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We often wonder what our perfect match would look like, what she enjoys doing and what books likes to read. However, it can be quite difficult to find her among thousands of people you connect every day. I can compare it to looking for a unicorn in a forest of pricks.

Luckily with online dating sites, you find precisely who you are looking for, learn all the matches according to your criteria and finally contact the one you liked the most. This makes finding a person you want simpler than ever. So if you are still not sure who you wish to meet, make a research on online dating websites.

As for me, I have tried several of them, but only one really helped me to find my soulmate. RomanceTale was the place that helped me to discover a wonderful girl and get into a serious relationship. If you are willing to find love, you might be interested in reading my online dating story after joining RomanceTale.


Before registering on a dating website I have made a thorough research and have discovered that RomanceTale is one of the leading dating and mail order bride services that gathers the members primarily from Asian countries for more than 20 years. The website integrates a webcam technology and makes online dating options available for anyone regardless their location.

The service was founded as a catalog that introduced foreigners to Asian women.

Now RomanceTale is helping the whole world to become a playground for datings and long-lasting relationships. No one ever claimed that finding your ideal lady is easy, however with a dating site you have every single person at your fingertips.

First Impression

Although the website has several ads, it is inviting, easy-to-navigate and has a friendly interface. Everything you can possibly need is located on the left side of each page, including the detailed information on the possibility to travel abroad to meet your match face-to-face.

Sign up Process

I have personally found the sign-up process very easy and intuitive. It took me only a couple of seconds to enter my name, email address and create a strong password. Then you are welcomed to your profile with an access to inbox messages, and an opportunity to search and chat with ladies.

As soon as I have become a member of RomanceTale, I have discovered easy-to-use and customizable search options as well as a wide range of search criteria including country of origin, age, children and even the information about appearance and lifestyle habits.

What made the entire process flawless was the suggestion of the compatible matches according to the search criteria I entered. All profiles contained photos, age, location and a lot of other information. I have also discovered the special option called ‘My Contacts’ that allowed me to mark the girls that I have favorited and arrange a list of instant communication opportunities.

Each girl has different values and views on life, that’s why if you know that you are not compatible with anyone over or under a specific age or country of origin, you can filter for that. Having quite advanced search tools, RomanceTale allows you to see if other users are active or if they are offline, letting you know if they are ready to interact with you.

The list of basic search filters include:

  1. Age
  2. Country
  3. Interests
  4. Show Members Online / Available in CamShare / or With Videos
  5. You can also enter the member's ID

You can as well just look at photos to start your search without getting into details. In this way, you will definitely narrow the search as quickly as possible by choosing only those people who are attracted on the basic level.

As soon as I have finished with the search process, RomanceTale has presented me all the members and potential matches that were available to me on the right side of the screen.

Every time I clicked on the icon I could see who is online right now and available for a live-chat or video call. There was no problem in speaking with people in a lifetime, moreover, taking into account that I have searched mostly for girls from China, RomanceTale offered me a translation. Every time I sent an email, I received a response maximum within a week, most of them within first 24 hours.

Advanced Features of RomanceTale

  • Video: All registered users can create personalized videos to enhance their profiles and show other members their hobbies, interests and personal qualities.
  • Call Me: After you have found the perfect girl I advise arranging a private telephone call. You can do it either instantly or by setting up a call time. Moreover, the website offers a Collect Call option.
  • CamShare: Today RomanceTale is one of the few dating websites that offer a two-way webcam feature, that allows users hear and see the matches.
  • Live Chat: The website also provides with an option of instant messaging, meaning that members can have a real-time conversation with each other.
  • Credit System: Depending on the amount of time you spend on RomanceTale a smart payment system allows you to pay for your credits depending on the activity on the website.
  • Bonuses: The more you interact with other members and use different features available on the RomanceTale, the more bonuses you will have. For example, the website offers its members 20 credits with a first purchase for only €9.99.
  • Real Gifts: Another great option is presenting a real gift to your match. There are a lot of different gifts to choose: from jewelry and bouquets to gift cards, which can be delivered within several days. There are also discounts available for each gift.
  • Virtual Gifts: Such virtual gifts as kisses, chocolates, and cars are also available for any member.
  • Messaging: Messaging is a traditional tool to start an instant conversation. With more than 1.5 million messages sent on RomanceTale every day, members can send a ‘hello’ message to the person they like. Pricing

To pay for the services you can use any payment system including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and American Express.

