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eHarmony is for those people who are ready for serious relationships and can spend time and money on that. Neil Warren opened the resource eHarmony.com after 3 years of developing a special psychological test that helps people find their perfect matches within the shortest period.
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Last modified: 2023-02-07

Dating sites are extremely popular in the US and in plenty of the other countries. eHarmony.com reviews tell that this platform works incredibly effective. And, it is explained by one simple fact: its creator is a psychologist who knows people and their souls better than anyone else. Science plus the experience of an intelligent man has created a really helping dating site, so you should give it a try. Well, if our eHarmony overview will not tell you something that makes you forget about this platform.

The good:
  1. Personality test
  2. 40+ million users
  3. All ages, as well as religious, ethnic, racial groups
  4. People from 200 countries
  5. 5% of the US families were born because of eHarmony.com
The bad:
  1. A huge personality test that anyone should take (500 questions)
  2. You cannot see photos of the other users and communicate with them without subscription

About eharmony.com

The site was launched in 2000 with its patented Compatibility Matching System. Today there are more than 41 million men and women - the active users of eHarmony.com. This impressive number proves that the site is safe, reliable, and prestigious. Anyone can find a partner for long-term relationships here, using the powerful and well-working matching algorithm. If you do not mind to date a person who lives on another continent - or nearby! - try to join eHarmony community. There you can meet people from 200 countries; there may be your soulmate among those people.

The good:
  1. Personality test
  2. 40+ million users
  3. All ages, as well as religious, ethnic, racial groups
  4. People from 200 countries
  5. 5% of the US families were born because of eHarmony.com
The bad:
  1. A huge personality test that anyone should take (500 questions)
  2. You cannot see photos of the other users and communicate with them without subscription


eharmony registration

During the registration process, each participant takes a psychological test. Future members will answer a huge number of questions. The answers are the basis for the algorithm: it uses them to find the best partner for you. But, before thinking about the time you may spend passing this test, you should become an eHarmony member to get access to this questionnaire.

Anyone who wants to become a member of the platform should provide such information about himself/herself:

  • Your gender;
  • Gender of the partner you would like to meet and date;
  • Your first name;
  • Zip Code;
  • Your country.

Then there will be opened the page with the famous questionnaire that will reveal your personality portrait once you finish it. On the one hand, this test is an incredible possibility to see your pros and cons, and on the other hand, it takes so much time that someone just leaves the site. But, it is not a good idea as eHarmony has a very good reputation as one of the best partner-finders among dating platforms.

Keep passing the test, and you will be granted happiness for your efforts. Finally, answering some questions is easier than spending time to numerous unsuccessful dates.



Profiles on the eHarmony website contain enough information for you to see everything needed about a person you like. Yet, the site’s main specialty is not a 500 question test. It is a limitation: you cannot browse all the profiles and choose whoever you want. The site will do everything for you. Each morning will meet you with a new list of potential candidates who are perfect for you - if you hadn’t lied when you passed the test. Then you will get the wrong lists.

Still, if you get a lot of variants to consider, you can see each of those profiles and learn more about their owners. You can see such data about an eHarmony member:

  • Name, age, and location;
  • The one thing a member is passionate about. Each user fills this box personally;
  • Occupation;
  • Does a user want/have kids;
  • Ethicity;
  • Does a member smoke or drink;
  • “Send message” button;
  • “Something to talk about” section. It represents the main passions of a user that you may use as icebreakers;
  • Main photo and photo album.

The majority of the filling-profile work will be done for you by the site. Your answers to the questionnaire will be partially shown in your profile. Only the essential one, only facts. None of your personal data will be revealed if you do not want to.



The site offers numerous ways to make contact. They include:

  • Emails;
  • Short messages;
  • Sending Smiles;
  • Calls via a special number provided by the site.

There is a service called Guided Communication. It helps people to start a conversation by a question from an offered list. People may choose questions to send, such as: ‘How often do you lose temper?”, “If you would characterize the end of most of your romantic relationships, they would be described as…”, and so on. There are plenty of cool icebreakers and dialog-starters. This service is especially useful for the new people to online dating and to shy ones too.



The matching algorithm of eHarmony is unique. It was developed by Neil Clark Warren - a psychologist who has been working with couples for over 30 years. His work and experience have helped him understand that the most prosperous families are those that have husband and wife who have similar tastes or passions. Dr. Warren identified 29 special parameters important for life together and created the test based on those parameters. Once you pass this questionnaire, you get a psychological portrait with all your personal specialties. These specialties will help the matching algorithm find the best partners for you among people who have taken the test too.



Like the other dating sites, eHarmony may have dangers. Even though the team makes everything to answer the complaints, there may be unpleasant cases of meeting rude or annoying people. And, the team of the site does not check the photos that users upload to their profiles, and it may cause misunderstandings.

Everything depends on people, and no one can guarantee that you will meet only nice and honest users. Please keep calm and contact the Support Team if you experience any problems.

Mobile App

eharmony app

eHarmony has a mobile app. You can download it for free to your iOS and Android devices. The app has everything that the browser version has, so you can enjoy the full range of services anytime and everywhere you want.

eHarmony Costs and Prices

Free services
  • Register for free
  • Send smiles
  • Communicate via emails
Fee based services
  • New lists of perfect matches every single morning. Remember that if you did not check all the profiles, they will be replaced by the new ones, and you are unlikely to see them in future - yet, there is such a chance.
  • Sending message to your potential partners offered by the site;
  • Viewing your matches’ photos;
  • Secure call service;

Any person can register for free, send smiles, and communicate via emails. But, all the other features, such as communication via messages, calls, and so on demand purchasing membership. If you are going to become a member of the eHarmony website, you should be ready to spend some money but remember that it is worth spending coin and time.

So, if you want to purchase a subscription plan, you will get plenty of opportunities.

Prices are average if comparing them to the similar platforms asking for payment.

1 Month
$59.95 per month
6 Months
$39.95 per month
12 Months
$18.95 per month
24 Months
$9.95 per month

As you can see, the more time you buy, the less you pay for one month. So, try to purchase more than one: it may come in handy because there are only a few cases of finding a perfect partner for four weeks.

Special features of eHarmony


Only a few dating sites give users any guarantees. Well, there is no surprise why: a platform usually gives only a virtual space for you to use to find your partner. It’s up to you how quickly you find your love - or find it at all. Yet, there still are sites with administration sure enough that their algorithm will definitely help people. eHarmony is among those sites. At eharmony.com, our guarantee is more than a handshake—it’s a promise that we stand behind our service, but most importantly, we stand behind you. Try eHarmony with complete confidence and rest assured that you’re getting the best experience possible.

If you are not satisfied with the service or have not found your partner for 3 months, the team of the platform will give you 3 month for free for you to try again. Users may redeem a guarantee prior to the subscription renewal date. The only thing that is needed is contacting Support Team by email or phone.

Love needs time, and.. Maybe your beautiful lady or reliable man has just registered?

Secure call

This service is available only for paid members. It represents a call using a phone number provided by eHarmony. It is especially useful for people who want to hear the voice of their potential partners but are not ready to share their own phone numbers. If you belong to such kind of person who loves to keep personal data in secret before revealing them, check this service out.

Contact Information

Company: eHarmony, Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 241810, Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA
Phone-Hotline: 1800 623 801

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