The days when the idea of online dating was considered to be scary are left far behind. If you are determined to find that special thing called love, then this review is for you. There are hundreds of online dating sites and dozens of mobile apps that are aimed to help people find the true love. However, if you are interested in finding the girl from Russia, take a look at Russian Cupid - one of the leading online dating websites in the Eastern Europe. To make it a little bit easier for you to take a decision I have tried a service by myself and ready to share my experience in finding the greatest girl I have ever met.

About Russian Cupid

Russian Cupid is an online dating service that helps meet your future girlfriend or potential wife among over 1.5 billion beautiful Russian women. It is a leading website with a good reputation and transparent payment system.

The service is highly automated and offers the flawless process of finding your match for a reasonable price. There are millions of active profiles of beautiful women from Russia and Ukraine. The website is very popular among the men from the USA and other western countries who believe that they can find their perfect lady there. The members can communicate through ‘Interest’ messages and emails. Unlike other similar websites, Russian Cupid allows its members to exchange personal details and direct contact information via instant messages.

One of the most attractive features of Russian Cupid is an opportunity to directly communicate with ladies and avoid moderators or agents. That’s why if you want to find a good woman and build relationships this is the site you really need as the women are serious about meeting someone special.

First Impression

Russian Cupid is a leading online dating site that hosts more than 1.5 million profiles of stunning women from Russia. If you have ever been interested in finding a girlfriend from Slavic countries, you might have heard of this service. After going to the website the first thing you see is a home page that offers to register on Russian Cupid. Do not worry if you don’t speak Russian, as the website is translated in 15 languages including English. The signup process is easy and requires a couple of minutes to enter your first name, age, gender and create a password. There is also an option to sign up through Facebook.

Russian Cupid has made a good first impression as I could find a lot of details about the service itself, how it works and even read the stories of members who have found their love.

How Much Should You Pay?

The good news is that membership on Russian Cupid can be either free or paid. You don’t have to pay anything to create an account and get access to several basic features, however, if you want to get a chance to meet someone or find serious relationships, you will have to upgrade your account. This does not mean that you need to pay for a girl, it is rather a subscription fee paid for the service, the assistance of a support team and access to advanced features available on a website.

There are basically two types of account - Gold and Platinum. Gold membership gives you an access to basic features and costs $34.99 a month whereas Platinum is $39.99. However, you can save a lot of money if subscribe for 12 months which will cost you only $13.33 per month for Platinum and $11.67 for Gold. The longer you stay with the service the cheaper your subscription is.

Russian Cupid has a huge advantage over the similar online dating websites - you can register for free, have an access to girls account and even contact them, which is a rare feature available for free. There are no closed profiles which are usually kept for gold or platinum members.

Should You Become a Platinum Member?

After you upgrade your account the service ranks your profile above others in search results. Therefore you automatically become a privileged client. Taking into account that most users do not like scrolling the window till the very end, being among the top 3 results is a good deal for $13.33 per month. You will not only increase your visibility but also can add the number of potential matches. Another plus of platinum membership is that you can make use of automatic translation.

Advantages of Russian Cupid

As mentioned above Russian Cupid is one of the top dating websites that operate in Russia and offers its services around the world. Here I would like to share the main advantages of this service:

  • The website hosts the profiles of Russian women who are commonly very serious about relationships and have strong family values. Every Russian woman thinks that creating a family is her main purpose, therefore if you want to get married and have children, then Russian Cupid is a right choice.
  • The registration process is simple and intuitive, the website offers detailed information about its services.
  • The subscription fee is affordable with no additional charges and hidden costs.
  • Russian Cupid is not a broker or an agency, it is just a platform where people can meet each other and communicate.
  • There are a lot of positive reviews and testimonies of people who managed to change their lives via Russian Cupid. There are numerous stories of men who met wonderful girls and entered the long-term relationships. Below you can find several of reviews.
  • There are more than 1.5 million profiles, with a great diversity of girls, backgrounds, and personalities.

