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Pat Benatar once sang "Love is a battlefield” which was one of the best phrases to describe this feeling. Unfortunately, every day reminds us of the loneliness we face in our lives that usually happen when we cannot find a good match. But if you are not currently paired with a person of your dreams, stop waiting for the perfect time. As our lives become more saturated with the internet and social networks with sites such as Facebook and Instagram helping us to stay in touch with our friends and families, it becomes expectable that we start looking for our future love online.

Thankfully, the dating sites such as AsiaMe helps us to find our perfect couples much easier without attending bars, joining special interest clubs or going on speed dates. You don’t even have to go out of your house and get dressed. I have examined the best online dating sites and top mail order bride sites to find and rank the best one in terms of usability, price, and special features. I have also arranged several dates in order to see if the service could help me find a person who could potentially become my perfect match.

If you're waiting for making a special connection this year, open your laptop and create an account on ChnLove (AsiaMe) to find the woman of your dreams. This is my honest review of one of the best online dating websites - (AsiaMe).

About ChnLove (AsiaMe)

ChnLove (AsiaMe) is an online dating service that primarily targets men who can be interested in beautiful women from China. It was founded in 1993 to meet the interests of those who wish to find love in exotic countries. With its innovative approach, ChnLove has become the first company that started offering this type of service. Now it has more than 20 years of experience, has a network of over 4 million members from around the world and millions of visitors.

The company was founded as a family venture. With hard work and enthusiasm today ChnLove has over 300 employees in offices worldwide. With a recent boom in popularity, the service is positively reviewed on different media and praised by thousands of users who managed to find their matches. The company is now focusing on members satisfaction, safety, and customer care as well as maintains the innovative approach in all business processes.

First Impression

All men have their own preferences when it comes to looking for a future girlfriend, and a lot of men are looking specifically for Asian women. ChnLove offers an access to the thousands of profiles of beautiful Asian women after the signup process.

A pleasant surprise was to discover very detailed profiles that showed such data as age, birthday, speaking skills and even weight. More in-depth statistics included information about personal traits, hobbies, and interests as well as the description of the preferred type of man.


And this is only the top of the iceberg. A further deep dive into the site will show you numerous videos, a professional photo session gallery and even interviews that give a deeper understanding of her interests, her nickname, and even more intimate things such as her religion and family values. After skimming various profiles I had a feeling that I was already acquainted with those women even if they are located overseas. I have discovered that most of the women are from China that was a little disappointing for me as I do not have an opportunity to travel a lot and long distances. However, the good news is that ChnLove allows its members to live-chat and send emails in order to communicate with each other. Moreover, all members have an opportunity to use their webcams in order to create more intimate conversation face-to-face.

Sign-Up Process

It is an easy and fast process to sign up and create an account on ChnLove, which requires a couple of minutes and a little personal information. After you sign in, you will be redirected to the homepage which is filled with numerous women profiles with great photos. The profiles are categorized by who is available to chat, who has recently joined, and who has been added to the personal contact list.


Then you will be directed to call out in order to fill out your profile. Here you need to enter your personal information that other users will see. You need also to fill the section “Reasons For Joining,” where you have to check whether you are looking for women available for companionship while visiting Asia, or you are looking for women who are good with children.


After the sign in you will see the pop-up message on the right side of the window that will offer you to have a look at the women who are online. After doing a search you can simply click on the image of a lady you liked and go to her profile as well as invite her to chat with you (which requires a payment). Alternatively, you can learn more information about her by reading her profile, interviews or watching videos. If you like what you have seen and read, go ahead and start a live chat as well as arrange a video call. Among other options can be sending a virtual gift or adding her to your contact list.

Key Features

  • Email Correspondence – As simple as it sounds this option gives the members an opportunity to send emails to any person registered on the website. All that is required is clicking on the envelope icon that you can find on a woman’s profile and you are ready to start communication by sending emails back and forth.
  • Call Me – If you don’t want to send emails back and forth, or you just prefer live conversation to writing, you’d better use “Call me” option in order to engage in voice chats. All you have to do is reserve a time slot in order to make sure that another member is available and to know if you need a translator.
  • Live Chat – This option is extremely convenient and can be used in three different ways: as a live chat, as a video chat or as live games. The first option, live chat will allow you to communicate with people who are currently available online. Live video is basically the same thing with an option to see the person which makes it a completely different experience. And the last one, live games allow you to play different games that are available on the website with women you liked.
  • “Asian Ladies in the USA” - There is a special feature which is called the “Asian Ladies in the USA”. It allows users to find Asian women who live in the USA which is extremely convenient for users like me as most of them live in China, Philippines, and Thailand.
  • The “Date A Lady” option allows members to arrange an offline meeting with the desired women. Aside from expenses on trip members have to pay a $70 fee to get access to this option. ChnLove can help organize a face-to-face meeting as well as provide members with a translator. These trips are a perfect chance for members around the world to meet and find their soul mates.
  • “CamShare” allows users to chat with ladies via a webcam.



