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International dating on Rosebrides.com can help you achieve your deepest dreams and goals! Date and meet with charming and caring mail order brides from different parts of the world! Enjoy high class interaction for a flexible cost. The site guarantees superb quality and diversity of services!
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Last modified: 2020-05-01

Do you want to find a dating platform where you could chat with Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides? Or do you want a dating website where you could find girls from over 160 countries? If such international dating is for you, then you should check out Rose Brides – an amazing dating site for single guys. Here, you may look for a girl to form serious and long-term relationships or choose a more casual approach for dating.

The best thing about RoseBrides.com is the absence of credits – you do not have to pay for every single communication feature separately. Premium members have full access to all the site’s communication tools, which is quite handy. The site has useful and efficient features that allow members to comfortable and conveniently interact with each other. Although there is no video chatting on RoseBrides.com, you can still enjoy other methods of contacting mail order brides.

The good:
  1. Great diversity of Russian and Ukrainian brides
  2. Monthly premium membership
  3. Affordable prices
The bad:
  1. No video chatting

Sign Up

RoseBrides Registration
The good:
  1. Create a profile in mere seconds
  2. Plenty of information to fill out
  3. Photo is not required
The bad:
  1. Email verification is required

Becoming a member on RoseBrides dating website is a very straightforward and simple process. You will be assisted by the site – it gives you instructions on what to do to make an account. First of all, you have to fill out basic info about yourself – the city, date of birth, full name, username, email address, and a secure password. Then, you can enter various personal data – there will be dozens of boxes that can define your personality. You may fill then out immediately or wait for another time – it is not obligatory. If you want, you may send your profile picture – the site claims that profiles with decent photos get 500% more matches, so it is quite reasonable to think about uploading a photo right away. Lastly, you will have to verify your email address – the link will be sent upon the last step of registration. Either hit the link in the email or copy the verification code in the letter and paste it on the site.


The good:
  1. Simple and sleek design
The bad:
  1. Interface contains a lot of sections and elements

Newcomers may find the interface of RoseBrides dating website quite confusing. However, it is not confusing or complex. Sure, there is plenty of information on the main page. But, you will get used to different buttons and sections after a couple of minutes and will agree that those sections are inseparable and invaluable as they provide such great functionality.

Making contact

The good:
  1. Chatting and emails are main forms of communication
  2. You can send free ‘Hello’ messages
The bad:
  1. Contacting brides require premium membership

So, we have reached one of the most important aspects of any dating website – communication feature. There is no point in signing up on a dating site if you are not planning to contact mail order brides. Fortunately, you can do it on Rose Brides easily and for a quite fair price. Instant messages are the most popular and common form of interaction here on RoseBrides.com. If you find a lady who is really interesting and beautiful, you can send her a message either by clicking ‘Send Message’ below her profile photo or you can find the similar button in case you are on a bride’s profile page.

As it has been claimed above, free members have quite limited access to communicational tools. Fortunately, you can send ‘Hello Messages’ to other mail order brides. Although it is not much, you can still gain the attention of a mail order bride. She can send you some messages and motivate to become premium member.

Profile quality

Rosebrides profiles
The good:
  1. Profiles contain useful information
  2. Learn personality and interests
  3. Can start messaging from profile pages
The bad:
  1. No photos

It is necessary to state that gaining information as a free member is quite easy. Let’s be honest – you can find out something about your potential mail order bride through chatting with her. If you are not a psychic, how else would you get to know your date? Hopefully, RoseBrides.com can assist you with that issue. You can gain access to your date’s profile for free. Read her personal description, check out her physical characteristics, and see her rating.

However, probably the most important feature that RoseBrides dating website profiles have is the description of date’s perfect match. Girls are asked to write at least a couple of sentences about her ideal boyfriend or husband. You do not have pay to get this information yet it can be hugely useful for you to understand whether you match that description or not!

App and Mobile Version

rosebrides mobile version
The good:
  1. Good Mobile Version
The bad:
  1. There is no app

Sure, this is quite ineffective for a dating website not to have a proper mobile application. Still, if you need to contact your ladies when you are not home, or you simply want to enjoy communication whenever you like, just log in to the site through a mobile browser.

Special Features

rosebrides special features
The good:
  1. Add girls to your hotlist
The bad:

Private pictures and videos

Unfortunately, there are not private photos and videos on the site. To be honest, profiles of ladies do not contain a lot of photos per se.

Gifts and flower delivery

Currently, there such option is not supported.

