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Extended List OF The Sexiest Japanese Instagram Models
Extended List OF The Sexiest Japanese Instagram Models
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Extended List OF The Sexiest Japanese Instagram Models

Latest update: 2022-08-09
Extended List OF The Sexiest Japanese Models

Today’s generation spends a lot of time on Instagram. If you’re one of those people, you would surely know the delight of seeing someone cute and hot on your feed. These are 16 sexy Japanese girls on Instagram. Each makes unique content with her own spin and flair on it. Follow these accounts and you’ll definitely be in utter delight every time you open Instagram.

Meet Real Sexy Japanese Women Now

All women
asianmelodies wanyi he
Wanyi He, 27
Tokyo, Japan
easternhoneys yingju
Yingju, 27
Fukuoka, Japan
easternhoneys cuizhu
Cuizhu, 28
Osaka, Japan
asianmelodies nitchanan
Nitchanan, 25
Tokyo, Japan
easternhoneys viloria
Viloria, 26
Manila, Philippines
easternhoneys sandra
Sandra, 28
Manila, Philippines
asianmelodies antalan
Antalan, 33
Palayan, Philippines
asianmelodies tizon
Tizon, 33
Quezon, Philippines
EasternHoneys Anna
Anna, 22
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
EasternHoneys Kim
Kim, 22
Hanoi, Vietnam
easternhoneys kinh
Kinh, 25
Hanoi, Vietnam
easternhoneys tran tuyet nhi
Tran Tuyet Nhi, 20
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Zhaoxi ChinaLove
Zhaoxi, 24
Shanghai, China
Lingxuan ChinaLove
Lingxuan, 22
Beijing, China
Peilin ChinaLove
Peilin, 31
Guangzhou, China
Hanxiao ChinaLove
Hanxiao, 20
Beijing, China
Sanika ChinaLove
Sanika, 21
Mumbai, India
Frederica EasternHoneys
Frederica, 22
Liaoning, China
Malian EasternHoneys
Malian, 22
Guangdong, China
Ann AsiaMe
Ann, 33
Guangxi, China
Jiajia AsiaMe
Jiajia, 25
Jiangxi, China
Moon AsiaMe
Moon, 22
HuNan, China
Amy DateAsianWoman
Amy, 23
Jiangxi, China
Linda DateAsianWoman
Linda, 38
Jiangsu, China
Xiaoying DateAsianWoman
Xiaoying, 33
Guangdong, China
Li DateAsianWoman
Li, 21
Guangdong, China
Lily DateAsianWoman
Lily, 25
Hubei, China
Jin Li AsiaCharm
Jin Li, 28
Beijing, China
Yanli Dai asiacharm
Yanli Dai, 28
Shenzhen, China
Huaying wang asiacharm
Huaying wang, 31
Shanghai, China
Josephine asiame
Josephine , 22
Guangdong, China
Abby ChnLove.com (AsiaMe)
Abby , 24
Hubei, China
Amanda ChnLove.com (AsiaMe)
Amanda , 18
Guangdong, China
Lumin asianfeels
Lumin , 28
Foshan, China
Denise asianfeels
Denise, 35
Leizhou, China
Hanmiy asianfeels
Hanmiy, 23
Zhengzhou, China
Jie  loverwhirl
Jie , 18
Shanghai, China
Jing loverwhirl
Jing, 35
Shenzhen, China
Xiaoping  loverwhirl
Xiaoping , 31
Bozhou, China
Yizhen romancetale
Yizhen, 34
Sichuan, China
Hongyu romancetale
Hongyu , 23
Beijing, China
Louise romancetale
Louise, 39
Shenzhen, China
Min AsianMelodies
Min, 22
Yancheng, China
Flora Asianmelodies
Flora, 27
Handan, China
Nhu Loverwhirl
Nhu, 19
Chi Minh City, Vietnam
LiLi AsiaCharm
LiLi, 20
Shanghai, China
Xiaoxuan EasternHoneys
Xiaoxuan, 23
Beijing, China
Wenping Wu EasternHoneys
Wenping Wu, 34
Guangzhou, China
Lisa, 44
Shenzhen, China
Angel AsianMelodies
Angel, 40
Kunming, China

Tina Tamashiro


Japanese Models tinapouty

Tina Tamashiro is a 20-year-old American/Japanese Instagram influencer. She’s an actress/model in real life, and that reflects on her Instagram page as well. There’s a mixture of professional shots from her line of work, as well as intimate shots from her daily life. The balance between being authentic and professional is intoxicating, and it’s very interesting to observe how creative she is.

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Jun Hasegawa


Japanese Models liveglenwood

Jun Hasegawa is another Japanese model. She’s also a TV personality, a polarizing fashion expert, and most surprisingly, a mother of two. Most of her photos are with high fashion imagery in mind, but there’s also a sprinkle of inspirational and motivational quotes in there, and even some fashionable selfies. One thing that’s amazing about her is that she posts in English quite often, so it doesn’t necessarily look “out of place” on your feed like the others might.

Risa Nakamura


Japanese Models risa_doll_

Risa Nakamura is a Japanese model who’s based in Tokyo. As her Instagram username implies, she’s the spitting definition of a doll. Her wardrobe is very girly, and her face is quite doll-like with her doe eyes and a heart-shaped face. Her style has also been described as “intellect meets cute girl”. She’s gaining a lot of attention in Japan, and she’s quickly expanding into clothing design as well. For an example of the type of style she goes for, her latest posts are dark and mature, but they’re mixed with pink crop tops. That kind of thing perfectly stands for what her style is about.

