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What Do Russian Women Think of American Men
What Do Russian Women Think of American Men
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What Do Russian Women Think of American Men

Latest update: 2020-07-08
do russian women like american men

Do Russian Women Want To Date American Men?

First, it’s generally agreed Russian ladies love the American accents! They find the way Americans talk and act generally cute, but it’s much more than this. Here are the specifics that attract Russian brides in American grooms.

Russian Women

Why do Russian women want American men?

There’s a lot of reasons that tempt Russian girls to go after American men. They could be divided into two categories, the superficial and deeper reasons.

The superficial reasons

  1. Dating an American gives clout. Saying you’re with an American man basically elevates a Russian girl’s status, so it’s an easy way for her to flex on the people around her.
  2. American men have a very unique type of voice and accent. This is noticeably different from the Russian language these girls are used to. Russian women adore the way Americans talk, to the point of it being nearly fetishized.
  3. American men stand out from the crowd in Russia! Sure, Americans and Russians are both genetically white, but they look really different. American grooms tend to be taller and bigger, they dress differently and often have longer hair. Provided you’ve lived in Russia your whole life, you tend to desire to date people who look different, and it seems Russian men are set in their ways. Dating American men adds that a bit of variety local girls were missing back into their lives.

The deeper reasons

Do Russian women like American men for something beyond just appearance and voice? Turns out, there are actual reasons with substance.

  • American men trust their partners more than Russian grooms do. It seems to be a stereotype, but Russian men often tend to have less faith in their significant others. The lack of faith often causes rifts in the relationship for obvious reasons and makes the whole ordeal stressful for both parties. Why bother with it when she could just date an American instead who will truly trust her?
  • American guys are more committed to relationships than Russians. While it’s true that Russian men get married earlier, they also tend to get divorced quicker. Americans may be slow at sealing the deal, but they do their best at making the marriage work and won’t bail on the girl at the first sign of trouble.
Russian Women


Knowing what Russian girls think and like about American men, you can now play that to your advantage. Use these tidbits of knowledge to swoop her off her feet and make her yours!

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