If you want to send messages or get an access to the CamShare for video connection you need to pay. Your first month will cost you $3.99 with an increase in price to $9.99 for the following months. Besides subscription you can also buy credit packs:

• 100 Credit Pack for $399.00 ($3.99 per credit)
• 60 Credit Pack for $299.00 ($5.00 per credit)
• 16 Credit Pack for $96.00 ($6.00 per credit)
• 3 Credit Pack for $21.00 ($7.00 per credit)

ChnLove Reviews and Feedbacks

Here are several ChnLove positive reviews that I have found on the Internet:

“I met my girl on ChnLove. I knew what I wanted and found her quickly and was lucky enough she liked me back. I traveled few times to where she lives and we are now planning for her to come live with me in the States. Never had any problems with the service, you just have to make peace with the fact that if you want premium, you have to pay a premium.”

- Lindon

“If you have high standards and looking for a dating site that will satisfy all of them, this is the way to go. Of course, you'd have to also be into Asian women, but that's really beside the point here. Girls are lovely, everything runs smoothly and the only problem is, you'll have to spend some money if you want to find somebody. But high quality usually pays in life, that's how stuff works. Worked for me at least. Keep up the good work guys.”

- Pat


“ChnLove is a very easy to use website and the ladies on it are to die for. They are really friendly and always up for a chat, or a video call if you fancy. I am hoping to further communicate with one of them and maybe who knows, she might come visit me in the US soon.”

- David

Pros & Cons


  1. Free to create an account
  2. A lot of members (over 4 million)
  3. A very thorough description of profiles with high-quality photos


  1. Most members are from China
  2. Need to pay for the possibility to communicate with members

Bottom Line

Whether you are crazy about cats, passionate about vegetarianism or simply like traveling you can be sure to find your soulmate to share your interests on ChnLove. There are hundreds of positive reviews from men and couples who managed to find each other which proves that ChnLove provides a high-quality service and uses top-notch matchmaking algorithms. With the well-designed interface, low-cost features and solid search options ChnLove becomes a reliable online dating service that can become an affordable and functional alternative to the dating sites you used before.

Moreover, ChnLove hosts hundreds and thousands of profiles of stunning women from China which makes this service one of the biggest and most popular in Asia. That’s why I totally recommend using this service.


