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5 Secrets Of Strong And Healthy Relationships
5 Secrets Of Strong And Healthy Relationships
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5 Secrets Of Strong And Healthy Relationships

Latest update: 2019-07-23
Secrets Of Strong And Healthy Relationships

We all often make mistakes in dating. We break up, move on, and make the same mistakes in new relationships. Try again, fail better. It’s a vicious circle. But you understand that something is wrong, right? That’s why you are here.

How to get out of the vicious circle of making mistakes in dating? How to get into a healthy and strong relationship and maintain it? Here are 5 secrets for you.

1. They are clear about their intentions

strong relationship 

Different people, especially in international dating, see relationships from different perspectives. For some dating is a way to learn more about each other in order to find a potential spouse. For others dating itself is a self-self-sufficient relationship which envisages no marriage.

Somebody longs for a long-term relationship, someone wants a short-term or even a hookup. For someone long-distance is a no-go, for others, it is a beam of hope.

Some people date to have support, others – to give that support. Somebody enters into a relationship by their own will, others expect their relatives to play a huge part in it.

So before your relationship starts turning into something serious, it is very important to have “the intentions-conversation” with your partner. Moreover, it is better to always ask what each of you wants in a relationship, otherwise, you’ll end up being on different pages.

2. Both partners are even

healthy relationship 

In a healthy and strong relationship both partners’ contribution on an emotional, physical and financial levels is even. It doesn’t mean that it’s the same, but it means that both not only take but also give, and they give as much as they can.

Both partners treat each other with respect. Basically, that’s the core of their relationship as well as romantic feelings, but not the money or something else. If you feel like you need to break up, but the money of your partner is what halts you – then it’s not a healthy relationship.

3. They know how to say sorry

building strong relationship 

There is no such thing as an ideal relationship. We all screw up sometimes. But the most important thing that we know how to say sorry. Moreover, strong couples also know how to forgive their partner.

4. Strong couples have sweet «rituals»


They always find time for each other no matter what, their relationship is always a priority to them. The first thing they do every day is they wish a happy morning to each other and the last thing they do is wish a sweet night.

When they meet, they kiss each other. They aren’t shy to express their feelings in public like holding hands or hugging.

If they have kids, they make sure at least once in a while they find time for themselves and still go on dates regularly.

5. They accept each other the way they are

healthy relationship tips 

If your partner wishes you had a bigger ass or breasts, if your partner expects you to change the colour of your hair regularly because they want it, if your partner explicitly tells you that you are too fat or too skinny, dump them. They are not worth you.

In a strong and healthy relationship, partners accept each other flaws and all. Period.

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