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Russian Women VS American Women - Major Differences
Russian Women VS American Women - Major Differences
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Russian Women VS American Women - Major Differences

Latest update: 2020-12-02
Russian vs American women

More and more men of the Western world decide to look for love in Russia, the world’s largest country on the globe by area. If you thought that it is the variety of choice that draws them to this country, first of all, you are mistaken. The main reason why men decide to marry Russian women is their unsurpassed beauty.

Are Russian women really better than American women?

Naturally, ladies from opposite sides of the planet are very different. Originally, Russian women were something exotic, not similar to local females. Later, the desire to learn more about beauties of the largest country convinced men that there is a significant difference between Russian and American women. In fact, there are many aspects to consider analyzing ladies of both these countries and the results may seem quite unpredictable.

Russian vs american women

Russian and American women: degree of emancipation

One of the main disappointments for males when it comes to western women is their feminism. It leads to the conclusion that men are divided into two groups. One side tries to embrace this rebellious nature and others feel neglected and embarrassed because of that. If you compare American women vs Russian women, this popular trend that started in the 19th century has not attracted the same big number of girls. It means that they are more oriented on family than career and try to avoid taking leading positions in the family.

The main reason why Russian ladies are less emancipated than American ones is the domination of patriarchal families in the country. They take an example from their parents and consider a man a person you can trust, rely on and obey. Naturally, many Russian women were forced to experience emancipation after long periods of wars and deaths of their husbands and dads, but it hasn't left such a big print on them.

Dating and marriage

It is not a secret that men are born hunters who want to get a woman in their arms . However, this approach is not approved by women who usually make the first step. These men are easier to get and control, so feminists feel comfortable next to them. Real men still want to make plans, build strategies of how to conquer one or another fortress and Russian women appreciate that.

Raised in traditional families where men take all the initiatives these girls do not hurry to let their suitors close. It may take time to convince to meet face-to-face with a man even if they communicated long enough before. They enjoy getting gifts and flowers since it is one of the best ways to express your appreciation. They also have another attitude to marriage in comparison with western ladies.

How are Russian women different than American women planning a family? Western emancipated ladies do not hurry to tie themselves with marriage bonds until they build a career. Therefore, many ladies agree to marry only in their late thirties and give birth to their first baby almost or even after getting forty years old. Russian traditions state that men should build careers and supply their families with everything necessary including money. The role of women is to take care of her husband, kids and home.

Family relationships

Many modern feminists do not hurry or even refuse to devote a good deal of their lifetime to raising kids. They want to have more time and do not wish to leave their comfort zone. Are Russian women better than American when it comes to having kids? Undoubtedly. Russian women are very depressed if they can’t get pregnant or give birth to a baby. They also consider it their main responsibility to bring up kids and be a good mum.

Appearance and еducation

It goes without saying that appearance is one of the key reasons in comparison of Russian vs American women. Slavic girls are slim and tender. They take care of their bodies, skin, hair and pay much attention to their appearance and outfits. American ladies prefer comfort, so high heels and dresses are more an exception than a rule. Another point is education which is not a cult in the US. Unlike western countries, 80% of school graduates in Russia enroll in universities and colleges and get higher degrees.

Russian girls

Patience and manners

The cultural differences of Russian and American ladies have also reflected on ladies’ perception of their male partners. Tender Russian females are ready to sacrifice their career and free time to make their family happy. They should also be patient if they feel badly at the moment. They may lack certain manners like a calm voice and soft gestures when they are in public places, but this is incomparable ‘Russian soul’ and you can’t get rid of it.

As you can see, there is a great difference between women living on the opposite sides of the planet, so there is nothing surprising that western men are interested in Russian ladies. They are examples of perfect wives and it is exactly the thing real men want to get.

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