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Russian Women Dating Tips and Rules
Russian Women Dating Tips and Rules
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Russian Women Dating Tips and Rules

Latest update: 2021-05-25
Russian women dating tips

Dating a Russian lady is absolute bliss, but you wouldn’t be here if you already knew that! You need tips on dating a Russian woman and this handy article has got everything you need to learn the ropes.

What is it like to date a Russian woman?

If you wanna learn how to date a Russian girl, you should first explore the cultural differences in dating between the US and Russia, and what dating in Russia is really like.


Feminism has come into full effect and empowered women in the Western hemisphere. This means even on dates, they insist on paying their half of the check to maintain equality. Russia on the other hand hasn’t gotten there yet. If you take a Russian girl on a date and expect her to pay half, it won’t end as happily as you’d like. However, this isn’t them being stingy or using you for your money. That’s simply what the dating culture in Russia is like. The man is expected to be able to care for all of the girl’s needs, and if you can’t provide for one date, how would you provide for the rest of the relationship?

Russian woman

Gender roles

They’re still very much alive in Russia and kind of cherished. Ladies want flowers, romance, and basically wish men to do all the heavy lifting. This means you end up assuming the role of “man of the house”. Planning trips, earning money, doing repairs and management — all fall on you. Carry the luggage, don’t ask about age right away, and all the basic machismo sort of things will help you look good in a Russian girl’s eyes.

A quicker pace

Relationships tend to move a lot quicker in Russia. Getting married and starting a family at a young age is pretty common. If you’re serious about dating this girl and wanna take it all the way, you gotta commit fully. Being in a relationship in your 30s and not having children or getting married is often judged, and you often find couples getting married in their early 20s. Consider this one of your most important tips for dating a Russian woman. Everything will move at a faster pace, and you have to expect it. Don’t act surprised when she brings up talks of getting married.

What are the misconceptions about dating a Russian woman?

There are many myths about dating culture in Russia, so let's find out what it is like dating a Russian woman. This handy list will teach you that not all things you hear about these fine ladies is true.

Russian girls make you pay because they’re gold diggers

This is actually a cultural thing! Granted, there are a few gold diggers in every country. However, in Russia, it’s traditional for the man to pay for the date and basically everything when they’re together. Of course, this doesn’t mean every financial issue that comes up will be faced by you alone! It just means when you’re out with her, you pay for the meals, travel, and whatever other costs the date incurs. If Russian men have done it for ages, so can you!

Russian lady

Russian women get married quick to get green cards

Also another myth. Truly, Russian women tend to get married quickly, but it has nothing to do with the nationality of the man! The same happens regardless of whether she’s dating a Russian or an American man. That’s simply what the culture in Russia is like. Folk is expected to get married quickly, and that’s why these girls bring up talks of tying the knot. Getting a green card is a nice bonus, but ultimately the goal is to spend the rest of her life with the person she loves, as man and wife.

Pros and Cons of dating Russian women


  • They are quick to learn English.
  • They’re eager to spend time with a man that interests her(hopefully, you!), taking up their hobbies and learning the best ways to please her man.
  • They're determined individuals and will stop at nothing from making their ‘happily ever after’ reality.


  • They can be a bit demanding in terms of affection and care from their husbands. But when you’re married to a woman as exotic and gorgeous as our stunning Russian girls, could you really expect any less?
  • They look so ravishing that the men around you'll almost definitely try to steal your girl away. Don’t worry though, Russian ladies have a penchant for being faithful!

Final word

Dating a Russian woman comes with certain rules. But it’s not the reason to back up in your search. Explore their cultural peculiarities and every Russian lady will gladly go on a date with you!

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