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How To Know If A Japanese Girl Likes You
How To Know If A Japanese Girl Likes You
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How To Know If A Japanese Girl Likes You

Latest update: 2020-08-17
How To Know If A Japanese Girl Likes You

As a rule, guys all over the world aren’t afraid to demonstrate their feelings, that we can't say about girls. You’ll agree, sometimes it’s difficult to understand is it just her kindness or real affection, she’s trying to show. Since you’re reading this informative article, your dream is to win the heart of an amazing Japanese woman who’s known to be calm and shy. Relax, there are secret ways to crack this tough nut.

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First of all, if a lady from Japan is interested in you she’ll be very open and sincere. She’ll eagerly answer all your questions and support any topic. This isn’t a simple politeness, as she would never let someone intrude on her personal boundaries. Such a tendency shows a girl’s genuine trust and desire to get closer to you.

Women in Japan also appreciate personal space. Remember, they’re calm and quite restrained? These ladies didn’t used to treat everyone in the same way. Only special people can stay close to them, in the strict sense. She’ll be polite, smiling, but never try to bridge the gap between you too much. If you’re allowed to be on so-called intimate distance, that is less than 50 cm, have no doubts you’re more than a friend for her.

Japanese Girl

Often people say that eyes never lie. It's so right! Talking to a Japanese girl, you’re attracted to, pay more attention to her eyes, not words. She may tell you just one word that hides extremely deep feelings. Look into her eyes and you’ll see her secret. If she doesn’t look away, stay focused on you and what you’re saying — she’s quite interested in you.

Here’s an excellent trick to distinguish Japanese lady’s real attitude to something. Just talk to her about different things she likes and dislikes. It may be movies, books or food, whatever. What really matters in this case is her gestures, facial expression and where she looks at each time. Remember all the details and she’ll be an open book for you. So easy and so working. Keep it in a secret, don’t give a chance to your potential competitors.

Signs that a Japanese girl likes you

Do you consider yourself already a real connoisseur of Japanese females? Well, hold your horses! Always strive for perfection and you’ll be invincible, like a superman. Here is some more information to comprehend these marvelous creatures more. When a lady is really interested in you, unconsciously she transmits specific signs you can pick up and take up the running.

1. She tells you about her family

It’s very private information, so cautious Japanese woman won’t share it with everyone. If she willingly tells you something about her close people, it means a lot. No doubts, she’s ready to open her heart to you.

2. She touches you

If the girl not only lets you into her intimate distance but also touches your shoulder or knee during emotional conversation, it means that she feels free and comfortable with you, just like you’re close people who know each other for a long time.

3. You get an instant reply to your messages

Japanese lady won’t make a man who’s really important wait long when she replies. Moreover, it won’t be one word text. She’ll give a detailed and proper answer.

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4. She’s ok being weak

Remember, Japanese girl doesn’t share her problems with strangers. If she doesn’t hide her weakness and ask you for help, you’re definitely her number one. If she calls you late at night, it’s not just about romance, it’s about her true affection.

Japanese lady

5.She stops and looks back to see you off

So, you had a great time together, and it’s time to say goodbye. After both of you left and took a few steps, just check if she looks back to find you in a crowd. If she does — congrats, she’s crazy about you! By the way, it’s so romantic, isn’t it? Just like a movie scene.

Japanese women are astonishing, mysterious and unique, but it’s clear from the article that you don’t need a super power to understand them. Just take a pinch of attention and a handful of patience to reach this target. There is nothing impossible. Always keep it in mind.

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