What our members say

I have come to RoseBrides dating website to find myself a gorgeous and kind Russian bride. I was amazed by the number of pretty ladies on this site – at first it was impossible for me to choose a date to start chatting. There are too many gorgeous and matching brides here. Still, I managed to meet my love, and I am now happy in a relationship with a wonderful woman. I noticed that there are plenty of girls from other countries, which is a great feature, to be honest!

- Mike M., 52

RoseBrides.com costs and prices

Free services
  • Become a member
  • Fill out and edit profile
  • Send hello messages
  • Add to hotlist
Fee based services
  • Properly contact mail order brides

Rose Brides is an almost free dating site. What does it mean? Well, you can see by yourself – there are more free features than paid ones. Nevertheless, without a premium subscription, you will not be able to contact your dates, which is the whole point of online dating. Hopefully, you can make up your mind after using the site for free – it offers enough information for you to process. Figure out whether the number of dates, the quality of profiles, the searching and matchmaking tools, and the overall atmosphere of the site is great for you. If yes, then you can buy a 1 month of the premium subscription and check the rest of the functionality.

Is RoseBrides.com expensive or cheap?

When comparing prices on RoseBrides dating site and other platforms, one can see that the prices here are highly democratic and affordable.

Payment options

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card

Further costs

Now these are the prices:

1 Month
$49.00 per month
3 Months
$30.00 per month
6 Months
$25.00 per month

Dani Gartenberg
Dani Gartenberg

In case you are a single man who is seeking a simple yet effective online dating, then you would not find a better place than Rose Brides. This site can offer a single guy everything that he wants – hundreds of amazing and charming ladies from all over the world, adequate cost of premium membership, simple and straightforward communication tools, lack of scam and frauds, and total security of personal data. Well, what would anyone want more?

See Profile

Contact Information

Company: Technet UAB
Address: Pakalnes g. 7C, LT-54355 Domeikavos k., Kauno r., Lithuania
E-Mail: support@rosebrides.com


Is RoseBrides dating site free?

Well, one can say that this dating platform is free. You are provided with tons of free features. First of all, profile creation is free of charge free. Secondly, all the editing and filling out with personal information can be done by standard members. Also, you can send so-called ‘Hello Messages’ – a token of interest for your bride. Unfortunately, such messages represent the only form of contacting mail order brides on the site for free. Lastly, you may check out profiles of girls for marriage without limits – no one would charge you!

How to become a member of RoseBrides?

Registration on Rose Brides is pretty simple. At first, you have to go to rosebrides.com. In the top right corner look for ‘Join For Free’. Then, you have to fill out each field with the corresponding data. It is highly important to fill out your real information. In particular, use a real and working email address since you need to verify your profile by clicking a link that is sent to your email address. The next step is to define your character traits by ticking numerous checkboxes. You can also upload a photo of yourself. After that, you will receive a verification code and a verification link. You can either click on the link or copy the code and paste it on the website. This is the final step in the sign-up process as the next thing you will see that you become a member of Rose Brides!

What does the premium subscription include?

Basically, such a subscription allows you to do only one thing – contact mail order brides. Although at first, it may seem that paying for only one feature is not reasonable. However, consider the fact that without communication, you cannot gain the attention of your date. Thus, premium membership is invaluable and highly important.

Can I deactivate my profile?

In case you are thinking of terminating your account, you can do it in a few clicks. First, go to your account settings. There, you will find a section called ‘Delete or Deactivate Account.’ This is highly important to define the difference between deactivation and deletion. By deactivating your account, all your information remains on the site. Your profile becomes inactive and hidden from other members. Your photos and profile details remain intact. Activation of such an account can be done whenever you wish. The deletion of your account will lead to the complete removal of your profile. Your photos and profile description will be erased, and you could not undo your action. The only thing you will have to do is to sign up again.

What is the number of active mail order brides on RoseBrides.com?

According to the site’s statistics, there are over 100 thousand users from over 169 countries.

Is there an incognito mode?

Yeah and it can be used by standard users! If you want to hide your visits and use the site anonymously, you need to go to your Settings and find the section ‘Invisible Mode’ at the top of the page. Only members that you contact will see that you are active.

Is there any form of free messaging on RoseBrides dating site?

Definitely. Although it is not quite informative and effective, ‘Hello Messages’ allow you to say hi to a potential date. Such an option is available for all users and is used as a way to attract a girl to chat with you.

Do I need to have my profile verified?

Yes. This is a standard procedure on RoseBrides.com – you need to confirm your email address. Without verification, you will not gain access to your account. Still, rest assured that verification link is sent immediately, so it will not take long!

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