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Lucky we are to live in the age when international communication becomes easier than ever. Different websites provide intercontinental chats & relationship. AsiaCharm is among them - one of the largest online dating platforms. It has already helped thousands of couples all over the world find their love and make dreams come true. So if you have always been enchanted by the beauty of Asian ladies, there you go.

The distance doesn't matter anymore: if you are eager to search for your love and serious relationship, you're free to do that via such kind of website. The quality of its services is high enough to provide pleasant and productive communication, and there are a couple of reasons why.

A Nice Setting

The interface of AsiaCharm is friendly and very easy to use. It is based on the intuitive principle of search, so you can understand how to find people you like. Above-and-beyond, it's full of information of a different kind. You can read a lot about how to fill in the questionnaires, get some advice on how to make the conversation good for both speakers, and, find a lot of tips for starting up the relationship, correct behavior and effective use of the site.

AsiaCharm also provides quite a lot of info about itself, so even if you get some questions about some of its functions, you can find the answers on the bottom of the main page. Moreover, it is ready to give any support to the user; what you need to do is contact the office and get your questions asked.

The Language

As far as the site unites the profiles of ladies from China, Thailand, The Philippines, etc., you may wonder how you are going to communicate. Not to worry: AsiaCharm gives a translating option to those who don't know these languages.

For loving hearts there should be no obstacles, so the site is trying to comfort you and the lady you are interested in as much as possible. Since the service is international, it exists for making the interaction possible in many ways. The experts in the field of online dating are always there to help you 24/7.

A Wide Range Of Profiles

There are many people seeking for love, so be sure that you will find a lot of profiles on AsiaCharm. It has a wide membership base, and the site has more than 55, 000 visitors every month. There is always someone online, so you can start chatting any minute. The ways of a search may vary, so you can add extra settings to it and look for someone by age, place or common interests.

Ways to Communicate

Everybody wants their conversations to be nice and easy-going, but sometimes words are just not enough. Thanks to the special services, now you can really talk to almost anybody in this world, but what are pictures and messages? AsiaCharm provides the opportunity of video-chatting with the person overseas. This way you can see and know each other better, have a different kind of talk. But even that is not it.

We all know how important it is to show someone we like how they matter to us. So, to make a lovely gesture and please your lady you get the ability (for a certain amount of credits given to you on the site) to send a bouquet of nice flowers to the girl you like. AsiaCharm also allows giving each other virtual gifts.


To make sure that every single user of the website stays safe, AsiaCharm has worked out a special anti-scam policy. It doesn't necessarily mean that Asian ladies are there to deceive you, but protecting the customers is one of the main points of ensuring a comfortable interaction. The agency doesn't register those profiles which haven't been verified. There is even a special guide on how to choose the pictures for your page; the documents are also checked before the registration to reduce the chance of any possible threat.

What About You?

AsiaCharm tries to make the profiles of its users maximally «speaking», so you should be ready to fill in the questionnaires. This is how you recognize your soulmate — by things in common, that's why it really is important to answer those questions. You have to understand as much as possible from the very first (of, maybe, the second) look at the profile. That gives you more chances to meet your significant other.


The system of credits gives the users a chance to start the conversation. Firstly, you can use 20 credits free of charge; then you can buy a Standard Membership. There is no enforcement on you to continue that one of you don't want to; but if you have the with to use some extra services like instant messages or flowers delivery, you will have to use additional credits, which can also be bought.

Here are the examples of pricing:

  • One instant message costs two credits
  • One virtual gift costs five credits
  • Price for a bouquet of flowers starts from 280 credits.

Please note that the site doesn't give any assistance in your meeting. Anything, like booking hotels, buying airplane tickets and so on, is only the user's responsibility. Face-To-Face communication is not in AsiaCharm competence. However, the teams do everything for you to make it happen.

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posted 1Jan, 1970
I’ve had a lot of dates both online and offline and finally realized that online dating is perfect for me. You not only increase chances to find a good match but also avoid meeting weird people. RussianCupid not only has plenty of members but also a good search algorithm which makes meeting new people easier than ever. My verdict: excellent dating service that gave me plenty of great dates and beautiful women.
posted 1Jan, 1970
Overall Russian cupid is a good mail order bride service and you're more likely to have luck than on online dating or unpaid sites because everyone here is looking for long-term relationships.
posted 1Jan, 1970
Fantastic service if you are looking to settle down or long-term relationships. I found the most fabulous woman in the world, and she is my soulmate! I met her five days after signing up, messaged her and we started dating right away. She entirely completes me and thank you Russian cupid for the help!
posted 1Jan, 1970
I am absolutely in love with my bride. We met in March 2017, and after talking for two weeks, we have met in Kiev and moved in about a month later. I am so glad we have started a family, and now we are planning to have our first child. Thank you!
posted 1Jan, 1970
It was definitely easy and very entertaining. I had several matches which made browsing for a date fun. I am currently dating my girlfriend from Ukriane for over 6 months and we met on Russian cupid. So, I am very appreciative Russian cupid brought us together.
posted 1Jan, 1970
Online dating can be very frustrating. However, most people on Russian cupid did provide a good amount of detail about themselves so that I could do so. I did end up meeting my long-term partner through the site, so it works.