flag and talk about how beautiful the landscape and its people are.

17. Passionate in bed

These women know how to please a man and take great pleasure in doing so.

18. They are fun to be around

Venezuelan women know how to have fun and entertain those around them. You will never catch yourself drifting to sleep in the presence of a Venezuelan woman.

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