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What’s The Best Gift For A Russian Woman?
What’s The Best Gift For A Russian Woman?
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What’s The Best Gift For A Russian Woman?

Latest update: 2020-09-01
Gift For A Russian Woman

Conquering the heart of a Russian woman isn't the same thing as getting attention from a Western female. It will require you much more efforts and time to do that. Why? Because of the Russian culture of wooing girls.

This entire process consists of lots of steps and measures needed to be taken, and one of them is... giving presents.

Right now we are going to take a look at the most popular among Russian women gifts that will help you to melt the heart of a chosen Slavic lady.

1. Flowers

It's a top priority. Any wooing in Russia starts with giving a lady fancy and sumptuous bouquets of flowers. Don't ask why just present them to her.

Remember that the longer stems are, the better, and the more buds are there, the better too. You can go for luxurious roses, splendid and tender blossoms of peonies or cute Peruvian lilies.

If you are using an online dating site which provides services for flowers delivery, don't ignore it.

When presenting flowers also think about attaching to them a mysterious postcard – Russian brides love romance. Once you succeed, expect the girl to post a photo of her novel bouquet in her profile on a dating site or on Instagram. Russian girls adore this as it makes them feel proud of themselves and it feeds their vanity.

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2. Sweets

Yes, Russian girls will tell you a thousand times that they are on a diet, that they don't eat carbs, especially pastry and candies, but that's only to make you believe they are aiming at being fit and looking like models.

Indeed, they go crazy because of the sweets. One of the most popular sweet gifts among Russian women is chocolate. If it's possible, ask your beauty in advance whether she prefers white, milk, dark chocolate or chocolate with fillers, raisings, crunches, nuts, and other stuff inside.

It might also seem childish and weird to you, but Russian girls love chocolate eggs. Remember the rule: the larger the quantity, the better.

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3. Champagne

The tradition of drinking champagne (mostly know as sparkling white wine) in Russia is rooted in the USSR times. Lots of girls even from the younger generation have inherited this culture. No holiday or special occasion takes place without champagne in Russia, so presenting it to your favorite lady would mean to her your appreciation and affection.

If you’re a girl isn't into this drink, you can still try to warm her heart by bestowing to her a bottle of expensive red wine or any other that she prefers.

Note that if a Russian girl wants something from you, she will never tell you directly but rather give you hints – for her it is important to know that her future husband can understand her just like “reading a book between the lines.” So if you don’t want to find yourself in soup, ask your lady what she wants or learn how to read her hints. The former is more effective, by the way.

Lauren Welch
Lauren Welch
Relationship Columnist

Lauren Welch is a leading dating advice expert for men and women. She has coached hundreds of couples around the world and consulted singles to help them get the love lives of their dreams.

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