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Badoo Site Review

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Badoo is a Beyonce in the world of online dating - it is famous, cool, has plenty of fans and a hard-working team. The father and owner of Badoo is a Russian businessman Andrey Andreev, who made everything for this platform to become the most famous and recognizable dating site among the similar ones.

The distinguishing features of Badoo include an insanely huge number of users, user-friendly design, and a good range of services. This site is an incredible virtual space to find love, friendship, travel companions, job – anything! The community of Badoo is big and represents all the existing races, ethnicities, beliefs, genders.

If you have got interested in this platform, we can tell you more! How to get started, how to fill in your profile, everything about services, pros, and cons… And even more. Take your time and read on!


Free and quick registration

To register you need to enter only your name, email address, gender, date of birth, and the city you live in. And, you can use your pages in social networks to register and enter the site. If you worry about stealing your data - keep calm, the site will need only the previously mentioned info to create a basic profile.

If you want to change your data after the registration (for example, if you made a mistake), you can make a request via email. The Support Team will help you to change your information, but it may take time: up to 72 hours.

A short tip: add three your photos to your profile during the registration. It will grant you a possibility to see the photo albums of the other users!


Make your profile descriptive

Leaving your profile empty may have negative results. Imagine what the visitors of your pure and innocent profile will see: a page with a name, age, and location. Is it attractive? Absolutely not. There is no information that can be used to imagine your personality portrait and get interested in you. There is no information that can be used as an icebreaker, like your hobbies or preferences. How someone can talk with you if there is nothing to start with?

Please, take your time, and fill in your profile. There is no need in long self-descriptions; just say at least something about what drives you, what inspires, and what do you like. You are a unique person with a lot of interesting features, so show your uniqueness to all the other Badoo users!

Making contact

Communication on

Badoo allows users to make contact via:

  • Personal messages. Badoo has an interesting system touching messaging: a user can send only two messages to another and then you should wait for an answer. If there will be no reply, further communication is impossible. Such a system protects Badoo members from spamming and advertisers.
  • Virtual gifts.
  • Anonymous chats.
  • Selfie request. You can ask a user to upload his/her fresh photo, and if the user answers it, you will get the proof that it is a real person!
  • Encounters

    This service can be called a game. The site shows you the photos of people who suit your preferences and are your perfect matches. You can react to these photos by two buttons - Yes and No. If a person you liked answers you back with Yes, you can have a talk. You can see the list of people who liked your photo in this game on your profile. But, only members who upgrade to Premium have access to that list.


    All the new profiles must undergo verification. To become a Badoo member, you should provide the administration with your ID. It is a great security measure, as there will be no fakes. And, no one will lie or misbehave if he/she wants to be a part of Badoo community.

    In profiles there may be such data:

    • Main photo;
    • Popularity level;
    • Height and weight;
    • Hair and eye color;
    • Marital status;
    • Does a user have/want to have kids;
    • Bad habits;
    • Education;
    • Languages a user know;
    • Aim of communication.

    Quantity of profiles

    The quantity of profiles has reached the 100 million user mark in the 2011 year. Only imagine how many active members are there now! More than 45 million people enter the site every single day, and this number continues to grow. Of course, not all of them are seeking love, but a lot of them still want to meet their soulmates. Some people are not intended to find a partner for a relationship, but they meet kind, interesting people and fall for them. So, your new friend may be your love for life, just give you two some time.

    There are people from 190 countries, and… No one guarantees that you will find your perfect match, but if you cannot find happiness on Badoo with its incredible amount of people, so where you can then?

    Matchmaking algorithms

    Badoo matches people using their interests, so if you mentioned none of them, you will get no perfect matches, only random people nearby. Besides, you can see your perfect matches in the game “Encounters” too - again, if you mention your interests.


    Free versus premium membership

    What do free users get on

    Badoo uses a freemium business model. In other words, you can either use the free features or upgrade your account to the highest level for money to use all the services of the site. The free services on this platform include:

    1. Registration;
    2. Filling out your profile;
    3. Sending messages to other users;
    4. Leaving comments to the photos of the other members;
    5. Search for people using the filter “Nearby”;

    All the above mentioned is enough to communicate with the other users and feel comfortable. You can easily find a person you would like to date without spending money. But, if you do not think that the free features can satisfy you completely, you can purchase some additional services.

    What do premium users get at

    Unlike the sites that offer only monthly premium membership, Badoo offers the system of “credits”. Credit is a local coin that can be used to buy the additional services.

    Any user can buy the following account “extensions”:

    1. Getting more visits. Your profile will be moved to the top on “People Nearby” page so it can be more noticeable to the other users.
    2. Getting Featured. Millions of members will see your profile!
    3. Getting more messages. Users of the site will know when you are online and are ready to talk.
    4. Increasing your daily contact limit.
    5. Send “gifts” with messages.
    6. Buying sticker packs to send your interlocutors, and so on.

    If you would like to make your account superb and noticeable, you can buy Premium membership - but you can purchase any period you would like for this membership to last. The only thing you should remember is that the subscription will be renewed automatically (!) via the payment method you have used when purchased it the first time.

    Premium allows:

    1. See who liked you (who said “Yes” in the game Encounters);
    2. Use the Invisible Mode (browse the profiles without being noticed!);
    3. Undo your last “No” vote in the game “Encounters”. Remember that you cannot undo your “Yes”.
    4. See who added you to Favorites list;
    5. Get the list of the most popular people on Badoo com and have a possibility to talk with them;
    6. See the new members to the Badoo community and be the first to make contact with them;
    7. Get highlight of your messages. People who get messages from you will read them first because of that highlight;
    8. Get the access to nice stickers.

    Mobile application

    A mobile application is the thing that almost any online dating user needs. It allows users to get access to a dating site instantly, and it usually has all the features and services that browser version has. Happily, Badoo has a mobile app, and it is well-designed and user-friendly. Anyone will understand how to use it within several minutes, as the interface is intuitive.


    Cost and Prices

    Members can purchase bundles with 100, 550, 1250, and 2750 credits. They are available for purchasing in the mobile app too. You can turn on the automatic renewal of your balance so it will never be empty, but this option is off by default. So you need to make some changes in Settings to make the renewal system work.

    Additional services

    • Discover your look-alikes! On Badoo, anyone can find his/her twin. Well, it will be a person from abroad or living nearby, but it will unlikely be a relative. Just imagine how cool it will be to see a person who looks just like you! Maybe this person has similar interests or, in contrast, is completely different. It may be exciting to talk with another personality having the same face as you have!
    • Blog. blog deserves a special attention as it is an inherited part of this platform. It has plenty of information about online dating, about real dates, tips and tricks, and so on. Find out how to make your first date incredible, how to transform your life together with your spouse better and a lot more useful information.
    • Pros and Cons


      • Millions of active users everyday
      • Free registration
      • Mobile app
      • Users can find their “twins”
      • 5 thousand moderators who listen to the community
      • Search with a lot of filters
      • Making contact is completely free
        • Cons

          • Quite a lot advertising


Company:Badoo Trading Limited
Address:The Broadgate Tower, Third Floor, 20 Primrose Street, London EC2A 2RS
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