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Marrying A Colombian Girl Is A Catastrophe Or A Chance For Happiness?
Marrying A Colombian Girl Is A Catastrophe Or A Chance For Happiness?
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Marrying A Colombian Girl Is A Catastrophe Or A Chance For Happiness?

Latest update: 2022-01-17
Problems Marrying A Colombian Woman

Many foreign men want to marry a Colombian girl. But is it really a dream? Or a potential disaster? There indeed might appear certain problems because of the differences in cultures, backgrounds, and worldviews when marrying a Colombian woman. But are they that bad? Can they be overcome? Should you choose Colombian girls for wives? Keep reading to discover.

3 possible problems of marrying a Colombian woman

Want to marry a Colombian woman? Then be aware of your differences and, consequently, possible obstacles and troubles on the way to your happiness. But don't worry—all of them have solutions.

marrying a Colombian woman


The official language in Colombia is Spanish. Almost 100% of the population speaks it. What about English? Well, the things don't look that great. Study shows Colombia is slipping on English proficiency. Only 4% of Colombians claim they can speak English.

Solution. Generally, the majority of Colombian mail order wives can speak at least basic English. Many of them are fluent. This is because they put extra effort into studying it to communicate with potential foreign husbands. If your plans of marrying a Colombian girl are serious, she can take up additional classes. Your girlfriend will also master the language fast while interacting with you more.


The majority of Latins are very emotional and expressive. Brazilian vs Colombian women? Dominican vs Mexican? Doesn't matter. Almost all of them may drive rational Westerners crazy by their explosive behavior.

Marrying A Colombian Girl

Solution. Marrying a Colombian woman means accepting her culture and her nature. Yes, it's most likely your girlfriend will express her emotions more loudly and expressively than other people you know. But is this bad? This is just different. The solution would be to not try to change her but rather accept her the way she is at the very beginning of your relationship. Anyway, if any problem on the basis of her emotionality appears, you can always discuss that and find a compromise.


It seems like Colombians sense the time differently than the rest of the world. And the way they talk about it is different too. For example, sometimes "tomorrow" means "next week." "Now" means "in an hour." I'm on my way" means "I'm still getting dressed and putting on makeup." So, yes, it can lead to certain difficulties when you have plans. Especially if you're a very punctual person.

Solution. If you let her know it's important for you to have her on time—she'll surely do her best not to be so late. However, don't demand anything as this is just a part of her. That's how she's been living all her life. Be a bit more forward-looking, and when you arrange, say, to meet at 6, remember that you have an extra 15-30 minutes in reserve.

Do Colombian women make good wives?

Should I marry a Colombian woman? Well, that's a question only you can answer. Anyway, Colombian women want to marry American men. But how good is a Colombian woman for a wife? Let's see.

Should I marry a Colombian woman
  • Passionate. Well, let's be honest, sex life is a part of every marriage. A very important part. And that's where you'll certainly have no trouble if you marry a Colombian girl. Women know how to satisfy men's needs.
  • Homemakers. Don't worry about any household chores because your Colombian wife is going to be the greatest housewife you've ever met. You know what's waiting for you? A cozy, clean house and a fridge full of tasty homemade food. Isn't that a dream?
  • Fun. You don't only get a loving and caring wife. On top of that all, you get a fun and humorous friend you can have a great time with. Forget about boredom and routine. Your Colombian wife is going to make your life bright.

Excited about marrying a Colombian woman? Well, you should be because an adventure is waiting for you! Don't be afraid of any problems and challenges. As you see, all of them have solutions.

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