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How To Tell The Difference Between Asians
How To Tell The Difference Between Asians
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How To Tell The Difference Between Asians

Latest update: 2021-03-19
Different Types Of Asians

Could you ever think there are dozens of online tests offering to spot the difference between Asian faces or guess the nationality? People from China, Korea, Japan look the same both for Americans and Europeans and all of them consider it difficult to identify what exactly makes these people unlike each other. What’s more, even Asian people often make mistakes in this test and real life. Have you heard about Japanese singer Akiko Wada? Her invented name and appearance looked so Japanese that it was a shock for her fans to learn about her Korean origin. So is there any difference in reality? Is it possible to distinguish Asians from different countries and say exactly where he or she is from on this basis? Let’s see.

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Americans can’t spot different Asian races — a computer can

Since Asians constitute a good deal of the American population, they get a lot of questions about their origin. But is it possible to differentiate them yourself? This question isn’t new. Even 20 years ago, it was actual and inspired web designer Dyske Suematsu to ask Asian Americans to guess the ethnicity of Asian people whose photos he has taken at the party. What a surprise it was to see the average identification rate was 7 from 18, which is around 39%.

This funny joke inspired American scientists from the University of Rochester to create software thatэll differentiate Asians of different nationalities — ones from Korea, China, and Japan. There were hundreds of thousands of photos suggested to the machine and could you guess what result there was? Around 75%. According to the researchers, one of the main aspects that helped the computer to get so great results was cultural peculiarities: haircuts, glasses, expressions, clothes. Can a real person do the same? Naturally, several practices may lead even to much better results, so itэs necessary to find out the differences and pass the test one more time.

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Ethnic groups of different types of Asian people

Originally, there were 2 primary prehistoric settlements in Asia — the Southwest and the North of modern China. However, later people living on the territory of China migrated to the territory of Korea, Japan, and other Eastern countries and now there’s the biggest percentage of people with traditional Asian appearance. It’s worth remembering about nationalities that populate Central Asia. Citizens of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan also have many similar features with Asians, but they look a bit different from the Eastern people.

Common physical features of Asians

Despite a variety of different types of Asian people they have some common features that differ them from other races. The most apparent ones are:

  • Straight black-colored hair and dark brown eyes of an almond shape.
  • Flat face, wide cheekbones, and a small nose.
  • Less hair on body and face, as well as more bald men.
  • Pale thicker skin without blemishes and aging lines for a longer period of time.
  • Shorter by height.
  • Skinnier and fit figures.

All these features differ the Asian population from European and American ones. But how to differentiate modern people living in Asia by countries? The hints are below.

No difference between Asians, right?

You may wonder how to distinguish people from such countries as Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand if all of them have one common origin. However, in addition to ancestry, it’s possible to see a variety of cultural differences as well as ones caused by modern location and environment. You might have spotted that Asians living in the North are usually stocky and feature light skin and narrow eyes, unlike southern Asians. It can be explained by more sunshine in the southern part of the continent, though a puzzle with eye shape still doesn’t have the only exact solution. So what about Asian features by country?

Facial features

Features that seem the same at first glance may gradually get various if to look closer. Japanese people have wider and longer faces. Their noses are also longer and their eyebrows are usually thicker. When it comes to eyes, they’re a bit slanted downwards though are bigger than in other nationalities. The skin color is usually darker (except for women who struggle to look pale all the time) and they’re the shortest by height.

Asian Facial features

Koreans stand out among other Asian nations with prominent jaws and wider cheekbones. They have somewhat rounded or square faces and lighter skin. Their noses and eyes are small, while bodies are taller and bulkier instead.

The most challenging task is to describe the Chinese population because people living in every area of China have their own distinctive look. The Northern Chinese are similar to Koreans, while people residing in Southern regions have darker skin, broader noses, wider eyes, round faces. They’re usually shorter and skinnier too. Dwellers of Western China feature squarish or rounded facial features, darker skin, more wide-open round eyes, and tiny button noses. They’re quite short too. Eastern areas are characterized by residents with longer faces, longer noses, smaller eyes, small noses, and medium body stature.

Clothing and makeup

The outfit of an Asian person may also hint at his or her place of origin. It‘s important for Japanese women to look harmonious and similar to others. She should blend in with the rest, so her clothes are simple with plain natural color shades. Men prefer to wear suits or white shirts no matter where they go. The same goes for makeup — it’s usually neutral and natural as well as whitening. Pale skin is the best trend in Japan.

Korean people have absolutely different tastes from the Japanese. They like bright colorful attires to attract other people’s glances and red is incredibly popular there. Many of them are also fans of plastic surgery and want to change their appearance drastically.

Fashion trends in China are also as mixed as the population. Some people follow western trends, while others try to copy Japanese fashion. However, ladies wouldn’t mind looking extravagant in China, so bright red lips and eyeshadow aren’t a rarity there.

Summing up

Every person will agree it can be challenging to differentiate Asian people by country or origin. However, there are still peculiarities making them different and most of them have been brought about by cultural features and way of life.

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