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ChnLove.com (AsiaMe)

Here, you will find excellent quality of dating, thousands of passionate and talented Chinese mail order wives, and exceptional opportunities to communicate and meet with your ideal date!
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ChnLove.com (AsiaMe)
Mail Order Bride
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ChnLove.com (AsiaMe)
Last modified: 2019-09-02

AsiaMe.com is a professional and highly reputable dating service for men who are dreaming of dating a young and beautiful mail order wife from China. This is a perfect place for guys who want to find a loyal, interesting, and pretty Chinese mail order bride with serious intentions. Useful interaction tools will help you find the perfect mail order wife for you, and plenty of other unique and effective devices and features will secure success in your search. Mail-order brides from China enjoy using AsiaMe dating website for many reasons – mainly because it is free for female members.

Asia Me is definitely the most famous online dating sites with millions of active members. Opportunities that you can find here are immense. The diversity of foreign brides makes it simple and easy to find a person who is right for you. Extensive search and matchmaking features allow you to save time and money and get fantastic results!

The good:
  1. Excellent diversity of gorgeous and intelligent Chinese ladies
  2. Effective communication tools that guarantee success with foreign women
  3. Years of experience in the field of mail-order bride services
The bad:
  1. If you want to send messages you have to spend money

Sign up

The good:
  1. Sign up on AsiaMe dating site is quick and free
  2. After registration, you are given access to the site
  3. Indicate your intentions
The bad:
  1. You need to answer a couple of questions before using your account

What can we say about the registration? Creation of an account does not take a lot of time. The whole process can take 5 minutes, after which, you can safely use the website, search the girls for marriage, and enjoy your dating experience. Asiame.com allows you to create a secure and protected account and fill out all the profile information in less than 10 minutes, which is always a good sign of a professional dating site.


Asiame usability
The good:
  1. The website is intuitive, and the layout is straightforward
The bad:
  1. Older versions of browser may not display the webpages correctly

The design of the site is definitely a strength of AsiaMe website. A guy who does not know how online dating works would find it incredibly intuitive and simple. This is probably one of the reasons why so many new members join AsiaMe.com every single month – they are not confused after a couple of minutes of using the site.

Making contact

The good:
  1. Many useful and unique communication tools
  2. You can choose the most appropriate approach to different mail order brides
The bad:
  1. Interaction tools are fee-based
  2. You have to pay for certain features separately

The major advantage of AsiaMe website is its communication features. You would not find another dating platform with so many wonderful tools for conversations. First of all, you can enjoy high-quality messaging services: chats, emails, and admirer mails. Interestingly, the last option is partially free – you can read letters from other members for free. Secondly, you are provided with audio and video calls. CamShare feature allows you to establish a two-way connection with your mail order bride. Lastly, you can call your future girlfriend, and tell her how much you want to meet with her.

It is worth mentioning that communication on AsiaMe site is fee-based – some features require credits to spend, while others require you to purchase a premium subscription.

Profile quality

The good:
  1. Most of female profiles contain useful info
  2. You can have access to numerous public photos for free
  3. Quality of uploaded photos is extremely good
The bad:
  1. You need to chat with a woman to learn more about her
  2. Some girls tend to include less person information

A decent dating site should have decent profile quality. AsiaMe dating site has profiles that can satisfy any man. First of all, let’s speak about photos. This is an incredibly important factor for a man – he should know how his potential wife looks like. Fortunately, asiame.com assists mail order brides from China with professional photoshoots. You will find many profiles with professional photos that focus on brides’ beauty and elegance.

Apart from the photos, it is important to state the information that profiles contain. It is quite significant for a guy to discover everything about his potential mail order bride. Luckily, AsiaMe site motivates female members to write as much as possible about themselves. You can find out interests, hobbies, lifestyles, personal information, general description, and plenty of other facts about girl.


