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Helpful Tips To Attract A Colombian Woman And Make Her Fall In Love
Helpful Tips To Attract A Colombian Woman And Make Her Fall In Love
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Helpful Tips To Attract A Colombian Woman And Make Her Fall In Love

Latest update: 2021-10-26
Colombian Woman Fall In Love

So, you fell in love with a Colombian girl and now want to know how to draw her attention and make her choose you among other men? If you follow some recommendations and keep in mind certain cultural peculiarities, you're doomed to succeed in impressing a Colombian girl. Keep reading to learn how to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you.

What men should know to be able to impress a Colombian girl

Depending on where a woman comes from and what culture she was raised in, she may love something that others hate. She may also have very different expectations from dating a man. So, what do Colombian girls like?

Colombian girl
  • Colombians are always late. It's more likely to see snow in summer than to witness Colombian mail order brides to be on time. They never are, don't even dream of that. This is a strong cultural peculiarity everyone is used to in the country. Coming even an hour late is totally fine. Just never mind, and your Latina girlfriend will appreciate your patience.
  • Colombians are gorgeous. Here are a few famous names to prove that: Shakira, SofĂ­a Vergara, Laura Penuela. Local girls can make you speechless because of their beauty. What's expected from you? To give compliments! Colombian women like it when men adore them. Show your admiration.
  • Colombians are people-centered. By the way, this is one of the reasons they're late so much. Can you imagine that finishing a conversion with an important person is more significant than a scheduled appointment for the majority of Colombians? Thus, to impress a Colombian girl, you need to demonstrate you're supportive, helpful, and caring towards others.

Follow steps to attract a Colombian woman

Dating a Colombian woman may be a kind of adventure if you're a foreigner. It's going to be very different from dating Western ladies you're used to. In what way? What should you keep in mind? The recommendations are below.

Show you love Colombia

What do Colombian women like? When foreigners fall in love with them. What else? When foreigners fall in love with their country. Colombians are very nationalistic and patriotic. They're remarkably proud to be Colombians and express it in all possible ways. Even by wearing chains, bags, wallets, or jewelry with national emblems and the flag colors. Moreover, you can hear an anthem playing every morning at 6 a.m. in the country. So, Heaven forbid, never even think of saying something bad about Colombia.

Attract A Colombian Woman

Respect her family

One of the benefits of dating a Latina is their strong family values. It means you have all chances to create a happy marriage together. But to impress a Colombian girl and achieve your goal—make sure her parents like you. Show respect, smile, bring presents, and prove you're husband-material. If her parents and relatives don't give their approval, your relationship won't last long.

Learn some Spanish

Colombia is a linguistically diverse nation. A little percentage of people know Amerindian languages (groups of indigenous languages of the Americas). However, the majority of Colombians speak Spanish. English has official status in the San Andrés, Providencia, and Santa Catalina Islands. Anyway, local ladies like hearing at least some basic Spanish words and phrases from foreigners like Hola (Hello), Buenos días (Good morning), Que tal? (How are you?), Gracias (Thank you).

Be polite

One of the similarities between Colombians and Americans is their politeness. Not only do Americans repeat "Excuse me" and "Thank you" a million times a day. Colombians are extremely polite by nature as well. For example, there are about a dozen ways to say "You're welcome" in Colombia. And Colombian girls like it when foreigners say that with their cute English accent. So, in a word, you can never be too friendly and too well-mannered in this country. It's the case when the more, the better.

Colombian girls

Be generous

If you're hesitating who should pay the bill when you're on a date with a Colombian girl, just put all doubts aside and reach out for your wallet. Women in this country expect men to pay. This demonstrates your masculinity, good manners, and readiness to provide for the family. Even if a girl feels awkward and suggests you split the bill, you'd better reject.

This is how to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you—learn more about her culture and try to follow local dating traditions. But, more importantly, be a man every girl wants to date and marry—loving, reliable, helpful, and supportive. And she'll be yours!

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