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What Are Russian Women Like? Typical Russian Women Features
What Are Russian Women Like? Typical Russian Women Features
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What Are Russian Women Like? Typical Russian Women Features

Latest update: 2020-12-29
Russian women characteristics

Physically and personality-wise, these gals are unique. They’re unlike anything you’ve experienced before, which is why you gotta learn what they’re like before you approach them. All Russian women possess certain characteristics based on their cultural background. To fully understand the Russian nature, let’s first separate the typical Russian features into two categories: personality and physical.

Russian women personalities

Whether you wanna become friends, date or marry a Russian girl, figure out first what her mind is like, what drives her, and how she sees the world. By learning about Russian women personalities, you’ll be one step closer to knowing whether you’re compatible with them or not.

Russian women characteristics


They’re a very happy-go-lucky, open-minded sort of type. Russian girls love to live life in the moment. This means instead of regretting not doing something, they’d rather regret something they did. They seize every opportunity at love and life and rarely hold onto negative emotions like anger and jealousy. Understanding Russian women isn’t that hard. They’re just living a good and happy life day by day.


When it comes to the typical Russian woman, she’s the pillar of strength you never knew you needed. Russian girls care deeply when you speak to them and hold onto every word you say. They even ask questions to know more about you and your situation in life and it’s enough to make your heart melt. Being around her you realize how much she truly listens and empathizes with you.

Sharp wit

Russian girls won’t pretend to be dumb just to make the men around them feel superior. They have too much self-respect for that. They know the right moments to take a light-hearted jab at you, and when they should be sarcastic. You’ll never get bored talking to these ladies. Their humor is always on point, even if sometimes it can be directed at you!

Physical characteristics of Russian females

Physical characteristics of Russian females are the object of admiration among men worldwide. What do Russian women look like? That’s one of the main reasons why you’re here. Here are a few of the main things that stick out when you look at a Russian lass:

Tall and slender

The typical Russian girl has long legs, the kind that would make models from any other country insanely jealous. Pair this with regular exercise, and you’ve got a force that’s to be reckoned with. You hate to see her go, but you love to watch her leave. That’s the kind of woman being spoken about when you hear that dialogue.

typical Russian girl

Chiselled faces

There’s a tremendous number of Russian models in every high fashion brand. Vogue, Valentino, Louis Vuitton — they’ve all got Russian ladies at the forefront. Even when you browse Instagram, you’ll find a ton of Russian girls with lots of followers. These girls are just pleasing to look at, and that makes them popular. They’re actual eye candy. When a girl’s got cheekbones that could cut glass and eyes that pierce into your soul, you can’t blame her for making a living out of it.

The definition of built

One of the major Russian women traits is that they don’t mess around when it comes to fitness. Whether it’s the gym, jogging, Zumba, Muay Thai, or even CrossFit, they put in work to stay in shape no matter what age they are. Make no mistake, these girls might be smaller than you, but they’re pretty strong! All those hours spent working out aren’t for nothing, and you’ll see for yourself when you see their ripped bodies.

Bottom line

Russian ladies have it all — looks, wit, humor. They are fabulously fashionable and emotionally empathetic. Who wouldn’t want to date a Russian girl after knowing all that?

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