Asiame app
The good:
  1. The app is free to download
The bad:
  1. The app is available as a general app for the whole Qpid Network

If you want to continue a conversation with your Chinese mail order bride whenever you wish, you can do it through the mobile app. It should be noted that asiame.com is a dating site that is a part of Qpid Network – a large online dating conglomerate. So, AsiaMe website does not have a separate mobile app but instead shares features with other platforms in the Qpid Network. Nevertheless, everything that is available on the web version can be used in the app. Moreover, you can use the website on your phone – every feature available on the desktop version can be used through your phone!

What our members say

I didn’t believe in online dating for a very long time. I thought that it was impossible to find love through the computer. But I was wrong. AsiaMe site has helped me find my true and only love. This website is great – I could chat with many girls for hours, enjoying such simple communication. It was not forced or unreal. No, I felt as if I were sitting next to my date, talking with her, laughing at jokes, and enjoying the wonderful company. Thanks to AsiaMe dating website, I now am a happy man who is deeply in love with a Chinese girl!

- Jerry B., 41

AsiaMe Costs and Prices

Free services
  • Registration is completely free of charge
  • Browse through all profiles that are online
  • Read Admirer Mail
Fee based services
  • Use video and audio calls
  • Write and get messages through instant messaging services
  • Send virtual gifts and flowers
  • Get access to private photos
  • Write and get EMF Mail

It is worth mentioning that some of the features stated above require a premium subscription, while others require some credits on your account balance.

Is AsiaMe.com expensive or cheap?

If you compare dating sites with similar features and quality of services, you may conclude that asiame.com is a pretty affordable website.

Payment options

  • Credit Card Payment
  • Card Billing

Payment discretion

  • You can be sure that you credit card information will be protected via modern encryption methods and systems such as 128-bit SSL

Further costs

Your first monthly subscription will cost $3.99. Every next month will cost you $9.99.

Apart from the premium membership, you also require to purchase credits – a local currency that can be spent on various communicational and interactive features. Now these are the prices:

Credits Package
3 Credits
Credits Package
16 Credits
Credits Package
60 Credits
Credits Package
100 Credits

Contact Information

Company: Qpid Networks
Address: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands, MH96960
E-Mail: cssupport@qpidnetwork.com
Phone-Hotline: 1-800-801-3129


Is Asiame.com free?

One can say that this dating site is partially free. Asia Me has free and quick registration, free access to Chinese mail order brides’ profiles, and even a few free communication features like Admirer Mail. But the majority of communication involves payment, which is why you would need to spend some money to realize how everything works here.

How to create a profile on AsiaMe dating website?

To start using this dating platform, you have to go to asiame.com and find a registration form in the right top corner. Fill out all the information, verify your email, and join the world of online dating together with Asia Me!

How do AsiaMe credits work?

Credit based system that is implemented on this website is pretty useful and convenient. You purchase credits that can be spent on paid services and features such as instant messaging, emails, flowers and gifts delivery, and audio and video calls. You get credits via your credit card.

Is AsiaMe.com safe?

Yes, this is definitely one of the safest and most advanced dating websites regarding the protection of your personal information. Being in the industry for more than 10 years, Asia Me has proven to be a responsible and professional dating platform that cares about its customers.

How can I delete AsiaMe.com profile?

If you want to delete your profile, you can do it in a few clicks. First of all, you need to go to the Updates Page. There, you will find a section ‘Switch Off Profile’. After specifying the reason for your profile termination, you will have to enter your password and click ‘Continue’. Then, if everything is correct, your profile will be deactivated.

How many members does AsiaMe dating website have?

Although there is no exact number of active members, there are approximately 770 thousand members signed up on the website. Since the dating site specializes in foreign women from China, you will not find girls from other countries since Asia Me is a niche dating website.

Can I use AsiaMe anonymously?

Unfortunately, there is no such an option at the moment. However, one can agree that seeking mail order brides anonymously can be not the best idea. If you are an active person, more girls would be interested in chatting with you, which is why the lack of incognito mode can be considered as a positive feature!

How can I know that the profiles are real?

