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Top 7 Places to Look for a Real Russian Girl
Top 7 Places to Look for a Real Russian Girl
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Top 7 Places to Look for a Real Russian Girl

Latest update: 2020-09-01
Places to find Russian woman

This time we will focus on the best places for finding real Russian women and spending time comfortably with them.

So here are the places where a Russian girl will understand you are a gentleman willing to have a lovely chat with a beauty like herself.

1. Clubs

Nightlife in Russia is a whole new level. When Russian women go to clubs, they fully know that men will look to meet up with them, have small talk and maybe go somewhere. Thus, if you are also into having fun – why not? Note, however, that you won’t find a lady with manners there.

2. Galleries and Museums

People love arts and historic collections, so you will surely find genuine, intelligent and classy Russian ladies at such places. Yes, they are of a different type (non-clubbers), but does it make them less Russian? Definitely not.

And due to the immense knowledge-centered atmosphere at these galleries, there will be quite a lot of topics to talk about and get their good response.

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3. Dinner Parties

Party like a Russian!

Now, seriously. In Russia, parties can be dinners, wild parties, house parties and even office parties. But let’s stick to dinner parties at first.

Usually, Russians invite people who they like to their home places. This is a great opportunity for you to meet a sweet and beautiful Russian girl and become her friend, at the beginning. This plan will work out only if you have Russian friends.

Otherwise, you could organize a party with foreigners, who live among the natives and ask them to invite Russian girls too. The plan is the same – become the best interlocutor for the Russian lady and then get closer to her.

4. Beaches

Summer destinations are a must go when meeting real Russian ladies. The beach is just great, brimming with real Russian ladies – lots of them come to the sea for romantic adventures!And it’s a great place to have a conversation because she won’t be looking to hurry to someplace, she is there to relax and have a good time.

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5. Parks

Eastern European ladies love many parks: amusement, water, memorial, university parks and so on. They love parks, period. If you want to succeed, you have to visit these parks. They are just wonderful to meet up with Russian women, but only in a daytime. Should you try it at night, she will think you are a creepy maniac.


6. Dating Sites

Many Russian girls dream of dating foreigners. For them, it means the financial stability, fun, respect and new prospects. For this reason, thousands of them register on dating platforms to find their ones and only-s Johns, Mitchells, and Daniels. On a dating site, you can order translation services and you will never worry about the language obstacle between you and your Russian lady.

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7. Restaurants

They are full of Russian ladies catching up with friends, colleagues, and family. There are a lot of different restaurants ranging from classy to café in Russia, but you might not always be able to get so many opportunities to talk. However, the number of ladies in Russian restaurants is high, so are your chances.

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