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Do Japanese Girls Like Foreigners? Aspects of Japanese Relationships With Foreigners
Do Japanese Girls Like Foreigners? Aspects of Japanese Relationships With Foreigners
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Do Japanese Girls Like Foreigners? Aspects of Japanese Relationships With Foreigners

Latest update: 2020-08-17
Japanese Relationships With Foreigners

Western men often have questions about whether Japanese women like foreign men (especially handsome men from Western countries like America). Firstly, why are Japanese women interested in men from outside their locale? There are a multitude of factors that contribute to this. For one, the foreign population in Japan, while slowly growing, is still very miniscule. 

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Secondly, Japanese girls prefer the looks and body characteristics of an Aryan body type. This usually includes men from Western countries such as America, UK, Sweden, etc. The blonde hair and blue eyes are an aphrodisiac for Japanese women, who are often dubbed “Gaijin hunters” due to this very reason! Finding Japanese women in Western bars is trivially easy because of this.

Japanese girls

Do Japanese women like Americans?

A lot of people have the belief that the Japanese and Americans harbour some sort of ill will between each other. This is all completely false and based on preconceived notions.

Japanese women prefer men who are outgoing and enthusiastic about life. The type of man who will take her girl on a journey during their lives. Americans are known to be more of an outgoing type, and this notion has been ingrained in many due to Hollywood and other influences from Western media.

Another point to consider is how American men treat women. The phrase “English gentlemen” is not for naught, after all! The notion of men who plan “well-thought out dates and have a ladies first mentality” may not be strictly true for all American men, but all the men who meet Japanese women exude these qualities!

Also, American men are known to have “attractive features”. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall stature and deep voices are rare attributes in humans, and this makes American men who have them even more coveted among Japanese people, who don’t have such features due to genetics. American men are also more confident than their Japanese counterparts. This confidence is something a lot of Japanese women tend to look for in their partners. So, yes Japanese girls tend to like American men quite a lot. Let us take a deeper look at the different type of men that Japanese girls are into!

Do Japanese girls like black men?

Japanese women being with African American gentlemen are not a common sight at all, but this does not mean that Japanese women do not like being with black men. For one, interracial relationships are quite rare anyways, and since black men are a minority in Japan, relationships between these beauties and black men are even rarer! As we have stated before, Japanese women like men with tall height, deep voice, and other unique characteristics that aren’t found within their homeland. African American men fit the bill perfectly!

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Do Japanese women like white men?

Japanese girls love it when their men are taller than them! White men are often taller than their Japanese counterparts. With fashion oozing out of their pores, white men are considered by many to be aesthetically pleasing to look at. It could be the good ol hoodie+jeans, or it could be a bespoke suit with leather shoes, white men look at the top of the game anytime they go out and meet with others. Japanese women are also heavily infatuated with any and all things Hollywood, and thus develop an attraction for men they see on the big silver screen.

Here is another slightly less noble reason why Japanese girls like white guys. Think about this, native Japanese women do not often meet native English speakers until they are older. Learning English as a second language is no easy task, and a lot of Asian women tend to take English lessons privately to improve their pronunciation and general competence with English. You can see how some Japanese women look at relationships with American men as a sole reason to improve their language. Honestly, with the increasing cost of learning English in Japan, no one can really fault them either.

Do women from countries neighbouring Japan love white guys?

There are a lot of countries neighbouring Japan that haven’t been touched upon yet. For example, Korea. Do Korean women love white guys? Korean women might look similar to Japanese women, however they are slightly different ethnically. Korean culture, in comparison, has been more influenced by Western cultures in recent times. This has the effect of making Korean women more jaded towards Western men. Not completely indifferent, just more wary. A charming gentleman who treats Korean women like queens will obviously capture their hearts!

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So, whether you are white, black, Caucasian, Mexican or anything in between, Japanese women are definitely into American men! Tired of the ladies in your country? It is a whole nother story with Japanese women, who look to find their soulmate abroad! Being social is not a requirement, however it is recommended! So, go out, find a Japanese girl, tell her stories about your home country, and steal her heart!

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