Mei Nagasawa


Japanese Models Xxmeixx1208

Mei Nagasawa is a Nagoya-born Japanese model. Her first magazine appearance was a simple snapshot, and ever since then, she’s grown leaps and bounds. If you take a look at her Instagram feed, you’ll find what appears to be a pretty cool person. Her Instagram is really well-curated, and it’s a deep dive into the lifestyle of an Instagram model. It’s a great balance between her work and real life. There are also some rumors that she’s looking to put her own book out.

Nairu Yamamoto


Japanese Models nairuuuu

Nairu Yamamoto is both an artist and a model, and her artistic ability actually shows in the way she curates her Instagram feed. It’s extremely modest and minimalistic, and it embodies Japanese beauty, grace, and simplicity. There are beautiful pictures of everyday objects and places, and you can definitely see her eye for shapes, lines, and colors. Even the random pictures like those of an office building or a water hose, they’re carefully constructed and posted. And they’re mixed in with regular model things like high fashion pics.

Sugamoto Yuko


Japanese Models yukos0520

Sugamoto Yuko is an ex J-pop girl band member, who’s turned into a style and beauty idol. She posts a lot of random pics, all the way from loafers with socks, to doll-like pictures of herself. She’s usually described as a mix of cool (like a tomboy) and chic. She’s been traveling around the world since her days of being in a Japanese girl band, and there’s a lot of global pics on there. She also models her favorite clothing finds on IG, and all her outfits are sold on her website.

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Naomi Watanabe


Japanese Models watanabenaomi703

Naomi Watanabe is a special Instagrammer. She’s a comedian, actress, and fashion designer all-in-one. She’s also a plus-sized model if that’s your jam. She started her own label called PUNYUS (meaning “chubby” in Japanese) and gained a lot of fame from her outrageous comedy acts. Her designs are applauded by many and her arena-size fashion shows are loved by people around the world, in both fashion and YouTube circles. She’s certainly a force to be reckoned with.



Japanese Models rolaofficial

Rola is a Japanese model who’s also founded a label of her own called “studior330” and is the creative director there. There’s a lot of artistic photos in her profile, including some adventurous and black-and-white ones. If you’re looking for a profile that’ll make your feed stand out, you’ve definitely found the right one for that.

Kiko Mizuhara


Japanese Models i_am_kiko

Kiko Mizuhara is a Tokyo born Japanese Instagrammer. Although her profile has quite a few modeling pics in there, she also has a surprising amount of pics that can be considered “weird”. She’s not like the other models, she tries to actively stand out from the crown and be herself as much as possible, and that definitely shows in her feed. Sometimes you just want to see someone hot but unique. This is the case.

Nozo Misasaki


Japanese Models nozomisasaki_official

Nozo Misasaki is an Instagram model that focuses on having quite the aesthetic feed. A lot of her photos are quite minimal. She uses white space very well to add a lot of artificial spacing to her photos, which gives them a very relaxing feel. Her feed is quite cohesive and you may not get the same effect when you’re seeing her photos on your feed, but keeping an eye out on her is going to ring you new emotions for sure.



Japanese Models yuuuuukko_

Yuko has a mind-boggling 4 million followers. But after seeing her profile, it’s no surprise why she boasts such a high number. She’s quite the Instagram model, with a wide variety of hot pictures. She’s definitely one of the stars of Japanese Instagram models and you’d be missing out by not following her.

Mirei Kiritani


Japanese Models mirei_kiritani_

Looking at Mirei Kiritani’s Instagram could definitely make you understand why she’s one of the most wanted Japanese models. Her feed is decidedly Western, and she goes with the theme of being a modern Japanese girl in the Western world. Not surprisingly, it works great, giving her a “girl-next-door” vibe that’s cute to see.

Nicole Fujita


Japanese Models 2525nicole2

If you’re into aesthetic pics, then Nicole’s Instagram account is definitely the one for you. She has 3.5 million followers and obviously posts a lot of unique content. She looks like a cute yet sexy baby doll, so it’s definitely a niche (albeit a popular one!) account.

Mei Nagano


Japanese Models mei_nagano0924official

Mei Nagano is a hot Japanese Instagram girl. She posts a lot of daily photos, but with a lot of professional styles, and that’s why she has 3.2 million followers. She also actively posts a lot of Stories. Give her a follow if you want a consistent cutie in your feed.

Honda Tsubasa


Japanese Models tsubasa_0627official

Honda Tsubasa is quite the looker. She has a lot of aesthetic pictures, and some videos as well. If you’re looking for someone who’s both hilarious and aesthetic and cute to follow, this is it. She has 2.9 million followers for a reason.



Japanese Models boakwon

Boakwon is one of the most “down-to-earth” Japanese girls on Instagram. Her bio literally just says “singer composer dancer and woman” (exactly like that, no punctuation or casing). Just by reading that you can get a sense of what type of person she is, as well as the fact that she doesn’t really care for the extras. Her account is quite plain, to the point where it feels like a personal account at times. But that’s completely offset by the fact she’s very cute. So if you’re looking for someone who’s very down to earth, this is a choice.

Most of these Japanese Instagram models are quite unique, with their own style added onto each and every photo. Some models focus their feed purely on aesthetics and try to keep it clean and minimal, while others are fully open and intimate about everything that’s happening in their life, resulting in a much more down-to-earth feel. Either way, these are the 16 hottest Japanese Instagram models you should be following ASAP, or you’ll be missing out!

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