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How To Talk To Latinas And Not To Feel An Idiot?
How To Talk To Latinas And Not To Feel An Idiot?
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How To Talk To Latinas And Not To Feel An Idiot?

Latest update: 2020-08-31
Talk To Latinas

Latin women are confident and don’t stop for anyone. If you even look like you’re wavering in your approach, Latina girls will pay you no heed. So, how to talk to these fine women when you don’t know what to talk about? Follow these tips, and you’ll have conversations with pretty Latina girls that’ll last for hours on end. Besides, there’s more to a conversation than just talking.

Take a note of body language

Her body language is important to look into both before you approach her, and while you’re talking to her. Here are a few key signs to notice:

  1. When Latin girls sit down, they subconsciously angle their feet towards a person they like. It’s not a telltale sign she’s attracted to you, but at the very least you’ll know she’s interested.
  2. If a Latina lady is talking to you and absentmindedly twirling her hair with a finger, it means she’s into you. A lot of women do this subconsciously when they’re talking to a man they’re attracted to, so your chances are sky-high if she does this.
  3. Latin women are very touchy in general. It’s normal in their culture to hug, kiss, and touch each other on the arms, so these aren’t indicators she likes you, she’s just being friendly.
  4. Try touching her arm as you conversate and you’re making a point of telling her something exciting. Make sure you note if her reaction is positive or negative to it though. If she keeps looking at you with eyes gleaming and a wide smile, you’re good to go. If she glances at your hand and looks a bit miffed, you should move your hand away.
  5. Latin women love confidence, so keep your chin up and your back straight when you approach them. You need your body language to show you’re a confident man because these ladies won’t be interested in you otherwise. Don’t falter in your approach, and keep a warm smile on your face. Make lots of eye contact and don’t press her into a corner of the room.
Laitn woman talking

Know different topics to talk about

Your desire to make a Latina talking is doomed to fail if you don’t know what to talk about! These themes are open-ended enough that anyone can feel comfortable talking about them, and at the same time can lead to deep, intimate conversations that’ll eventually result in a deeper relationship:

Their country’s history

It’s even better if you ask about her specific region’s history. If it’s something she knows about, she’ll be happy to tell you all about it! Ask lots of questions to prompt further conversation.

Places they want to travel

No one can beat Latin women when it comes to wanderlust. They love to travel and will have countless stories as soon as you ask. You could start by asking her what countries are on her bucket list, and what she plans to do there. Another thought-invoking question is what country she’d like to retire in. This lets you talk about her future plans as well, and will make her feel more invested in conversation because it’s an intimate topic.

The kind of job they’d like, if money wasn’t an issue

Everyone talks about being a doctor, or an engineer, or a lawyer. Some people are truly passionate about this, but usually money factors into the decision. In Latin America, parents insist their children follow these career paths because they’re financially secure and highly sought after. That makes this question even more potent to Latin women because it forces them to think about what would make them feel content in life if the money stopped being a factor to worry about.

Talking to Latin lady

Is this really all you need when it comes to Latinas and talking?

Latina women are much like other women. Just have confidence, humor, and a friendly demeanor to rock the dialogue with her. Read her body language and appeal to different topics of conversation, and you’ll be golden with any Latina lady you come across!

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