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Thaifriendly Overview — What’s Good And What’s Bad?

Thailand is a great place to find a woman. However, you don't have to visit this country to find a beautiful Thai lady — the only thing you should find is actually a good dating website. ThaiFriendly is exactly what we can call a "good" dating site — it's cheap, it has lots of free services, and there are almost 2 million members here. Sounds like a perfect combination for a perfect dating service, doesn't it?

If you want to know if it’s really perfect, read this short but detailed review — here, the experts will answer all your questions. Registration and search, safety and pricing, payment methods, services, and other details — you will find everything you need to know here. Let’s start!

Is ThaiFriendly easy to use?

The website is very simple. On the one hand, it’s great — you will not have any problems with it, and it’s quite easy-to-use. On the other hand, that’s not exactly what we wanted from one of the best Thai dating services — to be honest, this site looks a little outdated. However, it doesn’t make it worse — we are sure that you will not be disappointed with it.

The mobile app is very good, with no “buts”. It’s similar to all the other top dating apps, with an intuitive interface and very good chat. There are both Android and iOS versions, and they both deserve an A+.


How to sign up to Thai Friendly?

There are three things you should know about the registration:

  1. Creating an account is completely free here.
  2. Registration won’t take more than 4 minutes.
  3. There are no personality tests.

It’s probably the fastest registration we’ve ever seen. At first, you will enter password and username, valid email address, gender (yours and your partner's), date of birth, height, and weight. After that, you'll have to write a short headline and description — it's the first thing a woman will see when she opens your profile, so be honest here. Just write a little about yourself and about your relationship goals. Then, education and English/Thai ability. After that, the question about children (do you have any? do you want children?) — you can skip it if you don't want to answer. After that, you'll have to choose the preferred age of your perfect partner and your country/city. That's all, and even if it looks like a time-consuming process, it's really not — the only thing that will take time is writing a description.

When it's done, the only thing you'll have to do is upload your photo. We won't write an essay about it — just choose your best photos (a combination of several professional photos and selfies will work great).

The only verification here is email verification. On the one hand, it's cool — because you will not have to spend time making the scans of your government-issued documents, sending them to, and waiting for them to check these documents. Email verification is extremely fast — you just open an email, click on the button, and it's done. On the other hand, it's not the best protection possible — ID verification would've been much better in this regard.

Is safe?

Thai Friendly is a safe website, so you will definitely not lose your money here. Why are we so sure? Because both technical protection and anti-scam measures of Thai Friendly are on the highest possible level. Let’s talk about it in detail.

At first, the site uses 128-bit SSL encryption, and it’s great. This is actually a must for every dating service (or any other paid website) — if there’s no SSL certificate on a site, you shouldn’t use it, without any doubts. This technology protects your sensitive information, such as credit card details (its number and security code), and makes it impossible for hackers to steal this information. In very simple words: if the site has an SSL certificate, it’s a safe site — and is 100% safe. All the transactions are secured with 256-bit AES encryption, and this website works with 2Checkout, which is the world's leader in payment services. But of course, encryption isn’t the only thing one should consider before choosing a good dating service.

The second important factor when it comes to the safety of a dating website is its anti-scam measures. It’s all about verification — if women only have to verify an email address, that’s certainly weak protection because anyone can create a fake profile. You just can’t be sure that 100% of the ladies are real on such websites — so we don’t recommend using them. ID verification or phone number verification is much better in this regard. offers a phone verification to protect the site from criminal activity. We haven't seen any scammers here, and the absolute majority of men who use ThaiFriendly haven't ever had such problems, according to our study — so you shouldn't worry about it. However, be smart. Don't send money to women and google their photos before responding to them — these two simple steps will help you minimize your chances of losing money.

If you see that someone acts suspiciously, just block this person — click "Block user" if you don't want to continue communicating with this woman, and that's all. If you are sure that it's a scammer, click "Report profile" — if it's really a scam profile, it will be deleted as soon as possible.

What services does Thaifriendly offer?

Thaifriendly offers a wide number of free and paid services. The good news is that you can actually communicate with women even if you have a Standard account — but it can be quite uncomfortable. If you want to know more, then continue reading this Thai friendly review — here, we’ll talk about the features and services offered by this dating website!


Free services

  • Sending interest. If you like the woman, you can show it to her and send her "interest" — it's completely free. There is one problem here — unlike comments and messages, interests aren't kept forever. They expire after a few weeks.
  • Adding to favorites. If you see an awesome woman and want to send a message to her later, you can add her to your favorite list in order to not lose her. It's free and no one except you will be able to see your "favorite" list. Unless a woman has a Premium profile, of course — in this case, she will see that you've marked her as favorite.
  • Uploading and viewing photos. There are no limits when it comes to photos, which means there are no private photos which are available for premium users only.
  • Adding profile notes.
  • Basic search. If you're a basic user, you can't use all those advanced search filters, but it's still possible to find a woman according to your tastes. Such search options as age, gender, country, and city are available.
  • Sending and receiving messages are free, and that's just great. You can read all the messages without any limits, and you don't have to pay anything for it! Sending messages is free, but there are limits here — thus, you can't use a live chat as a standard user, and you can send only 1 message in 10 minutes.

Fee-based services

  • Premium users can see who added them to a favorite list. According to our experience, Thai ladies do often hesitate to write first, but they don't have any problems when it comes to showing interest and adding to favorites. So, take it as an invitation to communicate.
  • Offline mode is available for Premium users only. It allows to browse anonymously, and what's even better, it allows to hide your profile from guests (non-members). This sounds like a quite useful feature, doesn't it?
  • Premium users can also see who visited their profile recently.
  • If you have a Premium membership, your profile will be ranked higher than all the other profiles. It's a very useful feature — especially if you want to get more messages.
  • Unlimited messaging is another paid feature. Premium members don't have to wait for 10 minutes to send a message.
  • Instant messenger. Chat is very convenient here, but it's only available for Premium members.
  • Advanced search. If you want to search by height, weight, relationship goal, education, religion, etc., you need a Premium subscription.

Thaifriendly’s billing policy

Let’s take a look at the pricing policy of Is it cheap or not? What are the payment methods? What else should you know about it?

We have some good news for you: it’s a very cheap dating service, if compared to other top Thai dating websites. Here are the prices.

  • 1-month premium package costs $25.
  • 3-months subscription costs $50 ($16.6 per month).
  • 6-months subscription costs $70 ($11.6 per month).
  • 12-months package costs $100 ($8.33 per month).

You can pay with PayPal and with your Visa/MasterCard/American Express debit or credit card.

1560418191 review — conclusion is a great dating website with almost 2,000,000 members (and more than 800,000 of them are female). The registration is extremely simple, and you’ll only have to verify your email (there’s no ID verification here). There is a great mobile app, the site is safe and protected, and we are sure that it’s certainly worth your attention. You will definitely love that they allow the standard users to send 1 message every 10 minutes — so you don’t really have to pay anything to use ThaiFriendly.


  • Good mobile app.
  • Simple website.
  • Many free services. You can even send messages for free!
  • Simple and fast registration.
  • Low price.


  • No ID verification.
  • No matching algorithm.


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