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MissTravel.com is a smart and neat website with simple and understandable navigation. It provides users with all the needed information on the main page, encouraging them to register and start travel dating right away.
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Last modified: 2020-05-15

The main goal that the service aims is to provide travelers with a platform to find love. Either you have seen over 40 countries or just do your first steps in exploring the world, MissTravel.com matches you with the right partner.

From the second you enter the MissTravel website, you understand the main idea of the venue. Its convenient design leaves good impressions and a desire to become a part of the story. Besides, you can get acquainted with the success stories of the users, which also encourages to register.

MissTravel changes the approach to dating completely. Instead of dinners in the restaurants, you get yacht-tours, instead of coffee in the park, you enjoy the picturesque views from another part of the world. The service is suitable both for men who are ready to take women with them on a getaway tour and women, who are struggling for adventures.

The good:
  1. Reliable database of luxury travel companions
  2. Unique features for travel dating
  3. Possibility to exchange messages and ask out on dates
  4. Diverse and accurate searching
The bad:
  1. Prices are above average


MissTravel Registration

Free and quick registration

The registration on MissTravel.com site is easy and quick. To become a member, you should enter just your email and password on the main page in the registration form and click “Create a free account.” Then choose your username and verify your account via email.

Make your profile descriptive

After the registration you can complete your profile with the useful information. It’s better to add as many facts about yourself as you can think of because it guarantees the better matching results for you.

The details you enter will be seen on your profile page. You can update or change them any time you want with appropriate information. Be precise and try to reveal your best sides to match with more women.

Making contact


Communication at Miss Travel

MissTravel site has a wide range of communication tools. Some of them are free, but others are accessible only if you have a particular membership. In any case, here is the full description of the features that you can get on MissTravel.com.

To show your interest in a partner you can use the following features: add people to your favorite list and check, who favorited you as well. You can also request to join someone else’s trip.


Messaging is vital on MissTravel.com. It is absolutely free for female users, but men will have to sign up for a subscription to write and receive texts.

Another outstanding and unique feature on the website is that you can post the upcoming trips and see, who wants to join them.

If you don’t have any subscription, you can still use searching, add people to the list of favorites and create trips.



MissTravel.com offers its customers to join each other on a luxury vacation. Men are often expected to pay for women, but it’s not obligatory. Some couples decide to split the bill. There are no rules, and it’s all up to you, how you see your relationships.

Types of members

Miss Travel is created for two types of people: generous members, who are willing to share their incredible experiences with alluring companions, and hot members, who are drawn towards a luxurious vacation with wealthy people. Thus, the age of the members also differ. Among the wealthy travelers, you are likely to meet middle-aged men, who are leading a fancy lifestyle, staying in 5-star hotels or invite their companions on a yacht-tour. Among the guests are likely to be attractive young women of the age 18-30, who are easy-going.

MissTravel hosts equally men and women on the venue, so it’s unlikely that you won’t match with someone on the service. In general, the site hosts over 680.000 active users. For the time of its existence, there have been over 200.000 trips made, and over 77.000.000 miles traveled.

MissTravel members

Profile quality on MissTravel

The majority of the profiles on MissTravel.com are detailed and informative. They include loads of personal information due to which you can get the general impression about the partner. There are two sections on the profile pages, from which you can grasp some useful facts. In the first one – About me – you can acknowledge the basic information about the user. And the second one – Why I travel – will provide you with the main reasons, why users registered on the venue and what they expect to get from the journey.

While browsing through profiles, you can click on them and read more about the destination of their journeys as well as to see, who is paying for it. You will encounter men who are ready to cover all the expenses or those who would like to split a bill. It’s for you to decide who suits you.

All the profiles are verified, so you should not worry, whether you are talking to the real person. MissTravel.com takes security seriously and makes sure that their customers can enjoy an exciting experience in a friendly environment.

Matchmaking algorithms


MissTravel aims to match singles to join the trip together, and so the searching options on the website differ from those that you might find on regular dating services. MissTravel.com doesn’t only connect people, based on how they suit each other, but also bearing in mind the destination they are looking for.

Thus, there are various ways to search for a partner on MissTravel. Firstly, you can clearly state who or what you are looking for and where (select the location). Once you do that, you will be offered a great diversity of various users or trips that are suitable for you. If you are searching for partners, you can sort them out by filters. Here is what you can select:

  • Distance from you to the partner
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Height
  • Body type
  • Relationship status
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Key word searching

Another opportunity for users is to explore the members. You can click on any user you like and read more about them and their trip. At last, you can search for partners, based on the location of the trip. Thus, if you want to travel to New York, click on the city and see, who has upcoming journeys there.

Mobile App


MissTravel is a simple and convenient website. It doesn’t have a mobile app, which is a sufficient drawback, but its mobile version of the service still allows its users to stay online even on the go. The adaptive version works well on any gadgets, loads quickly and offers all the same options as the MissTravel.com.

The layout of the website is done in dark colors, which adds lavishness to the service. MissTravel.com is useful and convenient, which is, perhaps, the main reason why it has so many fans and customers.

Safety and Privacy


MissTravel respects the privacy of its customers and ensures that they have a pleasant experience on the website. The best efforts are taken so that the personal information remains private and secure, and so the MissTravel site does not share, sell or give away the data to the third parties.

In any case, you should always follow the rules of safe web-surfing. Thus, don’t share your personal details with anyone online and don’t offer or agree to help financially. Besides, if you are not sure whether the partner online is acting correctly, you can always report the user and wait for the response from the customer support.

MissTravel.com Costs and Prices

MissTravel.com has a list of free and paid features, which are available for the customers. However, for male users, all the other features are paid.

Free services
  • Register
  • Upload photos
  • Post trips
  • Add people
  • Women can freely chat.
Fee based services
  • Exchanging messages
  • Anonymous browsing
  • Highlight trips

MissTravel website has a Premium membership, which you can order for a month or more. The price depends on the length of your membership. Of course, the longer you will use the service, the cheaper one month will cost you. Here is the price list:

1 Month
$59.99 per month
3 Months
$54.99 per month
6 Months
$49.99 per month

Miss Travel site can’t be labeled as a cheap one. On the other hand, it is a service to connect travelers, who seek luxury vacations, and so the price seems reasonable. Due to the pricing policy members can be sure that they encounter only successful and sophisticated partners.

Also, it’s not obligatory to get a membership. You can register and browse freely without payment. However, if you want to establish real connections, and thus talk to women, you will have to pay some price. Women, on the contrary, can enjoy the benefits of the service to the fullest without paying.

Chris Goode
Chris Goode
Contributing editor

Dating online is a modern way to find partners. But if you are an adventurous and curious person, who is open to exploring the world, travel dating is, perhaps, exactly what you need. And so far MissTravel is one of the leading services that connects singles, passionate about traveling.

Elegant Rome, lavish New York, expensive Dubai – you can see them all with a person, who admires luxury journey as you do. MissTravel provides customers with specific tools and effective searching to make sure that thousands of attractive people will match. Friendly interface and secure environment make your experience on the service unforgettable.

So if you have been waiting for a sign to explore the world, this is it. Find the right person to travel with and enjoy every second of your journey. Just think about it – you might wake up tomorrow in the place of your dream.

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Address: 3250 Pepper Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89120
E-Mail: support@MissTravel.com

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