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How to Get a Latina to Like You
How to Get a Latina to Like You
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How to Get a Latina to Like You

Latest update: 2020-08-11
How Do You Make A Latina Woman Happy? Do’s And Don'ts

Spoiler: there's no universal recipe of how to make a Latina fall for you. Remember that all women are different and need special attention. But there are some common things that you can do and don't have to do at all to make a great impression on a Hispanic lady. Let's get to reading!

How to impress a Latina woman?

Let's start from the "Do’s" list. Here, you'll find out how to attract Latinas. These tips are pretty basic but will help you get to know and understand Latina women and build a strong bond with a lady of your dreams.

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Try to learn a traditional Latin American dance

You don't need to learn the most complicated elements — just some bachata or tango moves will show a girl that you respect her country and traditions. Dancing in Latin America is one of the most important traditions and each Latin country has at least 5 national dances. They all have different meanings and dancing a particular thing in different situations can be interpreted both in a good and wrong way. For instance, if a girl agrees to dance bachata with a stranger, this means a "green light" for him. So be careful before asking a girl to dance rumba or tango with her.

Learn Spanish or Portuguese to win a Latinas heart

Although many Latina women know English and can communicate with foreigners almost freely, it would also be great if you could learn a bit of Spanish or Portuguese. This way, you'll show that these relationships mean something to you and you're ready to move forward with a girl. Ask her to help you practice sometimes, she'll be more than happy to do it. This will help you two better understand each other, even point out some peculiarities in communication and as a result, solve them together.

Accept a lady in the way she is

Don't get mad when your lady is running late again, or if she's talking too loud, or spends too much time doing makeup. All women are different and you should always remember that. Don't try to change a lady because you've fallen for a girl being herself — not an augmented version that doesn't have weird habits or tastes. Be sure that with such an attitude, she'll also fall for you. Such a relationship will be built on mutual respect and acceptance — what can be better?

What you shouldn't do to make a good impression on a Latina girl?

In the Don'ts section, you'll find the most common mistakes of a foreign man who’s trying to date a Latina woman. Better learn them by heart.

Don't disrespect the lady's family

Like everywhere in the world, a family is sacred in Latin America and you can get avenged or punished if you happen to offend someone's family member. Latina women always try to spend as much time with their parents as possible. They usually gather for family dinners, travel together, and have common hobbies. This is normal in Latin America to be that close to a family so don't try to tell a girl she's always with her family. Unless she admits that herself.

Don't be another controlling and jealous man in a girl's life

One of the main reasons Latin women don't like local men is that they're jealous and mean. They can be easily hurt and behave wildly if something doesn't go their way. These "machos" are no longer an option for independent Latin women. This results in domestic violence and abuse. Latina girls are fed up with that so they're looking for self-content, confident men with serious intentions.

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Don't call her "spicy" or "exotic"

Recently, many Latina women have started protesting against calling them exotic or spicy. Ladies find it offensive and consider it objectivation of their bodies which is now unacceptable for them. Plus, never call a Latina girl a mommy, either. This is an offensive calling for the whole woman's family. A simple "sweetie" or "baby" is just enough.

The bottom line

You've just discovered some useful tips on how to get a Latina to fall in love with you. It's now up to you what to do next and how to apply your new knowledge. Maybe get a ticket to Brazil? Start learning bachata? The most interesting is yet to come!

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