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Japanese VS Korean Girls: What’s The Difference?
Japanese VS Korean Girls: What’s The Difference?
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Japanese VS Korean Girls: What’s The Difference?

Latest update: 01/10/2020
Japanese VS Korean

If you’re looking to find the difference between Korean and Japanese women, you’ve come to the right place. After reading this article, you’ll have a proper understanding of the difference between them and your choice will be easy. Let’s discuss a few particular points and take a look at what specifics both nationalities have in each.

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Korean people are very loyal to their parents, even more than Japanese. If the Korean parents want their children to do something, chances are they’ll do it without question. In Japan, that isn’t really the case. Of course, Japanese girls tend to listen to their families as well, but there’s more mutual respect between them. There’s less communication between family members in Japan and more in Korea. Depending on what family model you have in mind, choose the most appropriate variant for you.

Japanese woman


When you’re checking Korean vs Japanese women in regard to career, there’s one interesting fact. Korean women tend to excel in creative fields, especially in the beauty industry. Korea is a world leader when it comes to setting beauty trends.

Japanese women tend to stick to more traditional careers in comparison. One more thing that’s interesting between them is that Japanese women are quite loyal to their partners. There’s a social pressure for a pregnant Japanese woman to stop working and become a housewife, which may not necessarily be the case with a Korean woman, so choose wisely.


Korean women tend to focus on beauty a lot. That does come with a slight downside though. A lot of Korean women are under peer pressure to undergo plastic surgery just to look like their media portrays, which is obviously not a healthy thing. And because of this, a lot of Korean women also tend to look similar to each other. But on the bright side, this focus on beauty also makes Korean rides shine, you just know that each one of them will be beautiful.

Japanese women are no less beautiful, but they do it differently. They tend to try and be more “cute” and feminine. Certainly, one of these will be right up your valley, so it’s your choice on what you want your woman to be like.


Japanese women tend to be less easy-going than Korean women. Like if you’re interacting with a Japanese girl, you’ll realize she’s very careful and thoughtful about her approach with people. She only tells you what she thinks you need to know, does only what she thinks she needs to do, and generally doesn’t bother you with the unimportant things.

Korean women, on the other hand, are quite relaxed and casual in their personality. They’re quite opinionated and tell you everything they think about you and aren’t really modest like Japanese women are. Some grooms like having a partner that’s as excited as them about things, while others would prefer a bride that mostly keeps to herself about things. So pick your poison!

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In Japanese culture, it’s “cool” to have a Western boyfriend, so she might be more willing to date someone who’s not her same race. As long as she doesn’t treat you any differently (in a bad way) than she would treat a Japanese person, this is fine. And make sure you’re not treating her in a “non-American” way just because she’s a Japanese woman either, respect is a two-way street.

Same goes for Korean women. Speaking of them, this might be a broad generalization, but it seems like they’re less willing to date outside their race. Again, that doesn’t really mean anything for you unless they’re treating you differently because of it, but it might be something that’s important to you. It’s just more likely to take a little longer to get Korean heart.

Japanese lady


Despite what it may seem like, Japanese women are actually more tame in public than Korean women. If you’re going out in public with a Japanese girl, it’s not likely for you to be holding hands or display any affection. This is overcompensated by the amount of love she shows you in private. But if you enjoy PDA, this could be a deal breaker for you.

Korean girls, on the contrary, have no problem with kissing and holding hands on the street. This is just a broad generalization for Japanese women vs Korean women though and depends entirely on the girl you’re dating though. You could definitely find a Japanese girl that’s outgoing just as easily as you can meet a Korean woman who’s shy.

The difference between Korean vs Japanese girls might be not that obvious from the first sight, but when it comes to dating, every little detail matters. Go ahead and pick one knowing you’ve made the right choice. Good luck!

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