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Main Japanese Proposal Customs: How To Propose To Your Japanese Girlfriend
Main Japanese Proposal Customs: How To Propose To Your Japanese Girlfriend
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Main Japanese Proposal Customs: How To Propose To Your Japanese Girlfriend

Latest update: 2020-09-22
Japanese Proposal Customs

Before popping the question to your Japanese girlfriend, learn her local proposal traditions. In Western countries, men tend to have some common traits in this aspect. Usually, they bring flowers and surprise their soulmates with a ring. Some guys invent various original ways to make this moment unforgettable.

The tradition of a marriage proposal exists over 1,700 years ago when a guy pronounced the name of a girl he liked in front of her house. The time changes and today there are multiple customs connected with Japanese proposals. And if you decided to have a Japanese wife, knowing more about them is your duty.

Basic information about Japanese proposals and marriages

Until the middle of the 20th century, weddings in Japan were arranged by the parents of the belle and the groom. The first tradition involves an engagement meeting, during which the parents of the groom-to-be give symbolic presents to his fiancé – linen threads, sake, a sack with cash, clothes, and tea. During the celebration, she demonstrates them to the wedding guests.

Japanese marriage proposal

Everything starts with a yunio

Unlike standard traditions you’re used to in the West, in this exotic country females can make proposals to their men without prejudices and confusion. According to Japanese tradition a male and a female aren’t considered engaged until a yunio. It’s a gathering where relatives of both parties meet each other and talk, exchanging the 9 symbolic presents wrapped in rice paper. Each of them symbolizes particular good wishes for the couple, such as longevity, wealth, and healthy kids. Respect this custom and take it seriously as it’s very important in Japanese families.

Japanese marriage proposals are memorable

Often local males in Japan say to their soulmates something like "do you want to grow old together?" Some men don’t prefer romantic proposals as females in this country expect more action from their beloved. But often males make their proposals bright, for example, at fireworks parties or even dedicate a whole celebration for this occasion. If you’d like to make this moment memorable, this is one of the ways to do that.

However, there are no principal rules on how to pop the question. You may do it after a romantic guitar song, under the rays of the setting sun on the beach, at the restaurant, or even at home. Just choose the best words to express your wishes and feelings. If you try to make this moment fascinating, your foreign girlfriend never refuses you.

With a ring or without it?

A ring with a bright crystal inside is considered to be the main symbol of the marriage engagement. When it comes to modern proposals in Japan, it’s less crucial but it has a place when you want to take the next step in your romantic affair.

What about her parents?

If you want to marry a gorgeous girl from this part of the world, ask for her parent’s permission. A family plays a very important role in the life of every Japanese lady, so she takes the parent’s opinion seriously. If you’ve never married before and don’t know what to do, ask her parents if you can marry their daughter at your meeting. Refusal from both parents will throw an epic monkey wrench into any potential marriage. Many Japanese females from this country are inclined to have different reservations without parental approval. It might be even not the parents whose permission you have to get, but another relative who can help you to change their opinion.

What is the term of your engagement?

The period before a couple gets married isn’t vastly different from Western traditions. Some people have year-long engagements, others marry earlier. In Japan, a year or less seems to be about average.

Japanese females surround their husbands with love and care, so if you meet such a diamond, don’t hesitate to pop the question. If your feelings are true and you show total respect and love towards your girlfriend, even the language differences won’t be a big problem for a Japanese marriage proposal. Use the information from this article to succeed.

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