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Meeting Russian Women: When, Where, And How?
Meeting Russian Women: When, Where, And How?
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Meeting Russian Women: When, Where, And How?

Latest update: 2020-08-11
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With this article, you’ll figure out how to meet a Russian girl online and out and about in the real world as well! Russian girls are much closer than you think. Discover concrete tips below.

How can I meet with Russian girls in real life?

If you’re the lucky one to be around Russian ladies you should spot the places where chances to start a conversation with them get higher. Granted, you’ll have to be in Russia for that, but here are a few spots.

Russian Women


If a club blasts techno music, is crowded, and has everyone dancing, you’re bound to find more than a few Russians there! Russian girls are drawn to loud music like moths to light. They love hitting the dance floor with strangers, not being able to hear a thing clearly, but having a great time without a care in the world. If you find a Russian girl here, simply approach her, and dance Lord knows she won’t be able to hear a word you say with all the boosted bass in the club but you can continue the conversation after in some more quiet place. Gogol Club, Night Flight, London, Icon, Forte Music Club are some popular spots where you’ll definitely meet a lot of cute Russian girls!


Russian girls like to drink a healthy amount of good wine. After all, it’s a social lubricant, and always the key to a good time when you have just enough. Alcohol always makes people friendlier, so you’d have better luck getting to know a Russian girl after buying her a cocktail. You’ll both loosen up enough to talk to each other with ease, and with enough luck, one thing will lead to another in your favor. One of the upscale bars of Moscow, Gipsy, might work out well for you.


Gyms are a great spot to meet Russian ladies, especially given how much time and effort they put into staying fit! Most of these women are very approachable, so if you see a girl that you like, talk to her when she’s resting up! Fitness Life and Reforma Fitness Center are popular amongst Russian women.

What’s another way to meet Russian women?

Internet is the solution to all of man’s problems. Meeting Russian ladies on the web is easy and fast. Just figure out where they like spending time online! Here’s the perfect option to help you out.

Russian lady

Mail order bride websites

The concept of mail order brides has been popular in Russia for decades. It’s possibly the best place to meet Russian women. If you’re interested in a serious relationship and want to bring a girl back home, settle down, and raise a family with, there’s no better way to do it than with a mail order bride service. Focus on mail order bride sites with only Russian women listed. You’ll find lots of Russian ladies concentrated there, and it’ll make your search a whole lot easier. With tons of profiles and quite a few ladies that speak English, you’ll be able to easily test the waters and find may girls that pique your interest! They’re looking for a foreign man they can love and trust, so do you think you have what it takes?

All these great spots to meet Russian girls aren’t useful unless you act on it! With this information, you have everything you need to get out there and meet your dream Russian lady. So what stops you?

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