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American VS Colombian Women: Who To Choose For Dating And Marriage
American VS Colombian Women: Who To Choose For Dating And Marriage
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American VS Colombian Women: Who To Choose For Dating And Marriage

Latest update: 2021-11-04
American VS Colombian Women

Looking for a girlfriend and don't know who wins in Colombian women vs American women? Well, both have strengths and weaknesses. Both have similarities and differences. Let's look at them in more detail so you can decide. All information about Colombian girls vs American girls you need is below.

Difference Colombian women vs American women have

‌So, how do Colombian women differ from American women?

Colombian women

Physical appearance

It's the most obvious difference between the girls that catches the eye at once. The majority of mail order brides from Colombia have dark skin, hazel eyes, black hair. Another feature that distinguishes them among others—curvy bodies (voluptuous breasts and big buttocks). However, this is not always the case, and sometimes Colombian ladies look the opposite—slim, blonde, blue-eyed, and fair-skinned. But, predominantly, they look like a typical Latino.

What about the appearance of American women? Well, that's a bit more complicated as Americans are a multicultural bunch. They can be descended from a mixture of Europeans, Asians, Africans, and Native Americans. You can meet all kinds of skin, hair, and eyes color. However, to give a portrait of a typical American girl, she'd be white-skinned and, in many cases, overweight.

Family values

Family is always a priority for Colombian ladies. Often, they continue to live together with their parents and siblings even when they grow up and can afford to move out. Or they may end up living in the same neighborhood which allows them to still be very close. In general, Colombian women dating American men are oriented towards creating a family and having kids. In contrast, the majority of girls in America leave home at age 18 or a bit older. Freedom, independence, and career are more important to them.

Colombian girls


Colombians seem to be among the most affectionate people in the world. They love hugging and kissing, don't hide feelings, and get up close and personal, even when meeting for the first time. Colombian women are also fast at letting men know they like them. While American girls are more reserved. Personal space is essential for them, and they need much more time to open up and make certain about their feelings towards a man.


Being on time is essential in the United States. Americans pride themselves on being punctual and efficient with their time. American women are rarely late on dates, and they don't make their husbands wait when they have plans. Don't expect that from Colombian ladies. Most events in Colombia never start on time. In fact, time is something very relative and flexible for almost all Latinos. Be ready for that when you start dating a Colombian girl.

Colombian girl vs American girl: similarities

‌Is there anything girls have in common? Similarities are obvious if, for example, comparing Brazilian and Colombian girls. But what about American vs Colombian women?

American vs Colombian girl


Of course, educational systems in America and Colombia are very different. American women have more opportunities to get a quality education and become good specialists. On the contrary, schools and colleges in Colombia receive less funding and lack some resources. Nevertheless, there's something that unites American and Colombian ladies when it comes to education—a desire to study, acquire knowledge, and be experts in their major.


Another characteristic peculiar to women of both nations is their fun and humorous nature. American and Colombian ladies have a great sense of humor, love hanging out, meeting friends, and having a good time out. They're not home-birds, and it's impossible to imagine you can get bored with them. No matter who you date, a Colombian or an American girl, it's highly likely you'll enjoy the experience.

‌Are Colombian girls better than American? Of course not. They are just different. And as you can see from above, there are more differences than similarities. Anyway, these are just generalizations, and you should remember that every lady is absolutely unique. You can understand whether you really like a woman and whether she's really your match only with time. So, first, go and find her!


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