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How To Talk To Russian Women: Tips For Chatting With Russian Ladies
How To Talk To Russian Women: Tips For Chatting With Russian Ladies
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How To Talk To Russian Women: Tips For Chatting With Russian Ladies

Latest update: 2021-03-25
Secrets of communication with Russian women

It often happens that a man who fell in love with the photo or appearance of a lady can’t find suitable words to start a conversation. It can be twice more challenging if this person is from another country and has a limited vocabulary.

Russian girls often attract western men with their beauty but it is not that easy to attract these ladies. They may ignore messages from people they do not know or ones that sound dry and not interesting. Therefore, it is important to learn the secrets of communication with girls from Russia to get more chances for a response.

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Tips on how to talk to Russian women

Whether you decide to speak to Russian girls online or face-to-face, the most important thing to remember is the first impression. These ladies prefer confident, persistent, and intelligent men with a good sense of humor. If you manage to present yourself from the beneficial side, it is time to start the talk. Here are some pieces of advice to consider:

  • Take the initiative in starting the conversation;
  • Try to sound natural and confident;
  • Avoid self-confidence and being too cocky;
  • Pick the right words to show your kindness and intelligence by;
  • Don’t try to make friends immediately: show your true intention;
  • Don’t save on compliments;
  • Never ask about previous or current relationships at the early stage;
  • Don’t give up if she ignores you or seems unapproachable;
  • Stay positive and goal-oriented.

Topics, words, and phrases to avoid

Unfortunately, many men make a mistake at the very beginning of communication. They are puzzled how to talk in Russian, first of all, but it is not a problem if you write or approach in English too. Many Russian women understand English and would happily respond to you to show their intelligence. If you know Russian, it is even better. Don’t worry about possible mistakes in speech because women treat foreigners with loyalty and it would be funny for her to listen to some awkward expressions. However, there are topics and words that immediately discourage Russian ladies from chatting.

Dating experts advise men to avoid:

  1. Profanity and dialects;
  2. Intimate life discussions;
  3. The topic of finances;
  4. Possible questions about health problems, politics, ex-partners;
  5. Interest in being registered on any dating websites;
  6. Question if she likes you - it is too early to understand;
  7. Information about bad habits, etc.

It must be an easy-going and funny talk that will become memorable to her and the man should be associated with something pleasant too.

Themes that Russian women like to talk about

If you like a woman, you want to attract her too and only suitable topics of the talk may help you to do that. In fact, there are many topics to discuss on the first date. Russian girls like talking about:


It is one of the topics that allows both people to learn more about each other and understand if leisure activities they prefer coincide or at least look similar.


If a person has a peg, it is undoubtedly a member of her family and she is happy to take care of it, so you will inspire her for pleasant emotions.


It is not only a great way to learn more about women's tastes but also a hint which restaurant to choose when you meet next time.


There is hardly any better theme to discuss than bright memories from holidays and vacations. All people enjoy traveling and recollect their best moments.

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Though it is better not to ask about the family immediately, you can still do that when you feel that she is absolutely open. The girl will see that you are interested in her personality and share some information about her close people too.


It is always pleasant to hear ‘I do, too’ when you only learn a person since common interests and tastes are a great step forward to success in relationships. Therefore, it is important to find out her tastes and keep notes of them for the future.

To conclude, it is worth saying that it is not difficult to chat with Russian ladies. They are open and sociable - it is enough to interest them. The main secrets of success in communication are, of course, a sense of humor and a good mood, so get rid of nerves and write a message to the person you like right now.

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