AsiaMe dating site takes verification process incredibly seriously. Most female profiles undergo manual moderation – if some profile looks suspicious, the administration will make sure that such profile is checked twice. However, if you want to know for sure whether a Chinese bride you are talking to is real or not, you may ask yourself a couple of questions: Is her photo look real? Does she speak like a real person? Does she want to have a video session with you?

Is messaging free?

No, messaging is a fee-based feature on Asia Me. 5 minutes of chatting with a Chinese bride cost 0.5 credits. 5 minutes of one-way video chat cost 1 credit. 1 minute of CamShare costs 0.6 credits. 1 minute of audio calls costs 1 credit. 1 EMF letter costs 1 credit.

Does profile approval take long?

Usually, you do not have to wait for a long time before your account becomes approved. The verification link is the only thing that stands between you and the ability to check out profiles and enjoy your time!

What can I do to keep my account safe?

We strongly recommend you not to share any information related to your account. Create a strong password that you never used before. Do not share or post financial data.

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Comments (31)
posted 18 Feb, 2018

Three months ago I registered on this site and not expecting much started chatting with a nice girl from China. I admit that there was a language barrier but thanks to the translator that was not a big deal. In a month I decided to go for a romantic trip and guess what...six months later, we were engaged! I cannot be more grateful for that. Just stay active and don't wait until someone messages you.

posted 25 Feb, 2018

I really enjoy using this service. Most of all I like the matches they suggest me. I think they have a good way of understanding personal characteristics and good search options based on the data I have given them. I have only been a member for two days, but I already like it. Let's see what happens next

posted 12 Feb, 2018

I want to thank Asian Dates. I’m from the Philippines and my current husband is from Boston. We’ve started chatting and immediately got on the same page. He came to visit me in the Philippines and a month after we have got engaged he started arranging a visa for me. I'm married to him now and staying in the USA. We are a happy family and I totally recommend this site.

posted 18 Mar, 2018

The more specific you are about your preferences and what you are exactly looking for, the better results will be in finding your perfect match. This site has made a great impact on my life as it helped to find my soulmate. I was matched with many attractive women, and I am content with this service.

posted 01 Apr, 2018

I divorced my wife a couple of years ago. I used Asian date as a tool to look up/talk to nice women. Over three months I had 5 dates. I'm not looking for hookups. You have to give it time and work it. It's not easy. Set your goals and date parameters. I have a great committed relationship now. Thanks, Asian date, love it.

posted 08 Apr, 2018

Used a lot of dating sites. Asian date had best overall usage, especially in lower population areas. Eventually married the lady I met online there.

posted 15 Apr, 2018

I tried ChnLove for the first time because of its reviews, and I wasn’t disappointed. It is a decent service, where you can meet fantastic ladies, mostly from China. I am satisfied with everything here and would recommend ChnLove to everyone.

posted 02 May, 2018

You know that feeling that you are alone and nobody needs you? Well, that was driving me crazy, and desperately I decided to try online dating. ChnLove surprised me. It is an excellent platform for the right price. Now I am back on the road looking for my soulmate.

posted 06 May, 2018

I always loved traveling and women. Thanks to ChnLove I have both of it. This service helped me to find a fantastic woman from Beijing with whom we have a serious relationship, so I am pleased with ChnLove.

posted 27 May, 2018

Chnlove is fantastic! Chinese girls are hot! When I mean hot, it’s h-o-o-oot!!! I don’t understand how come girls from their combine such cuteness with sexiness; I really don’t know. I hope to find here a girlfriend who I would dedicate my whole time!

posted 05 Apr, 2018

This site is indeed outstanding as it has such features that no other dating sites can show off with. I appreciate the fact that you can talk with a Chinese girl via a webcam here, call her or so. It’s also great that there’s an option of finding a girl of Chinese descent in the U.S. I’m American, so thank you very much for that!

posted 10 Jun, 2018

I think the greatest stuff that ChnLove can offer is the arrangement of the trip to the hometown of a girl. With a translator!!! That’s just perfect, nothing to add. I’m going to use this service soon, wish me good luck in meeting my girl in Shanghai!

