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Attitude Of Vietnamese Women Towards American Men Explained
Attitude Of Vietnamese Women Towards American Men Explained
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Attitude Of Vietnamese Women Towards American Men Explained

Latest update: 2021-09-15
Vietnamese Women Like American Guys

The US has always been part of Vietnamese culture, and thus, some effects are really evident in the lives of people. Since the Vietnam war, much has changed in the culture and attitude of people living in Vietnam. The good news is that pretty Vietnamese brides are real fans of American men and strive to get their attention, which can be explained by several reasons.

It's not surprising that mail order brides industry has become popular, and Vietnam isn't an exception. Viet girls are interested in dating foreigners, but they're mainly interested in dating people from Western cultures, especially American men. Thanks to options like social media, dating apps, or online platforms, borders only exist on maps.

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Why do Vietnamese women like American guys?

Thanks to internet, dating and marrying someone from a totally different cultural background and nation isn't something impossible. Much has become more accessible and convenient. When it comes to dating Viet girls, you may wonder why these charming ladies don't seek a chance to find someone living nearby. Here are the main reasons why they seek the attention of American guys:

  • Economic relief: Vietnam might be a good place for tourists, but it's hard to say that the county is very rich, and thus, ladies living there seek a chance for a better life. For some, such a reason may not be an ideal one, but it doesn't make these ladies less appealing either.
  • Social relief: behind an economic reason, there's something even more serious. Viet girls value American guys for their respectful attitude towards women, and this is what they can't find in their homeland.
  • Real love and passion: they believe in a romantic relationship devoid of unneeded limits set by their culture. They seek a chance to be loved by someone who will take them seriously, which may not be the case in Vietnam.
  • Intercultural experience: for some Viet girls, finding someone from the US is the chance to engage in a new culture. What's more, it's a chance to combine their own and new cultures in one to create a more solid family.
  • Mutual respect: in traditional families where males are too dominant, females may have hardships, and mutual respect is something that's even harder to get. Thus, Viet girls believe that dating or marrying American is about having a respectful partner.
  • Avoiding the chains of their culture: it's a known fact that their culture isn't in favor of women, and thus, for them, finding someone abroad or in the US becomes a chance to flee from the chains set by their own culture and traditions.

Vietnamese girl

Why do Americans love dating Vietnamese women?

Now that you know that Vietnamese women love American men, it's time to consider the situation from a different perspective. Why should an American guy fall in love with a Viet girl?

  • Cute and charming appearance: white skin, cute face, and slender body are features making these ladies more appealing.
  • Loyalty: one thing that you can be sure about is their loyalty towards their partners or husbands, a feature that’s worth respect.
  • Respect and kindness: what makes these women ideal wives is their attitude towards their husbands in the form of respect, caringness, cherishment, and kindness of a real woman.
  • Passionate lovers: although they might seem shy and timid, they can be passionate and romantic when they start loving you.

Do Vietnamese women like American guys? Definitely, they do, and there are many reasons for that ranging from emotional to practical ones. In short, loving and dating an American guy is a chance for a better life and romance. Be sure to get your own Vietnamese girl, as she’ll love you dearly!

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