The costs seemed a little higher than on other dating websites just because RomanceTale provides its members with more advanced services than others. Just as an example, all the emails are carefully monitored by staff members as they care for legitimacy and reputation of their site. Moreover, they make a translation in written correspondence and include this service in their fee.

I can describe their credit system as follows: for sending or reading a letter one should pay 10 credits; one minute of the chat will cost you 1 credit, whereas they charge credits per minute for video chat.

Here you can have a look at the cost of credits:

  • 50 credits for $28.99
  • 125 credits for $64.99
  • 250 credits for $99.99
  • 750 credits for $214.99

If you don’t want your credit card to be charged automatically for the same amount of credits, simply remove the check. This is a practice widely used by online dating services.

Privacy Policy

Note that as soon as you register on the website you are legally bound to the fine print that is listed on RomanceTale. Note the following:
  • You have to give a notice in writing in case you decide to stop using this service;
  • If you don’t use your credits for more than 365 days, they expire;
  • Women are not allowed to post their photos and email addresses on any other dating service or a website.
  • The content posted on RomanceTale becomes a property RomanceTale meaning that they can use it in promotional materials, landings, emails, and any other type of content;
  • You are not allowed to share URLs, emails, physical addresses and phone numbers with other members;
  • If the woman you are chatting with is not a real person, RomanceTale will give you a refund of the credits that you used during your interaction with that woman;
  • RomanceTale doesn’t use your email address in any way other than sending promotional and informative daily emails about the service. If you wish you can easily unsubscribe from those emails by sending a message to unsubscribe [at] or follow the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email received.

Customer support

RomanceTale offers a lot of ways to ask questions and to solve any issues that you have during registration, payment or communication. They can resolve any potential safety concerns about other members via the contact form, FAQs, and how-to articles. If you do not know how to edit your profile, have any payment difficulties or want to learn more about membership difficulties, do not hesitate to ask any question in the contact form.

Furthermore, if you do not want to write to customer support, you will most likely find all the answers in the FAQ section.

My Verdict & Recommendations

My experience has shown me that RomanceTale has proved to be the most helpful online dating website of all I used. I believe that there are a lot of trustworthy sites that offer the potential to find your love or even future wife. Even if you have not met your romance yet, RomanceTale can lead to exciting interactions with multiple entertaining options to meet new people.

Probably you might be too busy to search for someone perfect in the real life. Luckily, with this review, you have a lot of questions answered and are ready to make your own decision.

