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What Are Latin Women Like In Bed
What Are Latin Women Like In Bed
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What Are Latin Women Like In Bed

Latest update: 2020-10-01
Sex With A Latina

Latinas are wild when it comes to sex. They’re keen to try new things have some well-established preferences when it comes to the men they’re with. Read on to learn all about it!

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Latin girls love a dominant man

In the same way that Latin ladies for marriage love it when a man takes charge in planning out the date, Latina women and sex are the same. Nothing makes a Latina girl weak in the knees more than a confident, dominant man who knows exactly what he wants. It’s even better when he’s sure of what he’s doing, and for bonus points, tell her exactly what he wants from her.

Latina women in bed

It’s the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat

Latin women aren’t size queens. They’re fervent believers of technique and intensity being much more important than brute size and force that’ll leave them sore for days. That’s the opposite of experienced Latina lovers who know exactly what buttons to push, play with, and deny until they launch their Latin lady into a state of euphoria. To do it better, ask them what they like, what turns them on, and watch for cues in their body language while you’re in the moment! They’re brutally honest, and if they’re not enjoying time with you, they’ll tell you instead of faking an orgasm and leaving.

They adore experimenting

With most couples, the experimenting phase doesn’t come into play until at least a few months into the relationship. With Latin women, however, experimenting is an obligation. They love trying out new kinks and fetishes with their partners right off the bat and aren’t ashamed to talk about the things they like.

Practising dirty talk is the must in sex with a Latina

Dirty talk is the bread and butter when it comes to kinks. Regardless of how fluent this girl is in English, there’s something ridiculously hot about hearing someone close to your ear, breathily whispering exactly what they want from you and what you’re going to do to them. Bonus points if you nibble on her ear. The best part is when you’re doing something right and you hear her curse in her language. There’s not much that can beat that feeling.

Biting and scratching are more than welcomed

With Latin women, expect lots of this. Even when you’re kissing them, Latin women will bite your lips in the flurry of passion. You won’t notice the pain in the heat of the moment, but you’ll feel the ache the next day. You’ll also wake up with nail marks on your back and bite marks on your neck and clavicle. Worth it, though.

They’re masters as breath play

Choking is one of the most basic fetishes to get into, and in 2020 it has exploded in popularity in the sex culture of Latin America. Remember to always ask if she’s okay with it beforehand, and remember to grip the sides of her neck and squeeze, not the front!

Bondage is a new fetish

With movies like 50 Shades Of Grey becoming popular all over Latin America, so has bondage. Nearly all women try it to a light degree, and plenty of them enjoy it so much they continue learning more about it, through practice. If you’re planning on getting with a Latin lady, it’s a good idea to learn how to use nylon rope, and how to tie different kinds of knots. If it turns out your girl is into that, she’s guaranteed to come back for lots more!

Latina women and sex

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They do learn Kamasutra

It’s no secret Latin women are incredibly flexible. The Kamasutra, which is literally a book on the art of sex, is all about fun positions for a couple to try out. It has taken Latin America by storm in recent years, and it’s incredibly beneficial for the girl to be flexible.

Why do Latinas love sex so much?

Sex is often treated as a sin in many countries, but it’s simply a way to be close to someone, as you choose to be. There’s no limitation to who or how many, and should not be judged for this. Latin Americans have understood this, and live their sexual lives to the fullest. Any man who’s lucky enough to end up with a Latin girl will be pleasantly surprised in more ways than one.

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