Disadvantages of Russian Cupid

Apparently, Russian Cupid cannot be perfect for everybody. There are some disadvantages that can become reasons for not to use this service. Some do not want to invest time and money, while others think that it is impossible to find serious girls on the dating sites.

If you recognize yourself in one of the items below, you’d better not register on Russian Cupid:

  1. You are not interested in building serious relationships.
  2. You have a limited budget and cannot afford any additional costs.
  3. You do not want to invest time in searching your perfect match. Finding a girl can be a time-consuming process. But entering relationships can take even more time.

Reviews and Feedbacks

While I was searching for more detailed information on Russian Cupid, I have discovered a couple of interesting reviews from men who described their experience with this dating service:

“Before I found this place, I have never been to an online dating place like this ever. I only came on here after reading some good reviews about it from multiple sources. It was a well-made move to join Russian cupid. I signed up for 3 months worth and it was a damn good 3 months. I spoke to many women and skype with them as well. I also get lucky with some. It was perfect because right as my 3-month subscription was about to run out, I met this Russian girl from Moscow and we talked like lovers. She was real and I wanted her to be my wife. So I convince her quick enough before I had to renew my subscription to move to the states and live with me. She makes me a happy man. Also for those that not smart, there are some fake ladies on here. To avoid getting fake, make sure to skype with them to see if they are real. Once you see a woman on skype, you are good to go. There are plenty of real women here, you just have to be smart and find them. I hope that help. Russian Cupid is like a candy store. You go in and shop for sweets, but you need a lot of effort to make them like you.”

- Vlad, 46

“I had a membership here at Russian cupid twice. Once in ’09 when I got married to my ex-wife and in ’12 when I got divorced. I think this is a great way to find a woman to marry. It is easy and relaxing to just sit behind a computer and find a woman to my liking. There are plenty of pretty women here. And most importantly, the girls here reply back to me when I show interest. I haven’t found another woman since I got divorced, but when I am ready I will start searching seriously.”

- Abram, 32

My Verdict

Of course, love has no price tags attached. However, when it comes to finding your perfect match among millions of potential women, I think that a reasonable subscription fee is totally worth it. The only obstacle I faced when tried to find the girl of my dreams was getting enough courage to start communicating with the first girl. I realize that it is easy to talk to a woman from your native country in real life, however, it was quite scary to meet a woman from different culture speaking a foreign language.

After overcoming this fear and getting connected with a girl I was so inspired to step up this dating game and I finally realized that an online dating was my best bet. Thanks to Russian Cupid I managed to find the girl who is not only extremely beautiful but also smart and has a bright personality. We continue our communication which I hope will lead to long-term relationships and marriage. All that being said, I think that Russian Cupid is worth all the time and money. It is a reliable and secure service with a lot of profiles and affordable subscription. Give it a try and good luck in your search!


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"I’ve had a lot of dates both online and offline and finally realized that online dating is perfect for me. You not only increase chances to find a good match but also avoid meeting weird people. RussianCupid not only has plenty of members but also a good search algorithm which makes meeting new people easier than ever. My verdict: excellent dating service that gave me plenty of great dates and beautiful women. "
"Overall Russian cupid is a good mail order bride service and you're more likely to have luck than on online dating or unpaid sites because everyone here is looking for long-term relationships."
"Fantastic service if you are looking to settle down or long-term relationships. I found the most fabulous woman in the world, and she is my soulmate! I met her five days after signing up, messaged her and we started dating right away. She entirely completes me and thank you Russian cupid for the help!"
"I am absolutely in love with my bride. We met in March 2017, and after talking for two weeks, we have met in Kiev and moved in about a month later. I am so glad we have started a family, and now we are planning to have our first child. Thank you!"
"It was definitely easy and very entertaining. I had several matches which made browsing for a date fun. I am currently dating my girlfriend from Ukriane for over 6 months and we met on Russian cupid. So, I am very appreciative Russian cupid brought us together."
"Online dating can be very frustrating. However, most people on Russian cupid did provide a good amount of detail about themselves so that I could do so. I did end up meeting my long-term partner through the site, so it works."

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