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Top Russian Cities With The Best Brides
Top Russian Cities With The Best Brides
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Top Russian Cities With The Best Brides

Latest update: 2020-07-07
Top Russian cities with the best brides

Russia is the largest country on the globe, so the number of different nationalities living there is quite big too. It means that the selection of brides in the country is so various that it can meet the expectations of every man. There are blonde and dark-haired ladies, slim and ones with more rounded and mouth-watering body parts, girls with wide open and narrow eyes of all shades, etc. However, what cities to check for beautiful Russian women cities? Regional centers are the first thing that comes across men’s minds.

Many men are puzzled with a question: what city has the most beautiful women in Russia? Since the number of cities in this enormous country is quite big and many of them can boast beautiful, sexy and housewifely women, this article will tell about the cities where you can meet Russian women.

cities to meet russian women

Moscow and St. Petersburg females - cities in Russia with beautiful women

It seems predictable that the biggest number of European beauties is concentrated in the capital and north capital of the country. When a foreigner arrives in one of these Russian cities, the first thing that strikes his eyes is neither magnificent architecture nor historical sights. Naturally, attention is drawn to the abundance of attractive ladies and women per square mile. There is hardly any other Russian city with most beautiful women than both these capitals.

The total number of people living in these cities is around 17 million people and over half of them are females. It is not difficult to suppose how high chances are to meet a single woman who is willing to create a family among them. What makes most of the capital females special? Almost all of them take care of their bodies and health, are educated and intelligent personalities with great ambitions but crave to love and be loved.


If you compare the correlation of men and women in Russia there’s 1148 females to 1000 males. Novosibirsk region is undoubtedly the place where these numbers seem nonsense. There is only one man per 148 women in this region, so most of its residents desire to meet a partner and build romantic relationships very much. This is a Russian city with most beautiful women who are ready for marriage and will not refuse from living in this freezing and industrial region without any doubts.

Other best cities in Russia for meeting women

Several more cities to look for your destiny are

  • Ekaterinburg
  • Kazan
  • Tver
  • Ivanovo

The last one has received its title city of brides thanks to the domination of women population minimum by 25%. Historically, the city attracted women who were employed in the textile and food industries. Now the title has become a brand of the city and the eye-catching beauty of local ladies is evidence that it is one of the Russian cities with most women ready for love affairs.

Russian lady

It goes without saying that every city, town, village located in Russia can boast model-like girls and women to get acquainted with. However, there are cities where their density is much higher. Looking for a place with pretty ladies it is important to remember that appearance is only one of the benefits characteristic of local females. There are hardly any women from other countries who are the same hard-working, persistent and caring as the Russian. It means that no matter what city in the Federation a man will choose to find his match, he will surely get a trump card!

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