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Signs Of Filipina Brides Scams: How To Know If Your Filipina Is Honest Or Scamming You
Signs Of Filipina Brides Scams: How To Know If Your Filipina Is Honest Or Scamming You
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Signs Of Filipina Brides Scams: How To Know If Your Filipina Is Honest Or Scamming You

Latest update: 2021-09-06
How To Tell If A Filipina Is Lying

Finding true love is one of the purest blessings ever existed. The modern technological boom makes it both easy and challenging to come across your one and only soulmate. Yet, no matter the opportunities — caution is the key. If you're seeking love abroad among Philippine ladies for marriage, you should be well-aware of Filipina bride scam. Find out how to tell if a Filipina is lying below!

How do Philippine bride scams work?

If you're new to online dating, you may think that every service that promises you a Filipino wife is reliable. Yet, the reality is far more complicated than that. Surely, countless platforms help two missing parts of a single heart finally unite. However, you'd be able to tell a trustworthy site from an utter scam.

Filipina bride scam

Most Filipino marriage scams places are full of fake profiles. It may feel like you're communicating with a real person because you actually do. Yet, the profile picture and the individual behind the screen don't coincide. Since almost all dating platforms require a membership and a communication fee, the fake person makes money from you while you believe that you’re on the verge of meeting the woman of your dreams.

How to tell if a Filipina is lying?

Surely, you may distrust services and abandon the dream of a happy marriage with a gorgeous, exotic-looking, and caring Philippine woman. Or you can learn how to spot the scam before it gets too far. Most Filipina scammer methods repeat themselves, so you can easily track the fraud and save your heart from breaking and your wallet from being utterly empty.

Untimely love declaration

Some may believe in love from first sight, and as long as you're in an offline environment, that's okay. However, if the lady you've talked to a couple of times only declares her strong love and dedication, this should raise suspicion. Besides, you should keep in mind that Filipino people are timid. Thus, it takes a lot longer to confide in you about their genuine feelings. Learn more about Filipino dating culture, it will assist you in detecting scam too.

Filipina scammer methods

Constant sad storytelling

Since the primary aim of a scammer is to lure as much money from you as possible, the fakes would dwell on incredibly sad stories. Most of those tear-inspiring tales would have them or their families in hospitals or battling some severe condition without the possibility to get proper medical attention. Sometimes, the scammers would complain about the poverty level in the country and tell you that they have barely anything to eat, etc. Such heartbreaking stories are the first alarm that should ring in your head and drive you to reconsider the connection.

Obvious personal inconsistency

Another simple tip on how to know if your Filipina is scamming you is to pay attention to the profile registered on the platform and messages you exchange. At times, the person you communicate with speaks poor English, but the profile claims University education. Asking some personal questions about the appearance or surroundings may help disclose the fraud.

Filipino marriage scams

Is there a way to protect yourself from Filipina brides scams?

There are general precautions to be taken to ensure your financial safety and personal happiness. Keep these simple tips in mind, and you may avoid the undesirable experience:

  • Don't send money to the person you communicate with, no matter how sad a story is being dwelled on. You can decide to help your fiancĂ© financially after you've met them in person, and you're absolutely sure she's not a fraud. Yes, you need to pay some Filipino mail order brides cost to meet a woman, but it doesn’t include sending her money directly.
  • No matter how well-advertised the resource is, you should do some research on your own to decide whether the platform is legitimate and there's little to no negative feedback on it.
  • Search the lady you communicate with by the image. Some social media may indicate that she isn't registered with any dating source or, what's common, is already in a loving relationship, let alone married and with kids.
  • Inquire a video chat with the woman. If she constantly refuses due to different reasons, you may smell something fishy about the affair.
  • Be careful with the personal information that you share with the woman online. Countless scammers can't wait to blackmail you.
  • In case you choose to visit the country, share all the visit details with friends and family.

How to know if your Filipina is honest? You can trust your intuition or you can do some background checking. The latter may take some time, but at least you'll save time and money on chatting with a fake. There are many honest and trustworthy girls willing to find the man of their dreams, all it takes is a little caution to end up in such petite hands of a loving and caring Filipina bride!

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