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Things You Must Know About Vietnamese Woman Personality & Appearance
Things You Must Know About Vietnamese Woman Personality & Appearance
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Things You Must Know About Vietnamese Woman Personality & Appearance

Latest update: 2021-05-07
What Are Vietnamese Women Like

International dating becomes even more popular than ever before, and thanks to online dating platforms, everyone has a chance to find their soulmates. Some people may opt for dating ladies from European countries, while others are interested in finding their soulmates from Asia. Indeed, Asian brides are known for their inherent beauty and docile nature that make them so appealing to Western men, not to mention that there’s no obsession with Western feminism present in these ladies.

Vietnam is a unique country combining modern values with traditional ones, and thus, you can meet both modern and traditional Vietnamese women. The common feature of average Vietnamese women is their shy nature, but don’t be deceived by that, as the more they get attached to you, the more open they’ll become. So, it’s time to reveal more about these great and charming ladies.

Vietnamese ladies

Top features of Vietnamese ladies

Vietnam has a diverse culture, and thus, people living there are very friendly and open to new ideas and concepts. There’s a myth claiming that Vietnamese women aren’t very open or liberal due to their conservative nature. Definitely, there are many traditional Vietnamese women, especially those living in the North, who can be considered to be conservative, but the majority of these ladies are really open and liberal. Here are some more features you can discover:

  • They’re gentle and polite: when communicating with these ladies, it’s not hard to spot their gentle nature and polite manners. It’s rare to see that Vietnamese ladies will raise their voices or say something rude. Since their childhood, these Vietnamese women are taught to respect and value others.
  • They’re passionate and romantic: some people think dating these women can be boring and monotonous given their shy nature. Instead, Vietnamese ladies are known to be passionate and romantic when it comes to intimacy and sexual life. Their shyness isn’t a hindrance.
  • They’re cute and fit: obesity has never been a problem in Vietnam. What’s more, it’s hard to find someone who isn’t fit and looks great. Definitely, the major part of these ladies can’t be considered curvy, but they have their own mesmerizing nature and sun-like faces making you fall in love with them.
  • They’re not frugal: since the social status of women in Vietnam is high, there are many great positions these ladies have, but when it comes to spending, these women are hard to call frugal. They love spending because they know how to earn.
  • They’re loyal and honest: dating Vietnamese girls is different from dating other women. It’s because they invest a lot in their relationship and do their best to keep it going as long as possible. This is shown by their loyal and honest attitude to their partners. They’ll value you more than you can imagine.
  • They’re great cooks: when it comes to cooking, it’s hard to compete with them. Interestingly, they don’t like sharing their kitchen, even with you. It’s the place where their dominance is undisputed.
  • They’re as practical as romantic: although Vietnamese are romantic and passionate, sometimes they have to make practical decisions, not in favor of their love. If it’s about their family and its members, they can do everything to ensure stability and prosperity. Some traditional Vietnamese women prefer marrying someone who can take care of them, and love may not be the first principle for marriage.
  • They don’t like when you become closer to their culture and nation: it’s strange, but Vietnamese women like it when men don’t try to be a part of their culture, as they believe that every person should represent their own values. So, if you're a foreigner, be a foreigner. All you need is to respect their culture and nation, but not to be a part of it.

Vietnamese girls

What do Vietnamese girls like in Western men?

Is it easy to impress Vietnamese ladies? Sometimes, it can be hard, but if you’re persistent and patient, she won’t resist you. Here are some features they like in men:

  • They adore when someone is ambitious and has strong will.
  • They value intelligent and clever men.
  • They’re keen on strong and confident males.
  • They value men who can show their emotions and love.
  • They admire commitment and devotion.

Dating traditional Vietnamese women doesn’t need to be banal and monotonous. Also, there’s no need to marry to have sex with them. They’re actually very modern and liberal ladies, but you need to convince them that you’re the one they can trust and love. Get to know an average Vietnamese woman and you won’t be disappointed!

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