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The Hottest Russian Women To Follow On Instagram
The Hottest Russian Women To Follow On Instagram
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The Hottest Russian Women To Follow On Instagram

Latest update: 2021-04-09
Sexy Russian Instagram Models

These famous Russian models will have you spending all your free time stalking them on Instagram! Ever seen pretty ladies being posted on Instagram, but they’re never tagged? Usually, you have to move heaven and earth to try and find their actual accounts. We have picked for you 20 of the hottest Russian models' Instagram profiles!

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With 6.2 million followers, Sveta Bilyalova is arguably among the most popular Russian Instagram models. She’s a lover of beaches and bikinis and maintains that glorious summer body all year long. From her seductive curves, it’s easy to see why she’s got so many followers lusting after her!



If you’re into skintight clothes, slender legs, and mesmerizing eyes, Olya Abramovich is among the top hot Russian models you’ll ever lay sight upon. She’s got a solid 1.8 million followers, which keeps growing steadily.



Whether it’s a wholesome family woman or a fiery party-girl, Helga Lovekaty can rock every look you throw at her. Her 4 million followers are well deserved because this lady is truly diverse. Whether it’s bare skin or office casual, she’s guaranteed to make your jaw drop. She’s one of those sexy Russian women you’ll never forget.



Anyuta Rai has been in the modeling scene since she was 18 years old. She’s 29, but whatever skin routine she’s using, it has definitely worked. She doesn’t look like she’s aged at all! She has that coveted teen body with the curves to match. If you open up her profile, you’re certain to spend a solid while stalking her looking at all her thirst traps.



Sasha Markina is extremely picky about the pictures she posts. Unless she believes it’s perfect, it won’t go up. Her posts hold that standard, always looking classy no matter where she is, what she’s wearing, or what she’s doing! She’s got 1.3 million followers, and you might even be surprised to find out that she’s a bit of a petrolhead!



If wanderlust was personified, it would be Olesya Malinskaya. She travels the world and is one of the hottest Russian women to do it. She loves posting recipes on her Instagram, and showing off dresses she looks drop-dead gorgeous in.



Nita Kuzmina isn’t shy about showing herself off and she has no reason for that. When a girl has a set of lips like hers and piercing eyes, there’s no way she won’t end up becoming an Insta queen. Purely through her looks alone, she’s created a fanbase of 1.4 million followers!



If a girl makes everyday leg day, she becomes the embodiment of “thick”. Once you see Anastasiya Kvitko, she’ll be all you think of when you hear the word “curves”. She’s one of the hottest Russian models with 11.1 million followers!



Lingerie, jeans and a sweatshirt, or sportswear — Viki Odintcova masters them all. She’s a true Russian beauty you can’t miss out on. She’s so popular that she has a subreddit (r/VikiOdintcova) dedicated to her pictures!



Jana Youryani is one of the top Russian hotties. She’s a stunning model that manages to be the perfect mom as well! She’s got a tight body that has men all over the world going crazy over her. She definitely has one of the more risque accounts on Instagram, and you’ll love her for it. Her photos aren’t plain selfies, they’re always professionally done!



Even with two kids, Natasha Poly still puts in the work. She was one of Vogue Paris’ top 20 models in the 2000s, and she’s been on more than 56 Vogue covers! Her account is peppered with photoshoots, magazine covers, and occasional bits of general wholesomeness with her family. If that’s your jam, then this is the girl for you.



Sasha Pivovarova has a truly unique look in the modeling industry. Artistic with the way she paints and in the photos taken of her, she’s stunning and manages to steal the breath of everyone who looks her way.



This Russian supermodel was actually crowned Vice Miss Russia! She’s a total glamor queen, but her Instagram isn’t too risque. If you have a thing for pretty faces, top-shelf fashion, and all-around cuteness, Alena Shishkova is your girl.



Irina Shayk’s posts are a mix of high fashion, thirst traps, and all-around classiness. She was on the cover of the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and even dated Cristiano Ronaldo! The number of high fashion brands she has worked with is exhausting — Versace, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, and even Givenchy!



Once you’ve set eyes on Victoria Lopyreva, she’s who you’ll think of when people talk about beautiful Russian models. Her feed is much more wholesome now, but sometimes she feels a bit frisky. That’s when you’ll see her post saucier pictures!



An avid traveler, Veronika Mironova is a hot Russian model who’s guaranteed to make your day. She’s the kind of girl who’ll turn heads no matter where she is, and she does it effortlessly. She loves her pooch Yoshi and includes her on Instagram often!



She’s one of the more soft-spoken Insta girls. She’s got the face of an angel and flexes it often, much to the delight of her fans. Dasha has 111K followers, loves to travel and continues to grow her account with new posts.



Vera Brezhneva is more than just a sexy Russian model, she’s also a singer and actress! She loves posting artsy pictures of herself, and has her own line of makeup products! She’s one of the most popular Instagram divas with 11.5 million followers.



Anna Kournikova loves yoga, and it shows. She’s got a gorgeous, tight body, and is among the most famous Russian Instagram models. She actually used to be a tennis player, and did so well that she managed to rank 8th internationally!



Valentina Zelyaeva promotes herself as a lifestyle coach, and even has her own blog! She works hard at building up her followers with frequent posts. She’s a lover of the beach, as you’ll see in her photos, and doesn’t hesitate to show herself off at every chance she gets!

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