posted 24 Jun, 2018

The site is cool but only for the men who have some fetish with Chinese girls. I just wanted to find and Asian wife, preferably, from Japan or The Philippines, but after the registration I found out that it is focused only on Chinese ladies. I should be more attentive next time. Which site for finding Japanese and Filipinas do you suggest guys?

posted 01 Jul, 2018

The site is dope! However, there’s one small disadvantage: you can’t text a girl unless you pay… I know it’s fair, but I wish it was different…

posted 05 Aug, 2018

Thanks to ChnLove I forgot about loneliness! Come to my wedding with Ying Yue in two weeks! (Just kidding).

posted 19 Aug, 2018

ChnLove is just the best. I created an account on it around half a year ago, after three months of desperate (as I used to think) searches, I managed to hook up to five Chinese girls. Not all of them were entirely suitable for me, but I’m also not a gift (hah!), and two months later I realized there was one girl among them worth all of my attention. Right now we are talking via video calls, she tells me about the life in her hometown. By the way, I was shocked when I heard her speak – she speaks English pretty well!

posted 02 Sep, 2018

From the beginning, I was skeptical about ChnLove, but now I see how effective this site is. Recommend it to everyone!

posted 30 Sep, 2018

Dating Asian girls have always been a pleasure for me. But recently I change my job, and I don’t have so many opportunities to travel to China and Japan. Nevertheless, I keep in touch with lots of ladies from these countries thanks to ChnLove.

posted 15 Oct, 2018

I’m always cautious when choosing a dating site. I always meticulously read the terms of use, security policy, security guidelines and in case what – always contact support. I’ve been observing ChnLove for the past 5.5 months, and I can assure you there’s no rival to it in fighting scammers online.

posted 04 Nov, 2018

If before I never thought of serious relationships, my gf from ChnLove changed my attitude. It’s hard to date on distance really and you have to be ready for it. I am planning to change a job and move to China for some time because I can’t stand being far from the girl I like.

posted 18 Nov, 2018

Chinese girls are completely different from the American, and that is what I like in them. I try to be polite and follow all the rules in order to become the only man wanted by my Chinese girlfriend.

posted 02 Dec, 2018

ChnLove is like a gin who makes your wish come true. Sometimes you find that it’s not what you really wished for, but sometimes you find yourself just in the right place.

posted 16 Dec, 2018

ChnLove is for those who are absolutely sure what they want from their love lives. If you are ready for distance in your relationships, go for it.

posted 20 Jan, 2019

Positive reviews, fair pricing, long history - these were the factors that made me choose ChnLove among other websites. I am satisfied.

posted 03 Feb, 2019

When you are looking for love, you turn to different methods of finding it and online-dating is one of the options. In my case, I had a positive experience with ChnLove and I would recommend it if you ask, but I am not sure if you will get the same emotions.

posted 26 Mar, 2019

The ChnLove site description projects it to be a site for Asian or Eastern women, but there are only Chinese women. Thus, lacking the expected diversity. Most of these Chinese women are based out of China, so you must be living nearby too to avoid long-distance relationships.

posted 07 Apr, 2019

ChnLove is the greatest venue to find Eastern beauties. Come and check it out yourself.

posted 21 Apr, 2019

ChnLove has no mobile application for iOS users which is a major drawback in modern times. Today everyone uses their phones incessantly and find it cumbersome to work on the laptops and desktops. It also makes it less likely to meet a potential love interest while you are traveling.

posted 19 Jun, 2019

Worth trying!!! That is all I will say, you have to try it.

posted 17 Aug, 2019

When your friend got a girlfriend online, you start believing in online-dating. ChnLove is a good place to start from, you won’t be disappointed.

posted 15 Oct, 2019

There is no free trial at all on ChnLove. You will have to buy credits and need to pay even to have a possibility to communicate with someone. This demotivates the user, especially when he has no clue of what to expect from the site.

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