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Comments (29)
posted 19Feb, 2018
Three months ago I registered on this site and not expecting much started chatting with a nice girl from China. I admit that there was a language barrier but thanks to the translator that was not a big deal. In a month I decided to go for a romantic trip and guess what...six months later, we were engaged! I cannot be more grateful for that. Just stay active and don't wait until someone messages you.
posted 26Feb, 2018
I really enjoy using this service. Most of all I like the matches they suggest me. I think they have a good way of understanding personal characteristics and good search options based on the data I have given them. I have only been a member for two days, but I already like it. Let's see what happens next
posted 12Mar, 2018
I want to thank Asian Dates. I’m from the Philippines and my current husband is from Boston. We’ve started chatting and immediately got on the same page. He came to visit me in the Philippines and a month after we have got engaged he started arranging a visa for me. I'm married to him now and staying in the USA. We are a happy family and I totally recommend this site.
posted 19Mar, 2018
The more specific you are about your preferences and what you are exactly looking for, the better results will be in finding your perfect match. This site has made a great impact on my life as it helped to find my soulmate. I was matched with many attractive women, and I am content with this service.
posted 2Apr, 2018
I divorced my wife a couple of years ago. I used Asian date as a tool to look up/talk to nice women. Over three months I had 5 dates. I'm not looking for hookups. You have to give it time and work it. It's not easy. Set your goals and date parameters. I have a great committed relationship now. Thanks, Asian date, love it.
posted 9Apr, 2018
Used a lot of dating sites. Asian date had best overall usage, especially in lower population areas. Eventually married the lady I met online there.
posted 16Apr, 2018
I tried ChnLove for the first time because of its reviews, and I wasn’t disappointed. It is a decent service, where you can meet fantastic ladies, mostly from China. I am satisfied with everything here and would recommend ChnLove to everyone.
posted 3May, 2018
You know that feeling that you are alone and nobody needs you? Well, that was driving me crazy, and desperately I decided to try online dating. ChnLove surprised me. It is an excellent platform for the right price. Now I am back on the road looking for my soulmate.
posted 7May, 2018
I always loved traveling and women. Thanks to ChnLove I have both of it. This service helped me to find a fantastic woman from Beijing with whom we have a serious relationship, so I am pleased with ChnLove.
posted 28May, 2018
Chnlove is fantastic! Chinese girls are hot! When I mean hot, it’s h-o-o-oot!!! I don’t understand how come girls from their combine such cuteness with sexiness; I really don’t know. I hope to find here a girlfriend who I would dedicate my whole time!
posted 4Jun, 2018
This site is indeed outstanding as it has such features that no other dating sites can show off with. I appreciate the fact that you can talk with a Chinese girl via a webcam here, call her or so. It’s also great that there’s an option of finding a girl of Chinese descent in the U.S. I’m American, so thank you very much for that!
posted 11Jun, 2018
I think the greatest stuff that ChnLove can offer is the arrangement of the trip to the hometown of a girl. With a translator!!! That’s just perfect, nothing to add. I’m going to use this service soon, wish me good luck in meeting my girl in Shanghai!
posted 25Jun, 2018
The site is cool but only for the men who have some fetish with Chinese girls. I just wanted to find and Asian wife, preferably, from Japan or The Philippines, but after the registration I found out that it is focused only on Chinese ladies. I should be more attentive next time. Which site for finding Japanese and Filipinas do you suggest guys?
posted 2Jul, 2018
The site is dope! However, there’s one small disadvantage: you can’t text a girl unless you pay… I know it’s fair, but I wish it was different…
posted 6Aug, 2018
Thanks to ChnLove I forgot about loneliness! Come to my wedding with Ying Yue in two weeks! (Just kidding).
posted 20Aug, 2018
ChnLove is just the best. I created an account on it around half a year ago, after three months of desperate (as I used to think) searches, I managed to hook up to five Chinese girls. Not all of them were entirely suitable for me, but I’m also not a gift (hah!), and two months later I realized there was one girl among them worth all of my attention. Right now we are talking via video calls, she tells me about the life in her hometown. By the way, I was shocked when I heard her speak – she speaks English pretty well!
posted 3Sep, 2018
From the beginning, I was skeptical about ChnLove, but now I see how effective this site is. Recommend it to everyone!
posted 1Oct, 2018
Dating Asian girls have always been a pleasure for me. But recently I change my job, and I don’t have so many opportunities to travel to China and Japan. Nevertheless, I keep in touch with lots of ladies from these countries thanks to ChnLove.
posted 16Oct, 2018
I’m always cautious when choosing a dating site. I always meticulously read the terms of use, security policy, security guidelines and in case what – always contact support. I’ve been observing ChnLove for the past 5.5 months, and I can assure you there’s no rival to it in fighting scammers online.
posted 5Nov, 2018
If before I never thought of serious relationships, my gf from ChnLove changed my attitude. It’s hard to date on distance really and you have to be ready for it. I am planning to change a job and move to China for some time because I can’t stand being far from the girl I like.
posted 19Nov, 2018
Chinese girls are completely different from the American, and that is what I like in them. I try to be polite and follow all the rules in order to become the only man wanted by my Chinese girlfriend.
posted 3Dec, 2018
ChnLove is like a gin who makes your wish come true. Sometimes you find that it’s not what you really wished for, but sometimes you find yourself just in the right place.
posted 17Dec, 2018
ChnLove is for those who are absolutely sure what they want from their love lives. If you are ready for distance in your relationships, go for it.
posted 21Jan, 2019
Positive reviews, fair pricing, long history - these were the factors that made me choose ChnLove among other websites. I am satisfied.
posted 4Feb, 2019
When you are looking for love, you turn to different methods of finding it and online-dating is one of the options. In my case, I had a positive experience with ChnLove and I would recommend it if you ask, but I am not sure if you will get the same emotions.
posted 27Mar, 2019
The ChnLove site description projects it to be a site for Asian or Eastern women, but there are only Chinese women. Thus, lacking the expected diversity. Most of these Chinese women are based out of China, so you must be living nearby too to avoid long-distance relationships.
posted 8Apr, 2019
ChnLove is the greatest venue to find Eastern beauties. Come and check it out yourself.
posted 22Apr, 2019
ChnLove has no mobile application for iOS users which is a major drawback in modern times. Today everyone uses their phones incessantly and find it cumbersome to work on the laptops and desktops. It also makes it less likely to meet a potential love interest while you are traveling.
posted 20Jun, 2019
Worth trying!!! That is all I will say, you have to try it.