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Main Nuances Of Chinese Marriage And Relationships Culture
Main Nuances Of Chinese Marriage And Relationships Culture
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Main Nuances Of Chinese Marriage And Relationships Culture

Latest update: 2021-10-05
Chinese dating traditions

Men worldwide are fascinated with the idea of dating a Chinese girlfriend, but they don't know how to act and behave while dating. To succeed at this, you should learn some common Chinese dating traditions and modern views on relationships. Although Chinese culture and dating customs can differ from Western ones, this shouldn’t stop you when it comes to dating Chinese women. Discover more interesting nuances to become an ideal man for a desirable lady from China.

Chinese culture and relationships: main principles

In China, ladies take dating very seriously. Locals use the word 追 (zhui) to refer to a man courting a woman. However, the general dating process is intuitive and similar to that in the rest of the world: people meet, get to know each other, and, in case of a mutual attraction, start a romantic affair. They please each other with cute gifts and meet after work or studying in public places like parks, shopping malls, cinemas, etc. Would you like to discover more unique Chinese dating traditions? Keep reading!

Men are more active in relationships than girls

In the Chinese culture of marriage and relationships, guys are inclined to be active. They start showing their appreciation by surrounding a desirable girl with attention and care. Guys bring flowers and compliment their ladies, proving they’re really special. Proving their serious intentions, men can expect a lady to accept their feelings and dive into a fascinating romance with them. Also, it’s the guy’s role to pop the question and initiate all serious decisions.

Couples may call each other “husband” and “wife”

The Chinese dating etiquette has some aspects which may confuse a foreigner, but you shouldn't show your surprise. Couples in China may call each other “husband” and “wife” even when they aren't married. It's typical for Chinese people, so don’t be shocked when the Chinese lady calls you her husband. She finds it cute, but she isn’t pushing you to marry her. It`s a sign that she takes your romance seriously and considers you as a partner for life.

Sex is accepted but not obligatory

Chinese mail order brides and their dating culture aren’t sex-focused. For Chinese couples, intimacy is taken more seriously than in many other countries. The attitude of modern ladies towards sex is changing and more positive in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, but typically, numerous local ladies find sex as a sign that the relationship is leading to marriage. Also, many Chinese guys would like to marry a lady who hadn`t premarital intimacy, so women in China value their virginity and have a serious attitude toward sex.

Other important nuances of Chinese dating culture

Parental involvement

Chinese girls and dating culture in China respect the opinion of parents. Due to the strong influence of Confucianism, parents in China are used to getting involved in their kids` relationships. In modern Chinese society, people don’t do arranged matrimonies anymore, but parents’ acceptance and approval are still incredibly important, especially for girls. Some ladies don't date men without getting it first. That's why guys get acquainted with their beloved`s parents, trying to make a good first impression and earn their trust.

Showing of affection

Chinese dating customs and etiquette

Being reserved in public, Chinese couples prefer to show their emotions and admiration at home. Couples may hold hands, but kisses and hugs aren't common. It`s a part of Chinese dating customs and etiquette which people in China deeply respect. If you get to date a Chinese lady, she’s likely to reveal a tempting and passionate nature only when nobody sees you. Being enthusiastic lovers who want to please their men, these ladies know how to make their soulmates satisfied, but only in private.

Instead of passionate kisses and hugs in public, Chinese couples have another way to demonstrate their feelings and dating status. Wearing matching outfits is typical for Chinese guys and girls who`re in love with each other. The majority of couples find it cute to dress in clothes in the same colors or similar garments. For a lady, it's a great way to express her pure love to the rest of the world. These outfits are called 情侣装 – Qínglǚ zhuāng and can be found in numerous Chinese stores. Willing to dive into Chinese culture for dating, choose a matching outfit with your beloved!

When dreaming of a happy romance with a Chinese lady, bear in mind the main Chinese dating customs and etiquette rules common for modern couples. Knowing them, your chances for success increase a lot as you know how to behave! Looking for an ideal Asian brides online, you can imagine what to expect in romance with her and avoid common mistakes other men make. Hurry up and start a life-changing journey with the most desirable mail order brides from China!

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