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Zoosk is one of the viral online dating platforms. The work of such services is similar to dating agencies, but you interact only with the other people who want to find happiness, just like you.
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Last modified: 2020-05-15

If you have ever felt lonely, you probably know how strong is the desire to get rid of that feeling. Yet, it is hard because we need someone to rely on, to love, to care about. This person should be our soulmate or at least a friend, but usually, it is not enough. Only love really saves people from loneliness, and you cannot find your love offline, try limitless online world.

The good:
  1. Thorough verification of any new profile
  2. Intuitive interface
  3. Useful extended Search tool
  4. Users from more than 80 countries
  5. Possibility to sign in with Facebook or Google account
The bad:
  1. A lot of “dead” profiles

There are no agents who tell you that you should ask this lady out, only you and other users of the platform. Today we will talk about Zoosk dating site and will see if it is a good place to register and try to find a soulmate.

About Zoosk.com

Zoosk was launched in December 2007 on Facebook as an application for a dating site. Since then, Zoosk has been offering online dating for more than 35 million users from all over the world. Users who use this platform will be able to get plenty of chances to meet their perfect matches if they are active enough.

Zoosk does not rely on questionnaires like other dating sites. It simply analyzes a message that a user sends to someone and determines if it is possible for this user to date the one he/she sends the message to. Members do not need to view the entire profiles of the other people: Zoosk will do everything for them.


zoosk sign up

The registration is completely free of charge. You can join the community simply by following these steps:

  • Choose your gender and the gender of your perfect date;
  • Pick your birth date;
  • Enter your email;
  • Create a good and unique password;
  • Enter zip code.

Then you should patiently wait for your profile to be verified. The moderators try to keep their community “clean” and friendly, and if you have ever done something wrong on other dating sites, the administration will learn that, and you will never have access to this site. And, to avoid any misunderstandings, you should read Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.



After verification of your profile, you can fill it out. You may reveal such information about yourself on your personal page:

  • Name, age, and location;
  • Body type;
  • Do you have children;
  • Your education level;
  • Ethnicity;
  • Height and weight;
  • Religion;
  • Whether or not you are a smoker.

Your profile picture will be uploaded from your Google or Facebook account if you signed up with these two. But, you always can change it anytime you want and upload any picture from your PC or tablet, or smartphone. You can add 6 photos to your account.

Please, choose your best photo: it will be the first thing that all the visitors of your profile will see. The statistics that were collected by the developers of the OkCupid dating platform shows that the majority of online dating users pay attention only to the photo. Do not neglect your profile because of this fact: even the best image cannot save an empty page.

And, keep in mind that you should be the star of your profile: do not upload a lot of group photos or a cute picture of your fluffy cat. Your partner will see your friends, relatives, and that cat after several successful dates.



There is the full range of communication services on Zoosk. Anyone can find the most comfortable way to make contact and find the partner as soon as it is possible. All the communication services are available on the Zoosk mobile app too.

So, you can talk with the other users via:

  • Private messages;
  • Local, group, regional chats;
  • Sending smiles or hearts for free;
  • Digital gifts.



Zoosk review of matching deserves special attention. It is a unique behavioral algorithm that starts its work immediately after you join the site’s community. Your likes, visits of profile, and interests that you show are analyzed by this incredible invention. Fear not: no person will see your personal correspondence, and no one will be watching you. Only your patterns of activity and your interests are taken for collecting the list of your perfect matches.



All the profiles on Zoosk are thoroughly verified to keep scammers, advertisers, and scammers far from the community. If the moderators have missed one and you had problems because of it, please, feel free to contact the Support Team.

Mobile App

zoosk app

Zoosk has a mobile app. Yet, the users say that this app is a bit less useful than the browser version: it is not well-optimized. Some members say that there is nothing wrong with the application, so you should try it by yourself to form your own opinion.

Zoosk Costs and Prices

Free services
  • Browse the profiles
  • Look at how Zoosk matching algorithm works
Fee based services
  • Messaging
  • Chatting
  • Connecting with members who have viewed you
  • See the lists of your perfect matches

Free members can only browse the profiles and take a look at how Zoosk and the famous matching algorithm works. But, communication and all the other essential tools are not available. But, if you want to become a full-fledged member of this platform, you can purchase an upgraded account. It grants users with messaging, chatting, and connecting with members who have viewed you. Additionally, it shows you the lists of your perfect matches collected by the behavioral matching algorithm.

You can buy a month and continue buying one by one. But, there are bundles available for purchase as well:

1 Month
$29.95 per month
3 Months
$19.98 per month
6 Months
$12.49 per month

Coins are a special local currency on this platform. You can buy coins with your own money and spend them on such things:

  • Boosting your profile. If you would like to make your profile incredibly popular, use this service to do that. Boost highlight will make your profile to appear higher in Search, and more people will see it while surfing the site. The messages that you send will be placed higher than messages from the other members.
  • Buying gifts for other members. Virtual gifts are the best things to send to show your admiration to a user and stand out in a crowd. They are pretty affordable, especially if compare them to the emotional reaction that they can bring.
  • Getting delivery confirmations on messages. If you want to know if your interlocutor has got and opened your message, you can purchase this service. Every time your charming date interacts with your texts, you will get a notification about it.

Boosting of profile and buying gifts services are available for all the users on the site - free and paid ones. But, only paid users can purchase the delivery confirmations on messages service - because only subscribers can send and get messages.

Special features of Zoosk

Free trial

Zoosk offers a free trial to those users who would like to try to be a member of this platform for free for a limited period. But, it allows only browsing profiles and see how the platform works and looks from the inside.

Success stories

Only the most popular and well-working sites share the success stories. Zoosk is one of such platforms that hide nothing from the members. The team of Zoosk tries to inspire anyone who comes to their site, especially if it is a newcomer to online dating at all. Here is one of the thousands of real reviews from the grateful people:

In 2013, Floyd winked at me on #Zoosk, and we started chatting. We had a lot in common, so we decided to meet up. It was love at first sight, butterflies all the way. And, we just fit like pieces of a puzzle. In 2017, we got married in front of our friends and family. We’re glad we took our time to overcome challenges together and grow with each other. Thank you, Zoosk for helping me find my soulmate and one true love!

You can see plenty of such positive reviews from members both on the site itself and on their pages in social networks. Visit their Instagram page - it is very motivating and inspiring!

The Datemix

It is the official blog of Zoosk. If you would like to learn more about how dating sites work, how to behave online and offline to caught the attention of a person you like, or want to read some interesting online dating surveys, welcome to The Datemix! A lot of articles, videos, psychological pieces of advice - these and the other posts you will find there. The motto of The Datemix is: “It isn’t always easy, but it sure can be fun.”. It reflects the complicated but still charming and vitally important feeling - love. If you want to understand your feelings better, read some texts of Zoosk blog.


Company: Zoosk Inc.
Address: 989 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103 USA
E-Mail: support@zoosk.com

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