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Meet the GamerDating – the number one dating site that matches players for romantic relationships and quests. Here you can not only find your destiny but meet fantastic mates, who can join your team and start fighting on your side in the game you adore.
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Last modified: 2020-05-15

Just imagine yourself being on the venue with like-minded people. Imagine how many friends you can make. But most importantly – it is a real chance to find the love of your life. Is GamerDating.com that good as we are describing?

We explored the dating service to find out, what is it about, who are its members, how to navigate and communicate there and many other things. Read further to get all the insights in the full GamerDating review.

The good:
  1. Community of like-minded people
  2. Opportunity to find game mates as well as love
  3. Match with partners according to the personalities, not looks
  4. Fair price
The bad:
  1. No mobile app
  2. No mobile version of the site

First impression of GamerDating.com

From the very first time you enter the GamerDating.com, you understand that you are in the right place. The website has an interface, familiar to all gamers. It recreates the design of typical PC or online games, promising that here you can find love.

As the GamerDating states on the main page, it is made by gamers and for gamers. All the headings you will see are created in the style of games. Thus, instead of the “Registration”, you will “Begin your quest”, and the core principles of the service are transformed into the “Mission”.

Gamer Dating offers users to find the real people behind the avatar, but with a feeling that you are still in the game. Thus, instead of the regular chatting and online dating, you can pick up rewards. You are not simply seeking love online, but rather completing a quest and get the main trophy for successful missions.

Even though the idea of the dating service is truly incredible, the Gamer Dating site doesn’t impress with its design. The service emerged 10 years ago, and, unfortunately, hasn’t seen many upgrades in design since then.


Gamer Dating Registration

Free and quick registration

Unlike most of the dating sites that you might come across, Gamer Dating doesn’t have an easy registration. Perhaps, it is the major reason why the website has one of the lowest rates of fake users on the venue.

The registration is free on the site. You will see the registration form on the main page of the service. To become a user, you can either use an email or sign up via Facebook. The latter option will be quicker, as the GamerDating will gather all the needed information from the account on the social media.

If you choose to sign up via email, there are a couple of steps you will have to proceed.

Make your profile descriptive

Firstly, start your quest by providing the following information:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Your gender
  • Their gender
  • Date of birth

GamerDating takes into account all the known and existing genders, so you might say that it is also one of the most tolerant dating services for today.

After entering the registration, you have to verify your account, and then you get the chance to fulfill it. The Gamer Dating has a unique structure of profiles. Thus, there are five steps that you have to complete:

  • Head shot – attach a clear profile picture
  • Games – select at least three favorite games
  • Packages – it’s time to choose your membership or continue using the service for free, but with limited functions
  • Confirmation – validate that you provided truthful information in the previous steps
  • Profile – answer the questions to complete building your profile page.

After completing all the steps, you get a full and informative account. Any users can see, what games you prefer, what do you do in real life, what kind of person you are seeking, what habits do you have.

Making contact

Gamer Dating Communication

Communication at GamerDating

Gamer Dating site doesn’t offer any specific communication tools. It has all the standard features that one might need to connect and a couple of special features that gamers would appreciate.

As a standard member, there are not many opportunities for you. Standard users get six matches for free per day. They can like or dislike the candidates. But the messaging is not accessible for them.

Types of membership

There are also Silver and Gold Quest memberships, which allow you to use more features. Thus, among the interesting ones are 1UP and MoveOn – tools you can use either to show your interest in the partner or skip him/her. Each time that you do that, the searching algorithm finds out more of your preferences and can offer more accurate matches.

GameDating.com has an “Advice” section, where you can see blogs about dating as a gamer. The articles are full of useful information, so it’s a good opportunity to learn more about online dating.

At last, there is also a Games Center, which is the heart of the community on the website. It is the place where you can learn about the latest games, read the news, and check out the new releases. Both Advice and Games Center are available for standard users.



GamerDating.com has a community of around five thousand active members, half of which visits the service every day. The majority of members are from the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Canada. According to the statistics, the website is visited by 20.000 people every month.

Women slightly outnumber men on GamerDating, but there are still enough options for everyone. The majority of users belong to the age gap of 18-24 and 25-34. The main reason for lots of people to register on Gamer Dating is the sense of belonging to the community of gamers. Not all of the users are active in communicating on the venue, yet still, there are plenty of those who seek love and understanding combined with a passion for gaming.

Profiles verification

GamerDating has detailed and full profiles of its users. Due to the registration process, all the members are in the same conditions and have to reveal the maximum facts about themselves. Thus, you can see the basic information about the user as well as find out about his or her interests, hobbies, habits, and preferences. It’s easy to start communication with members of GamerDating.com because you see lots of topics to discuss from the very start.

Another major difference of GamerDating from other dating services is that it doesn’t focus much on the appearance of members, rather than on their interests. The website includes info about your favorite game genres and games, but you still provide the details about the height, weight, body art, etc.

GamerDating verifies the accounts and keeps up with the database updates to clear out all the fake accounts. Thus, here you can be sure that you are not wasting your time on fake users.


Gamer Dating Usability

GameDating.com would be useful and convenient for the audience. It is understandable and easy-accessible, so you shouldn’t have any troubles using it. The service also has a mobile version of the website so that you can access service from the mobile device, but it is not adjusted to gadgets. So you will see a desktop version on the phone. Besides, there is no mobile app, which is a sufficient drawback.

The possibility to use GamerDating freely on any device is the goal it should follow. Even though most gamers use computers to play, still, mobile apps are convenient if you want to remain online on the go.



GamerDating cares about the safety and security of its members. The website works hard on providing users with a friendly and convenient platform for chatting and love. All the transactions on the site run safely. Besides, the website doesn’t reveal your personal information to the third parties.


Gamer Dating Matchmaking

GamerDating matches you with the right partners every day. Thus, as a standard user, you can get six connections and like or dislike them. Upgraded users don’t have the limitations to the matching options.

Also, Gamer Dating offers a feature, called Find a date. By using it, you can search for the matches yourself. At your disposal will be various filters that you can use. Adjust your preferences to connect and get yourself a date.

GamerDating Cost and Prices

As it was already mentioned, GamerDating site has three kinds of memberships. You can use the venue for free and remain a standard user. That way you won’t be able to communicate with others, but you will get six matches every day.

Free services
  • Access to the website
  • Browse members
  • Send/receive messages
  • Read premium messages
Fee based services
  • All the free features
  • Read Free Messages
  • Free Game

GamerDating.com has memberships for two and four months. The first one is called a Silver Quest and the second one – Gold Quest. Here is its price:

2 Months
$17.59 per month
4 Months
$17.59 per month

The only difference what option to choose is the duration of the service. As a Silver or Gold member, you can chat with others and play games. It’s best to sign up to any of the premium memberships to be fully active on the venue.

Also, all new users get two days of free messaging to check out the website. After two days you will have to either to upgrade your account or remain a standard user.

Generally speaking, the website has an average price on the market. Especially considering that the website is niche, it is a good deal to get a subscription for only $17.50 per month.

Dani Gartenberg
Dani Gartenberg

Gamer.Dating is a stunning niche site that connects gamers. It doesn’t focus only on romantic relationships, providing members with a place, where they can connect, communicate, and exchange ideas. It is a friendly platform with standard chatting tools, where gamers can feel like home.

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E-Mail: support@gamerdating.com

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