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ChinaLove is a dating site which heavily specializes in helping Chinese people find love, not just among themselves, but also with international users.
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Last modified: 2023-02-08

ChinaLove is a dating site which heavily specializes in helping Chinese people find love, not just among themselves, but also with international users. The website is extremely friendly to English-speakers, with the entire site being in English as opposed to Chinese. This is because the users of the website are more often than not trying to find their special someone from a country that isn’t their own. A majority of the users speak English on a fluent level, so when it comes to starting a conversation, you won’t have to worry about finding a translator!

The good:
  1. Wide selection of profiles, especially Chinese ones
  2. Good for finding both Asian and Slavic brides
The bad:
  1. Number of male users is low compared to female ones

Sign up

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The good:
  1. It’s quick and straight-forward
  2. Registration is so easy that even a toddler can do it
The bad:
  1. Creating an account obligatory requires an email

To create an account on ChinaLove is easy as pie! For starters, all you need is your email ID and your name (or even just a nickname). However, while you’re able to add pictures of yourself, fill out details such as where you live and what you do for work, hobbies you enjoy, and the type of relation you’re looking for. This will help other users realize who you're.


ChinaLove Usability Picture
The good:
  1. Easy to access and browse the profiles even with the free account
  2. Process of obtaining credits is transparent and clearly explained on the website
The bad:
  1. Proper conversation and access to private pictures/videos requires a Premium account

In case you don't want to pay for the membership, your functionality on the platform will be severely limited when it comes to the communications aspect. You can receive messages, but you won’t be able to reply to them effectively. Thus, buy some credits first and plunge into using your profile to the maximum.

Profiles quality

ChinaLove Profile Picture
The good:
  1. Pre-formed template allows to fill out important personal details
  2. Profiles aren't limited to hobbies, interests, work, and education
The bad:
  1. None of these sections is mandatory, which means minimal effort to fill them in

Profiles are well-detailed, with age, relationship status, hobbies and interests, work, and many other things being put forward on display. You can begin a conversation using this information as the starting point of your dialogue.

Customer Service

The good:
  1. Ready to answer your questions 24/7
  2. Friendly and polite staff
The bad:
  1. You might have to listen to automated responses before your query is escalated to a support specialist

Every reputable web-service, regardless of what they’re offering, has to have customer support at the ready 24/7. When it comes to this facet, ChinaLove doesn't stagger. Easily accessible and always present at the bottom right of the web page, ChinaLove’s customer support is always willing to answer any and all queries that its users may have.


The good:
  1. Bots and scams are low in number
  2. Your billing information is kept safe by the website
The bad:
  1. If you end up giving your banking credentials to a fraudulent user, the website won't help you

The website team frequently checks the existing users, both new and old, to raise the chances there are no bots or scammers trying to trick you. On the rare occasion you run into a scammer, always be sure to report the suspicious profile so that it can be reviewed. If someone is confirmed to be a scammer, his/her account will be permanently taken down and their IP will be banned from using the website any further.


ChinaLove Features
The good:
  1. Active user base
  2. Easy and detailed profile creation
  3. Secure transactions with competitive pricing
The bad:
  1. Not enough male profiles
  2. The website requires a premium account if you want full accessibility

ChinaLove is a well-reviewed dating service with a highly active user base. With so many users online at the same time, you’re already guaranteed to receive messages for free, but not to reply to them. So, if you want to carry on a meaningful conversation, you’ll have to buy a subscription for a set number of months, or buy credits.

How much does it cost to Use ChinaLove?

Free services
  • Sign up
  • Creation of account
  • Basic search tools
  • Send an interest
  • Texting with paid members
Fee based services
  • Basic Chat
  • Email
  • Sending/viewing photos or videos
  • Sending gifts in Live Video
  • Viewing video in profile 

Not every single function on ChinaLove is available for free. You can create an account for free and add in your personal information (such as your profile picture, name, location, gender, and even things like in your bio). But some things that you may want to do are locked behind a virtual currency system of credits.

  • Basic Chat: It costs 1 сredit per minute
  • One-Way Video Chat: It costs 4 credits per minute
  • Two-Way Video Chat: It costs 6 credits per minute
  • Offline Message sending: It costs 1 credit per message (160 symbol limit)
  • Mobile App Message sending: It costs 1 credit per message (160 symbol limit)
  • Email: It costs 10 credits each
  • Sending/viewing photos or videos: It costs 15 credits each
  • Sending stickers: It costs 5 credits each
  • Sending animated smileys: It costs 1 credits each
  • Sending gifts in Live Video: It costs from 5 to 1000 credits each
  • Sending personal message in Live Video: It costs 1 credits each
  • Viewing video in profile: It costs 10 credits each
  • Let’s Mingle: It costs 5 credits per use

15 Credits
1.33$ per credit
15 Credits
3.33$ per credit
60 Credits
2.49$ per credit
150 Credits
1.99$ per credit


How to create a profile on ChinaLove?

It’s a very straightforward process. You can’t access the website without creating an account. As you open it up, you’ll be asked to input your Email-ID and create a password, or sign in via Google. It’ll also ask you to input your gender and the gender you’re interested in as well as ages. That's all!

Is ChinaLove website safe?

As long as you don’t give bank details to a stranger that asks for it, you’re completely safe. The website keeps your billing information secure, so that’s not something you’d have to worry about either.

Is messaging on ChinaLove free?

The first message is free, and you're occasionally able to send an extra message or two at no cost. However, messages that you receive can often be blocked. Unblocking these messages requires shelling out for a premium account.

Can I Use ChinaLove On My SmartPhone?

Yes! In fact, ChinaLove actually works on mobile phones quite efficiently. It runs smooth without really stuttering or hanging up. There's no dedicated mobile app available for the time being. However, the browser rescales perfectly to your smartphone’s display ratio, so that it's hassle-free and comfortable to use. With all this taken into account, it means there’s really no need for a special app.

How to avoid scammers on this site?

Common sense is king. Don't use the same profile picture as you do in other social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Beyond that, don't send money directly to the girl you're speaking to. If you wish to express your affection and love for the person you’re interested in, then the best way to go about this is not by wiring money to a sketchy bank account that the lady provides you. Hopefully, she doesn’t do that intentionally, since this is indicative of a scam. Instead buy her flowers or gifts through the website’s established setup.

Is it worth using ChinaLove?

Long story short? Absolutely! While the service requires payment for the complete experience, this helps stave off people who come in without romantic intents, and this essentially helps create a more safe and secure environment for yourself and the other true users. Beyond that, the great number of active profiles is indicative of a successful dating website, and just creating an account with even minimal effort puts into the advantage too. Our final verdict: ChinaLove is one of the excellent dating websites to use, especially when Chinese ladies are your weakness. We know you won’t regret this!

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posted 28 Mar, 2020
I want a 20_25yers old girl to live together,thanks
posted 28 Mar, 2020
I want a 20_25yers old girl to live together,thanks
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