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Comments (29)
posted 12Feb, 2018
Met my beloved on RomanceTale. We are enjoying our 1st anniversary today, and I just wanted to thank you for your priceless job
posted 19Feb, 2018
Helped me to meet several beautiful and attractive girls. Excellent search options helped me to narrow the selection to women I felt I was more compatible with. I think it was a good idea to meet girls face-to-face and go further.
posted 12Mar, 2018
With RomanceTale I could connect with great, beautiful women who are interesting and respectable. It's a great service to use. If you know what you are doing and what you are looking for, there will be no problems.
posted 26Mar, 2018
Being 43 y/o and the only single of the family I decided to give RomanceTale a try and although I spent a few months in an unsuccessful back and forth with different women, I finally met my soul mate! Who would think it was still possible? RomanceTale is full of amazing features at a good price!
posted 2Apr, 2018
RomanceTale is reasonably priced and returned a good amount of matches. It's a great value for your money. I met a variety of man from all walks of life. The profile provided me enough information to decide if I wanted to meet a woman.
posted 16Apr, 2018
I love that there are so many ways I can interact with a woman. It feels like we are near each other all the time. I absolutely adore RomanceTale for its searching and communication options. 10/10.
posted 23Apr, 2018
Reasonable price, enough options, beautiful ladies. What else would one need? Never thought I would be online-dating, but RomanceTale radically changed my life. Now I cannot imagine a day without it.
posted 7May, 2018
I’ve had some unsatisfying previous experience with online dating, but still decided to try out RomanceTale. The main thing with these services is that you shouldn’t give up after months of searching. Your girl is somewhere there, and RomanceTale will definitely match you if it’s destined.
posted 21May, 2018
This is one of the greatest sites for finding dates in Asian countries! Last year, I found here a woman and we’ve been communicating with each other, it’s just great! I hope to visit her in China this year. BTW, I speak Mandarin :)
posted 4Jun, 2018
I thought it would be a bad idea to try it out because Romance Tale deals only with Asian girls, and, hell, I don’t know any Asian language, and Chinese just kills me! Thank the site for the translation, now I can fulfill my dreams!
posted 18Jun, 2018
Romance Tale is good and even has (as they claim) 20 years of experience, but I still prefer Asian Charm. It’s more charming, ha-ha
posted 25Jun, 2018
Here are some trolls, I see. Guys, are you here for online dating or for trashing the comment section?? I like this site, firstly, for its fair pricing. I can’t imagine how much I would need to pay to travel to China and find a girl by myself, pf.
posted 9Jul, 2018
Excellent service! I like the idea of searching girls based on whether they have videos of them or not. I wouldn’t like to interact with someone who I don’t see. Photos are OK, but who knows, Photoshop and other stuff. Videos rock!
posted 30Jul, 2018
RomanceTale is so-so. I definitely would rather go for AsiaCharm or ChnLove or anything else. This site is satisfactory, but it isn’t excellent. So it gets from me 4 out of 5. Period.
posted 13Aug, 2018
I believe RomanceTale is the best among Asian dating sites. The reason why it is so lies in the fact that it gives 20 free credits to new users. Sure, it isn’t enough to discover all the features of the site, but it is perfect especially for those people who don’t have much experience in online dating and are afraid of buying a pig in a poke.
posted 3Sep, 2018
Two months ago it took me only 5 minutes to create a profile on RomanceTale, and since that day I don’t regret that. So far, I’ve talked with more than 23 girls, and that was all brilliant experience. What I truly appreciate about RomanceTale is that their translators are doing the job perfectly – I’ve never had any troubles with talking with Chinese, Thai and Malaysian girls (well, I had only once when one girl didn’t understand my American humor). Hence, I would be glad if other guys could join it and see what I’ve seen here!
posted 17Sep, 2018
Let me admit, I’m a closed person, let’s say, an introvert, and it’s always been problematic for me to come up to girls in public places (either in cafes or at work) and make small talk (I’m not even saying about hitting on a girl). RomanceTale’s become a solution for me. I don’t need to suffer as much as before, yet I’m succeeding in dating.
posted 8Oct, 2018
RomanceTale is the excellent dating platform, I would register on it two times if that were possible, lol.
posted 22Oct, 2018
You never know what to expect unless you try it yourself. I can describe in every detail the benefits of the platform, but you should see for yourself if it suits your needs.
posted 12Nov, 2018
RomanceTale is nice, but not the best. I spent here two weeks and changed it for the better services.
posted 26Nov, 2018
When you are looking for a dating platform, think what is the most important point for you: security, chatting, girls. RomanceTale has a great database, which is the most vital thing for me, that is why I choose to use it.
posted 10Dec, 2018
Okay, so I found my girl here and I wish you all the same. The website works.
posted 14Jan, 2019
RomanceTale is awesome!!! I wouldn’t change it for anything else, because it is fun, easy in use and efficient.
posted 27Feb, 2019
I had it all: a flat, a job, good vacations. But it was empty without a partner in my life. Thanks to RomanceTale now I have even more than I could have ever wished for.
posted 27Mar, 2019
RomanceTale is for people who are ready for a long-distance relationship because you could actually meet and fall in love with someone halfway across the globe. Not to mention, it is difficult and requires a lot of efforts.
posted 20May, 2019
The live chats on RomanceTale, which cost a fortune in the first place, are often interrupted by payment notifications. This increases your time spent on the chat, and you have to pay more.
posted 20Jun, 2019
I had it all: a flat, a job, good vacations. But it was empty without a partner in my life. Thanks to RomanceTale now I have even more than I could have ever wished for.
posted 10Jul, 2019
I would give RomanceTale a 4 out of 5 because the website lacks some design solutions.
posted 16Sep, 2019
RomanceTale doesn’t have a proper interface and software because you end up getting messages from people you don’t like, therefore losing your trust in their algorithm and also making it hard to reply to all messages.